Five Things You Don’t Want to Forget In The Car At The Concert

We’re just days away from the huge Kenny Chesney concert(s) with Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion, and Midland at Gillette Stadium- the birthplace of No Shoes Nation! When you’re done tailgating at packing up your stuff to head into the stadium, you may forget things in your car. Here’s five things you want to make sure you have.

5.) ID- If you’re 21+ and plan on having a cold adult beverage (or two) inside the stadium, make sure you have your ID card. If you don’t have it, you won’t get served- plain and simple. They are very strict on this and rightfully so. And once you’re inside the stadium, you won’t be able to go back to your car to get it!

4.) Phone- In today’s world of capturing the moment, your phone is everything. Photos, videos, social media. Whatever you use it for, you won’t want to forget it in the car as this is going to be an amazing show. We sure don’t want to see your Instagram empty the next day because you forgot your phone. But even more so, with over 60,000 people in the stadium, if you get disconnected from your group, you will want your phone to try to find them!

3.) Portable Battery Pack- This goes with Number Four. With over 60,000 people in the stadium, service is going to be a little tough. It’s just the way it works. And because of that, your battery will drain faster if you’re trying to use it to post photos/videos, etc. If you weren’t charging it during your tailgate, chances are you’re going into the stadium with 75% power. And you don’t want your phone to die before your Snaps upload to your SnapChat story- trust us. You can buy a Portable Battery Pack at places like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. And it’s an awesome investment.

2.) Clear Stadium Bag- Gillette Stadium’s bag policy requires your bag to be clear. It can either be a one gallon Ziploc freezer bag, not exceeding 11 x 11 inches. You can also have a wristlet or wallet that does not exceed 8″ x 5″ x2″. Your final option is a clear stadium bag which can be purchased at the ProShop (if you don’t have one already). Just remember that your backpack nor your Coach bag are getting into the stadium, and you don’t want to have to walk it back to your car.

More information can be found here.

1.) Tickets- What you definitely do not want to leave in your car. Even before you leave your house, make sure you have your tickets. We knew someone who left theirs at home once and it wasn’t a good day for them. Without your tickets, you’re not getting into Gillette Stadium. They can’t pull up your tickets electronically and let you in that way, and Will Call can’t print you new tickets- we saw people trying to do both of these last year. Before you leave your car, make sure each person has their tickets to get into the concert. Chances are, you’re heading into the stadium right as the show starts or moments before. You don’t want to get to the gates, not have your tickets and have to walk back to your car while you miss the beginning of the concert. Make sure you have your tickets!