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The Unofficial Kick Off to Summer With Chris Young!

Memorial Day may be the unofficial kick-off to summer but Chris Young’s Raised on Country tour with Chris Janson and Dylan Scott just kicked off the summer of country concerts at Xfinity Center in Mansfield this past Friday night. We’re not sure if we could have asked for a better day besides maybe the show being on a Saturday but we’ll let that one go.  The sun was shining, tailgates were down and the country music was blasting!

Dylan Scott started the night with ‘Hooked,’ ‘Ball Cap’ and ‘Nothing to Do Town’ which got the crowd going. He slowed it down a bit with ‘Nobody’ and then honored his 90s country artists with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s ‘Fishin In the Dark,’ ‘I Like it, I love it’ by Tim McGraw, David Lee Murphy’s ‘Dust on the Bottle,’ and George Strait’s infamous ‘Check Yes or No.’  Rounding out with what would soon become the theme song of the night, he played a favorite of his, Keith Whitley’s ‘When You say Nothing At All.’ He wrapped his set with the single that put him on the map and the song that he wrote about his high school sweetheart who is now his wife, ‘My Girl.’

The crowd continued to fill in as Chris Janson took the stage.  Let us just say, if you haven’t seen Chris Janson live before, we highly recommend adding him to your concert lineup!  Janson won our very own NECM Laurel over as a fan when she saw him open for Sam Hunt.

The entertainer he is, opened with ‘Redneck Life’ and ran around the stage showing off his harmonica skills.  Followed by ‘Everybody’ and his second #1, ‘Fix a Drink!’ He followed those up with his new single ‘Good Vibes’ and then slowed it down. He introed ‘Holdin’ Her’ by explaining how he may be portrayed as a wild man on stage but regardless of his image, he is a Christian man who loves the Lord, his wife and his kids.

Referencing his recent Rolling Stone article, Janson proudly claimed the title of the most open minded redneck stating ”I was raised to not care what others think about me.”  And that he doesn’t. Soon after, he was making pterodactyl and bald eagle movements on stage asking the crowd to join him. Janson’s stage presence isn’t something you’ll get every show and we loved every minute of it!

Wrapping up his set, he killed another harmonica solo which transitioned into Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’ where Janson had a harmonica headset and just a keyboard. It was only right that he played his ACM award winning ‘Drunk Girl,’ as Boston was very first place he played it live.

He joked with the crowd as he stepped up to the drum set, “bet you’d never seen a country boy play the drums like Tommy Lee from his time in Motley Cru.” A jack of all trades, Janson killed the drums and then ended his set with his first #1, ‘Buy Me a Boat.’

As the crowd waited for Chris Young to take the stage, the Chris Young Dance Cam panned over the crowd catching those who were blessed with happy feet. Happy feet quickly turned into finding those with full beers and a chugging contest.

Finally, it was time for the main act. The baritone started the crowd off on a slow set, making the girls swoon with a run of “Hangin’ On,’ ‘Getting You Home,’ ‘Lonely Eyes,’ ‘Losing Sleep,’ and ‘Who I Am With You.’  And just like that, a better man dropped to his knee and we had a front row proposal!! Wishing you the best Brittany and Justin wherever you are! Taking a brief detour from the set list, Young covered the theme song of the night singing Dylan’s Scott’s favorite again, Keith Whitley’s ‘When You Say Nothing At All.’

The stage design and graphics definitely kept the crowd hooked as ‘I Can Take It From There’ and ‘Hold My Beer’ rolled on through.

A video montage of artists including Brad Paisley and Florida Georgia Line came on, all sharing a tid bit of how they were raised on country music ending with Chris explaining his love for country and how he was raised on country music! The montage was a perfect transition into Chris addressing the crowd recognizing this was his first amphitheater tour on his own, he couldn’t thank the crowd enough. “This song did it. It’s almost like a graduation for me to be on this tour.” The crowd began to sing along with ‘I’m Comin’ Over!’

Chris introed his next song by sharing the story of one of the first concerts he attended. His mom had won tickets to a show at the Starwood Amphitheater in Nashville. They sat on the grass, watched Vince Gil and he thought how great it would be to do exactly that.  Little did he know, he would work with Vince himself on one of his very own songs. ‘Sober Saturday Night’ led into ‘Life of the Party’ as Cassadee Pope sang along behind him on the big screen. Fans started slow dancing in aisle as ‘Good Man’ started and the security lit their way with his flashlight.  Country music is something special that’s for sure.

Chris was all smiles from the second he took the stage until he closed out with the exception of playing his new song. He shared how it was about a friend of his who passed away unexpectedly in a car accident.  With just some keys and guitar, the lyrics were relatable to anyone who has lost someone. ‘Today’ was REAL.

As the night started to come to an end, Chris jokingly asked how he was supposed to transition to the next song after that one and decided that he needed to cover Garth Brook’s ‘Papa Loves Mama’ instead. Followed by his own ‘You,’ ‘Save Water, Drink Beer’ and introed his band. The lights dimmed and ‘Tomorrow’ started. A perfect way to close out the night and kick off the weekend, Chris ended with ‘Aw Naw’ singing about buying a shot of patron and how we’ve all gotta be up early.

We are so happy to say that summer of country concerts is back. There’s nothing like the country community, from tailgates to chugging contests and dancing in the aisles at shows, we all share our love for country music!

What shows will you be attending this summer!?


Mansfield, MA Amphitheater to Accommodate Fans With Autism and Sensory Needs  

As part of their ongoing commitment to enhance the fan experience, Live Nation and the Xfinity Center have partnered with non-profit KultureCity to become Sensory Inclusive Certified.  This new initiative allows fans with autism, dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other sensory sensitivities to enjoy concerts in a comfortable and accommodating atmosphere.  The Xfinity Center is the first amphitheater in the world to be certified by KultureCity.

As part of the certification, staff at the Xfinity Center are trained by leading medical professionals on how to identify and cater to concert-goers with sensory needs. Dedicated in-amphitheater sensory rooms and sensory bags, equipped with noise canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards and weighted lap pads will also be available to ease fans who may become sensitive and overwhelmed by concert stimulation and noise.

Attending concerts is a true community-binding experience and including sensory rooms is an important step in making them a fully inclusive experience. To know that families will be able to share these events with loved ones previously unable to attend is a truly heartwarming moment,” said Traci Johnson, Executive Director, KultureCity. “These experiences help shape our lives and it is wonderful to know that the Xfinity Center is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that everyone, no matter their ability, is included.

The venue is incredibly proud to have become Sensory Inclusive Certified with the help of KultureCity,” said Jeff Mann, XfinityCenter General Manager.  “It is our mission to ensure all of our attendees feel taken care of and are given the opportunity to create special memories together.

KultureCity is a leading non-profit recognized nationwide for using their resources to revolutionize and effect change in the community for those with sensory needs; not just those with Autism. In the past year alone, KultureCity has created several sensory inclusive venues and events including the NFL Pro-Bowl, NFL Super Bowl, 16 NBA arenas, 5 NFL stadiums, 5 NHL arenas and countless zoos, science centers and aquariums across the nation.

Jason Aldean’s High Noon Neon Tour Kicks Off Summer 2018!

Summer 2018 officially started on Saturday May 26th with the first country concert of the season at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA. Jason Aldean kicked it all off off with his High Noon Neon Tour, featuring openers Lauren Alaina and Luke Combs. The energetic DeeJay Silver kept the tunes pumping in between sets. It was a beautifully warm night, just perfect for the outdoor venue.

The crowd gathered early and waited with beer in hand for the show to begin. As the sun began to fade, the heat of the day was replaced with a soft, cool breeze. Promptly at 7:35, Lauren Alaina took the stage and belted out an oldie but goodie, ‘Georgia Peaches.’ It was released back in October of 2011 as the second single from her debut album ‘Wildflower.’ She really got the crowd going as she rocked out, flipping her hair back and forth, to her second song of the night, a cover of the Guns N Roses classic, ‘Paradise City.’ Now that the crowd was warmed up, she invited a special guest to join her on stage and dance with her to ‘Next Boyfriend.’ She asked the audience: “So who wants to see what he’s got?” The special guest and showed off some stellar moves up there, including the whip/nae nae! It was a fun performance! Alaina next asked the audience: “Who has a crazy family?” She described her own family situation, mentioning how her dad was a heavy drinker and this past October 6th was his 5th year anniversary of being sober. She really made herself vulnerable and talked about her parents divorce. This all led up to her performing her hit, ‘Doing Fine.’ She was really engaged with the audience during this song, reaching out to shake hands and even giving a few far reaching hugs! After physically connecting with people in the pit, Alaina went on to talk about the travelling that she’s been doing for the last seven years. “I missed my nephew’s birthday parties, I missed going to church on Sundays. There was a time that I thought this wasn’t going to happen.” She proudly introduced her next song ‘Three.’ Showcasing her talents as a true musician, Alaina played the piano for the beginning portion. Though Kane Brown, her middle school chorus classmate, wasn’t there to join in, she played their hit song ‘What Ifs.’ After, she thanked the audience for their support over the years, then mentioned that “I got second place on American Idol back when I was only fifteen years old,” and spoke about “how people are not always nice.” “I had an eating disorder for six years.” It was during this time in her life that she wrote ‘Road Less Traveled’ and she decided to conclude her portion of the show with this one. But just before it began, she said “A little girl’s daddy wrote me a note asking if his daughter can come up on stage with me. I don’t normally do this…” She then invited an adorable young guest out with her to conclude the set. The crowd had their cellphone flashlights on, swaying to the music. Lauren Alaina really engaged the crowd and we were all ready for Luke Combs to take the stage!

During the set change, Dee Jay Silver kept the crowd up on their feet with country jams like Sam Hunt’s ‘Body Like a Back Road’ and Luke Bryan’s ‘Country Girl’ mixed with other classic and contemporary pop hits.


Luke Combs walked out on the stage with an iconic red solo cup in hand. He asked the crowd: “How you guys doin’ on this Memorial Day weekend?” And opened his set with ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart.’ He geared up for song number two by saying: “I started this seven years ago. I never imagined I’d be opening for Jason Aldean. This is one of the first songs I wrote back in North Carolina.” – ‘She Got The Best of Me.’ He then played ‘Don’t Tempt Me With a Good Time.’ Offering a little advice, Combs said: “You only got one shot. If you want to do something, Do it! A lot of people told me I have to grow up and get a real job.” Introducing his next song, Combs explained: “We’ve been on the road for four years. That’s how I came up with the idea for this next song.” – ‘Honky Tonk Highway.’ He ended this tune with a bit of ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie,’ a real crowd pleaser. Addressing the audience once again, Combs questioned: “How many of you have broken up with somebody and it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to you? Me too! That’s what this next song is about.” He played his hit ‘When It Rains It Pours’ and the crowd loved every moment! Singing, dancing, and drinking it all up! The electric guitarist jammed along with his American flag/red, white, and blue painted guitar! He continued with ‘Beautiful Crazy.’ Then mentioned: “North Carolina is my home state. Anybody here in Mansfield know anything about country music?” He then played a classic country medley of ‘Take it Easy/Should’ve Been a Cowboy/Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow.’ Combs also performed, ‘One Number Away,’ the third single from his debut studio album, ‘This One’s for You.’ With his signature black Gibson in hand, he rocked out to ‘Can I Get an Outlaw.’ Addressing the audience one last time, Combs said: “I have one more song for you guys. This is the song that changed my life.” Then he sang ‘Hurricane.’ Everyone was singing along. Before the lights went out, he threw his guitar pics into the crowd!

Dee Jay Silver took over again as the stage was being prepped for Jason Aldean. He played foot-tapping, crowd clapping songs such as: Big & Rich’s ‘Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy),’  Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’  Sam Hunt’s ‘House Party,’  Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline,’ Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin,’ and Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer.’

Next up was the man of the night, Jason Aldean! The lights came on and his opening song was fittingly titled ‘Getting’ Warmed Up.’ Wearing his cowboy hat and ripped jeans, he shook hands with those lucky fans that were in the pit section! Addressing the audience, Aldean said: “Boston!!! Welcome out to The High Noon Neon Tour. Before we do anything else, I’d like y’all to do me a favor and make some noise for some friends of mine – Dee Jay Silver, Lauren Alaina, and Mr. Luke Combs. I don’t think it’s any big secret that we love playing here in Boston. We’ve had a chance to play at Fenway Park four times already. We played Gillette. This is always one of my favorite places to come. You guys are always great to us. Thank you for being here tonight. I don’t know if you guys know this but we had an album come out about a month and a half ago! The way this is gonna work tonight is we’re gonna play songs from my new album and we’re gonna go all the way back to 2005 off our very first album. And pretty much play some songs from all the albums in between. So all I’m saying is it’s gonna be a long night, it’s gonna be a good time – So saddle up!” With the crowd energized, he went right into singing ‘Take a Little Ride’ and ‘They Don’t Know.’ Cooling things down a little bit, he sang ‘A Little More Summertime.’ The gigantic screen in the background above Aldean aired a slideshow of summer: pictures of people at the beach, surfing, enjoying the warmth. Continuing with the slower songs, Aldean played ‘Any Ol Barstool.’ He said: “Alright Boston, Put your hands together!” The crowd was pumped to hear his classic hits ‘Crazy Town,’ ‘Tattoos on this Town,’ ‘Night Train,’ ‘Amarillo Sky,’ and ‘The Truth.’ He went on to say: “It just so happens that we had a brand new single come out to country radio a couple weeks ago. And we recorded the album and I reached out to a friend of mine by the name of Miranda Lambert to come in and sing with us. You guys ain’t gonna believe this!!! Guess What? She is not here tonight, sorry! My bad!” As the crowd roared with laughter and maybe a tad bit of disappointment, he sang his latest single ‘Drown The Whiskey.’

Slowing things down again he played the classic ‘Fly Over States.’ Then cranked things up with ‘Lights Come On.’ He next said: “This is one of my favorite songs from my new album and title track,” and played ‘Rearview Town.’ The crowd put their hands together to ‘When She Says Baby.’ Aldean toasted the crowd by saying: “Well we’re kinda celebrating a little bit tonight. And I know people in Boston like to drink and I hate to see people drinking alone so what I’m saying is that I’m about to start drinking with you guys if that’s alright. I do want to say a toast to you guys- First of all thank you so much Boston for always welcoming this kid from Georgia to come up here and play for you guys! Number two, this year we just had a big song on country radio thanks to you guys this thing spent two weeks at number one. And I’m pretty sure it’s become the wedding song of the year. People getting married to this thing, people making babies to this thing. There are gonna be some babies made tonight when you guys get home form the show. All I gotta say to that is you’re welcome! But seriously, here’s to you Boston, we love you. Thank you for having us!” Then he played his hit ‘You make it Easy.’ After saying: “I had a feeling you guys came here to party tonight,” Aldean kept the party going strong by playing “The Only Way I Know,’ ‘Dirt Road Anthem’, ‘Big Green Tractor,’ ‘My Kinda Party,’ and ‘She’s Country.’ He ended the night with ‘Burning it Down’ and ‘Hick Town.’ The energy level was through the roof and the crowd just didn’t want the show to end! It was an epic performance! Memorial Day weekend was off to a great start for the concertgoers. This show certainly set the bar high for the country concert season. Cheers to summer 2018!


To see more photos from this show, click here.

April Showers Bring May Flowers, But May Brings Concert Season!


The weather is finally warming up here in New England and all we can think about at NECM are the amazing shows coming our way this summer. There are twelve concerts with country performers heading to our big outdoor venues, The XFINITY Center in Mansfield, MA, and the XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, CT. This year the lineups are as stacked as ever with concerts featuring some of the biggest names in Country Music. Whether you have PIT tickets or like to kick it on the lawn you won’t want to miss these shows!

Image may contain: text

Jason Aldean: High Noon Neon Tour
Lineup: Jason Aldean, Luke Combs, Lauren Alaina, and DeeJay Silver.
XFINITY Theatre: Friday May 25th at 8 PM
XFINITY Center: Saturday May 26th at 7:30 PM

Rascal Flatts: Back To Us Tour 2018

Rascal Flatts: Back To US Tour
Lineup: Rascal Flatts, Dan + Shay, and Carly Pearce
XFINITY Theatre: Friday June 8th at 8 PM
XFINITY Center: Saturday June 9th at 7:30 PM

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Country 92.5 Presents: Sam Hunt at Damon & Cory’s Summer House Party
Lineup: Sam Hunt, Kip Moore, and Conner Smith
XFINITY Theatre: Friday June 29th at 8 PM

Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton: All American Road Show
Lineup: Chris Stapleton, Marty Stuart, and Brent Cobb
XFINITY Center: Saturday June 30th at 7 PM

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Miranda Lambert & Little Big Town: The Bandwagon Tour
Lineup: Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Turnpike Troubadours, and Tenille Townes
XFINITY Theatre: Friday July 20th at 8 PM
XFINITY Center: Saturday July 21st at 7 PM – Presented by WKLB

Keith Urban: Graffiti U World Tour

Keith Urban: Graffiti U World Tour
Lineup: Keith Urban and Kelsea Ballerini
XFINITY Center: Saturday August 4th at 7:30 PMBrad Paisley Tour 2018

Brad Paisley: Weekend Warrior World Tour
Line up: Brad Paisley and Tyminski
XFINITY Center: Saturday August 11th at 7:30 PM

Lady Antebellum & Darius Rucker Summer Plays On Tour

Lady Antebellum & Darius Rucker: Summer Plays on Tour
Lineup: Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, and Russell Dickerson
XFINITY Theatre: Saturday July 28th at 7 PM
XFINITY Center: Saturday September 22nd at 7 PM

Maren Morris: opening for Niall Horan’s: Flicker World Tour 
Niall Horan and Maren Morris
XFINITY Theatre: Friday September 24th at 8 PM
XFINITY Center: Saturday September 8th at 7 PM

Outlaw Music Festival

Willie Nelson: Outlaw Music Festival
Lineup: Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Margo Price, Lukas Nelson + Promise of the Real, and Particle Kid.
XFINITY Center: Friday September 21st at 3 PM 

Kid Rock+Brantley Gilbert: Red Blooded RocknRoll Redneck Extravaganza

Kid Rock + Brantley Gilbert: Red Blooded RocknRoll Redneck Extravaganza
Lineup: Kid Rock, Brantley Gilbert, and Wheeler Walker Jr.
XFINITY Center: Saturday September 29th at 6:30 PM

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Zac Brown Band: Down The Rabbit Hole Live!
Lineup: Zac Brown Band
XFINITY Theatre: Sunday September 30th at 7 PM

Be prepared on show day. Plan ahead and arrive early to allow for time to park, enter the venue, and to purchase food or drinks.  For more information about the venues’ policies, procedures, and show day information you can visit the XFINITY Theatre and XFINITY Center websites.

Photos from XFINITY Center Facebook, XFINITY Theatre Facebook, and XFINITY Center Website.