Kip Moore: ‘Slowheart’ Album Review

Kip Moore’s highly anticipated and promoted third album ‘Slowheart’ features the same old Kip everyone loves, with a bit of a Bruce Springsteen, 1970’s inspired rock n’ roll sound. With waves of emotion from heartbreak, love to depicting Moore’s life at the current moment and a triumph to his successes, the album is some of his best work yet.

1.) ‘Plead The Fifth’ – Written by Luke Dick and Josh Kear.
Impression: To open his thirteen-track album, Moore goes with a more Bruce Springsteen inspired sound. In typical Kip fashion however, his raspy draw and irresistible hooks are present. The opener is a whiskey filled ode of trying to drown sorrows in 90-proof alcohol.
Favorite Lyrics: Have I ever mixed your memory with Tennessee? Have I ever dialed you up but never let it ring?

2.) ‘Just Another Girl’ – Written by Kip Moore, Ben Helson, and Westin Davis.
Impression: Moore’s voice in this song is the true definition of late 70’s rock n roll – full throttle notes, melodically screaming lines and powerful. Guitars carry the tune while the story is painted of a boy not being able to find the right kind of love.
Favorite Lyrics: I’m just another boy, in another band. You’re just another girl I put in a song.

3.) ‘I’ve Been Around’ – Written by Kip Moore and Dan Couch.
Impression: A lighter song fills the number three spot with ‘I’ve Been Around.’ With a fresh sound, Moore pokes fun at his success in this rock based song. A good summer song that will sure to be a big hit in concert.
Favorite Lyrics: Every city, every town, kind of like the wind. Ask me where I’ve been, I’ll tell you that I’ve been around.

4.) ‘Fast Women’ – Written by Kip Moore, Troy Verges, Westin Davis and Blair Daly.
Impression: ‘Fast Women’ tells the story of what’s assumed to be Kip’s life at the moment. His friends are settling down, having kids, and moving to no-name towns while he is still out on the road making music for fans and seeing new faces every night. He doesn’t mind doing this and he says “it feels so good where I’m sitting.”
Favorite Lyrics: I know there’s more to life than what I’m seeing now. One day I’ll find that I wanna slow it down, shut it down…

5.) ‘Bittersweet Company’ – Written by Kip Moore, Troy Verges and Josh Miller.
Impression: In one of the more pivotal songs of the album, Moore presents ‘Bittersweet Company,’ a song that is relatable to anyone. As a reflection to love lost and past mistakes made, the track does so with a smile. The title says it all.
Favorite Lyrics: We were summer, love was burning, we were white magnolias in bloom. By the time the leaves had fallen, I had already fallen for you.

6.) ‘Sunburn’ – Written by Kip Moore, Steven Lee Olsen, Josh Miller and David Garcia.
Impression: ‘Sunburn’ is a typical Kip Moore song, with riffs and an underlying beat that resembles his popular hit ‘Beer Money.’ A classic song about a summer romance, Kip does a great job showing off his unique style and catchy hooks.
Favorite Lyrics: Well maybe I was crazy falling for you baby, must have stayed in the rage too long, cause I can still feel you darling long after the sunburn’s gone.

7.) ‘More Girls Like You’ – Written by Kip Moore, Steven Lee Olsen, Josh Miller and David Garcia.
Impression: The lead single off of the album is a bit of a spinoff from his 2015 hit ‘Running For You.’ With a more upbeat tempo, Moore praises a woman with blissful romance. The song has peaked at the No. 9 spot on the Country Airplay chart.
Favorite Lyrics: It’s been awhile since I stopped and prayed, but Lord have mercy look at her. He sure didn’t make no mistake when he put that angel on Earth.

8.) ‘The Bull’ – Written by Luke Dick and Jon Randall.
Impression: More twangy country is present in this song. Spunky and sassy lyrics and an edgy sound, Moore thanks everyone who got him where he is today – including the people who have hurt him, denied him, and “bucked him off.”
Favorite Lyrics: Every knockdown in the dirt, every “no” I ever heard, it’ll sure feel good to laugh when I look back and flip the Bull the bird.

9.) ‘Blonde’ – Written by Kip Moore, Troy Verges, Josh Miller, and Steven Lee Olsen.
Impression: ‘Blonde’ is definitely a different style compared to what Kip Moore fans are used to. However, this song is definitely one of the best ones on the album with its sensual guitar riffs and flowing verses. Moore blasts a girl who forgot where she came from once she got a little recognition elsewhere.
Favorite Lyrics: Used to be the captain of the cheer team, now you’re just a never coming home-coming queen. Don’t sell yourself long girl, you must be confused, you ain’t even blonde girl…

10.) ‘Good Thing’ – Written by Kip Moore, Troy Verges and Josh Miller.
Impression: ‘Good Thing’ is another song off the album that is proudly showing off your girl. Moore is boasting about having this amazing girl and he is so proud to call her mine. This song is definitely catchy and will be stuck in your head from the moment you hear it.
Favorite Lyrics: I’m seeing blue skies, first time in a long time, right there with her green eyes. Looks like the rains gone and she’s my rainbow.

11.) Last Shot’ – Written by Kip Moore, David Lee Murphy and Dan Couch.
Impression: ‘Last Shot’ is about savoring every moment when you’re with that special someone. He goes through a list of things he’d want to savor if it was the last time he could ever do them, and with each thing, Moore compares them to the girl he is talking about. Kip does it again with another catchy track.
Favorite Lyrics: If you were my last breath, I’d just wanna hold you. If you were my last night I ever had on wheels, I woulda drive you like I stole ya.

12.) ‘Try Again’ Written by Kip Moore, Josh Miller and David Garcia
Impression: In what could be a potential wedding song, ‘Try Again’ is a heart-wrenching sentiment of continuing to try to make things work and come out stronger than ever. It’s a testament to always strive to make the relationship feel like it did in the beginning and to fight for love.
Favorite Lyrics: To the moon and back, through the highs and lows, to win your love girl just know, I’ll try, try, try, then I’ll try again.

13.) ‘Guitar Man’ Written by Kip Moore, Dan Couch and Westin Davis
Impression: In this slowed down track, Kip Moore closes his album with ‘Guitar Man.’ Soft guitars and long lines fill the track and paint a picture of a day in the life of a rocker. With no set chorus or verses, there are merely drawn out lines. A peculiar way to end the album, Moore surprises fans with this soft ballad as the closer.
Favorite Lyrics: Well they’ll ask for more love songs and I’ll play with a smile to help them hold on or forget for a while. They can fill up that jukebox with a week’s worth of pay but it can’t fill their happy and it can’t fill their pain.

‘Slowheart’ is available now on iTunes here.