Even More Reasons to Love Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is arguably the biggest star in country music. Very few artists have the ability to sell out NFL football stadiums across the country summer-after-summer. But with an impressive catalogue and a rabid fanbase, Kenny is able to just do that. He also has the dream of a lifestyle- jetsetting off to the Virgin Islands to his island home overlooking popsicle blue waters. However, that home and the island to which he calls home was devastated in Hurricane Irma. The category 5 hurricane literally turned Caribbean islands from green to brown.

Kenny was not in the islands when the hurricane hit but he did some things during the hurricane, and after the hurricane, that need to be acknowledged. He is literally spreading the love as he often preaches to his sold out crowds.

Check out this footage from the storm from his home. And it’s scary to hear that the conditions got even worse!

During the hurricane, Chesney opened up his mountain-top villa to 17 people who needed a safe place to ride out the storm. Included in this group were children and 4 dogs. Without Kenny offering this, these people may not have survived the storm.

Not only that, but Kenny sent his private jet to St. John to pick up evacuees and bring them back to the states, as documented by Ricky Shelton, Mayor of Cookeville, TN.

Kenny has also set up the Love for Love City Foundation and has created special merchandise with the proceeds of sales going to the foundation to rebuild the island. We ordered ours today and if you want to help, you should too!

You can order by clicking here.

Kenny has also posted on social media that he is in the studio working on new music to help the Virgin Islands! So that is something to look forward to!

Here’s the thing. Kenny could have sulked and been devastated after he lost his beautiful island home. And he may be incredibly sad by that- rightfully so. But he didn’t let that stop him. His unselfishness is remarkable. He looked over islanders during the storm and he’s doing everything he can after the storm to do his part to rebuild the islands that he so very much loves. Kenny doesn’t have to do any of this, but he is. If you needed just another reason to love Kenny Chesney, here you go. Kenny doesn’t just preach spreading the love, he is living it right now.