Dustin Lynch: ‘Good Girl’ Single Review

If you haven’t noticed, Dustin Lynch completely wiped out his Instagram page back in February and started from scratch. Now he only posts video clips that showcase single moments of his real, private life. This allows his fans to really connect with him on a personal level. While on the topic of being private and personal, Lynch’s latest single ‘Good Girl’ is filled with personal meaning. Since Dustin is still searching for his one true love, this song showcases the journey that comes along with searching for a ‘Good Girl’ to spend the rest of his life with.

The timing of the release of ‘Good Girl’ is everything. It dropped on May 5th, with the start to summer right around the corner. This means that before long our weekends will be filled with cook-outs, beach days, country concerts and bonfires! With the warm air fast approaching, comes the thought of summertime love. ‘‘Good Girl’ is a song about love. Though not just a fling, a real, true, long-lasting loving relationship with the girl of his dreams that he can take home to his Mama. It is an upbeat country tune. The lyrics are a play on the definition of ‘Good Girl.’ Swapping back and forth from describing to a “girl” how “good” things can be to meaning a girl that is genuinely good in nature. As the lyrics go: I got it good girl…’Cause I got myself a good girl. A foot-tapping, hand clapping percussion beat leaves the listener wanting to play it again! This tune is on its way to being a summertime jam in no time!

Lynch, a Tullahoma, Tennessee native penned ‘Good Girl’ along with Justin Ebach and Andy Albert. In an interview with People, Lynch mentioned that his cowriters “have already found their “good girl… So they were probably writing from a different spot than I am.” Lynch also told People: “The inspiration behind the song is probably me longing to find that person. I think finding that special someone is something we’re all hurtin’ to do. [The inspiration for this song is] just knowing that that person is out there somewhere for me… and knowing that my mom wants me to find her more than anybody.” Lynch will have to continue his search for love while playing shows around the country on his current tour. Unfortunately, none of his stops this summer will be in New England.

If you’re not already following Dustin Lynch on Instagram, be sure you do. You may just catch a clip of him in the shower, the moment he heard ‘Good Girl’ on the radio for the first time! Be sure to check out his Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

You can purchase ‘Good Girl’ on iTunes here.

Favorite Lyrics: You know sometimes I dream. About fifty-five years from now. Gonna still be you and me. Watchin’ that sun goin’ down.