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Kenton Bryant: ‘Lonely Don’t Look Good On You’ Single Review

Kenton Bryant is a Kentucky native, who like most country artists, found his love for music while listening to the great songs and lyrics of Paul McCartney, The Eagles and the incredible Bruce Springsteen. Kentucky is known for its pure blue grass sound but Kenton knew that after hearing the songs and lyrics of artists like Keith Urban and Eric Church, he had to pursue his love for music and songwriting outside of Kentucky. Kenton decided to make the move to Nashville with no back up plan and risk it all.

Kenton’s most recent single, ‘Lonely Don’t Look Good On You,’ was written with the help of another songwriter by the name of Cole Taylor. Kenton released this song on October 18, 2019 after releasing a self titled EP back in 2018. The single tells a story and as you listen along word for word, you will find yourself moving your feet to the sound of the guitar and the catchy chorus.

The songs starts off with a strong guitar riff followed by some background instrumentals and soon after Kenton begins to tell his story. You can picture Kenton sitting at a bar where he’s a regular patron, and a pretty girl that he has never seen there before catches his eye. He’s trying to work up the courage to talk to her, noticing she’s all alone and looking like she could use company. The song goes on to tell the listeners the things he loves about her and the things he wants to do with her.

The song ends with a chorus that pulls you from the start and the last words of the song loop back around to the name of his single ‘Lonely Don’t Look Good on You’. The song does exactly what the artist intended it to do; tell us a story. As you listen to each line of the song, you can picture it like a vivid movie playing in your mind.

Kenton currently doesn’t have any upcoming tours listed on his website, but in the past you may have seen him opening up for the greats such as Willie Nelson and Kip Moore. If you’re a fan of this song, be sure to check out his songs off his EP from 2018. One of my favorites from that EP is ‘Since You’re Gone.’

Favorite Lyrics: And I wanna be the hand, that pulls you through the crowd. Gets you on the floor, and gets him off your mind. Shows you how it feels, to be treated right.