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Mitchell Tenpenny Scores 1st Top 15 Single

In February of this year, Mitchell Tenpenny released his self-titled EP that included a song that I knew was going to be special called ‘Drunk Me.’ With the release of this EP, I was blown away by Mitchell’s unique vocals that really separate him from the pack in country music- there is no one that has a similar sound to Mitchell. I knew I wanted to have him play our festival this year and we were ultimately able to successfully confirm this as one of the performers. As the year progressed, I seemed to be hearing it all over the place. On the radio, on social media- I was even walking down Hampton Beach this summer and heard one of the bars on the strip playing it. It was announced late this past week that ‘Drunk Me’ was certified GOLD by the RIAA- a great accomplishment.

I’ve known that this song has been climbing the charts- at the festival, Mitchell thanked the crowd for making it his first top 40 single. But looking at the Mediabase charts this week, I was so incredibly happy to see ‘Drunk Me’ currently sitting at #15 on the country charts! And we don’t normally do this, but we’re asking y’all to call into your local stations and request this song to help Mitchell in having this phenomenal single continue to climb to the top of the charts.

Now since we don’t normally do this, why are we now? Because Mitchell deserves it.

For one, Mitchell’s talent is undeniable. His vocal ability is so unique so really captivating. Add that in with great songwriting and you have a recipe for a hit. Which is exactly what ‘Drunk Me’ is.

Secondly, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a ton of artists over the years but I can honestly say that Mitchell is one of the best artists of any of the artists that I’ve worked with here at NECM. Whether it be through the festival, at a show, or just an interview, Mitchell is the cream of the crop when it comes to being a good person. He’s extremely humble and polite and he is so appreciative of everyone that helps him along the way. I remember him thanking me for bringing him to the festival and a lot of artists say ‘thank you’ but you can tell that some really don’t mean it. Mitchell meant it. This dude just radiates pure sincerity. I can confidently say that Mitchell is one of the nicest people in country music.

And in case you didn’t know, Mitchell also does a ton of great work for others through his 10Penny Fund which was created by Mitchell from personal experience with a sincere desire to provide inspiration and support to cancer patients beyond traditional medical treatment. Determined to make change, the Fund invests in sustainable and meaningful programs that motivate patients, encourage healing, and build a community of support. You can donate to the fund here.

So again, please call into your local station and request Mitchell Tenpenny’s ‘Drunk Me.’ This song deserves to be at the top of the charts and so does Mitchell.

Mitchell Tenpenny: ‘Drunk Me’ Single Review

Mitchell Tenpenny released his debut self-titled EP this past Friday and one of the songs on the EP is ‘Drunk Me’ – a catchy song that I can’t seem to get out of my head and I’m not sure if I want to.

‘Drunk Me’ written by Mitchell Tenpenny, Jordan Schmidt, Justin Wilson, starts slow and stays slow for the first few lines before quickly picking up for the chorus. Mitchell’s voice is strong in this song and he projects it beautifully at parts. It is an upbeat song that is distinctively country with a rock presence. John Mayer is a big influence on Mitchell’s work and it is evident in this song. Like John Mayer, Mitchell’s voice is the key to this song, the guitar and drums in the background are present but when Mitchell sings all focus is on his soulful vocals and the impressive range he offers.

The song starts off about cleaning up and getting sober because drunk me can’t get over you. It is a love song talking about how when he gets drunk he can’t get over someone. We do not know who he is singing about but it is evident that she broke his heart. The song is mostly about when he drinks he only thinks about her and tries to call her. We see this in the line baby can you come over, I always find those words at the bottom of 100 proof. It is a good song that is catchy and the lyrics are some that a lot can relate to making this song a candidate to become a hit for this rising artist.

Mitchell comes from country roots and a musical past and it shows with this song. He was born and raised in the country music capital, Nashville TN. Music is in his roots as his grandmother, Donna Hilley, is the former CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Mitchell has already seen success in his writing as he co-wrote Granger Smith’s top ten hit ‘If The Boot Fits.’ With success in writing already, we will see if success in his solo performing career will follow. 2018 will surely be a huge year for the up-and-coming star and we can’t wait to see what he has to show us.

Mitchell’s single ‘Drunk Me’ and self titled EP are available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Favorite Lyric: All those bottles sitting up on the shelf, are just salt on the wound. One sip and I’m picking up the phone trying not to go home without you.