Lee Brice: ‘Rumor’ Single Review

Perhaps it’s the slower pace of life, the lower crime rate, or the lack of traffic that draws people to small town America. Grabbing a line from the Cheers theme song, it might simply be: Sometimes you want to go…Where everybody knows your name. A small town can attract those wanting the close-knit, family friendly lifestyle where everybody knows everybody. Though it’s certainly difficult to remain anonymous in a small town where people talk and rumors spread. Lee Brice describes just this in his most recent release titled ‘Rumor.’

Following his Top 20 hit ‘Boy’, ‘Rumor’ is the second single set to be released from his self-titled album that hit shelves back in November of 2017. Written by Brice, Ashley Gorley and Kyle Jacobs, it’s an emotional country song with a slight bluesy undertone. Listeners are first greeted with the soothing voices of a gospel choir. Brice mentions in his own bio that, “My musical upbringing is so different, it’s hard to explain to people…I’ve listened to things most people never heard of, a lot of gospel quartets: Gold City, the Gaither Vocal Band. I had a few cassettes, but most of my other music was what I taped off the radio.” His love of gospel sounds are surely evident here in this piece. ‘Rumor’ goes on to tell the story of a sultry relationship as the chorus sings: There’s a rumor going round about me and you. Stirring up our little town the last week or two. So tell me why we even trying to deny this feeling. I feel, don’t you feel it too?

Brice definitely has a special connection with us here in New England! His third number one song ‘I Drive Your Truck’ was written about Jared Monti, a decorated US Army soldier from right here in Massachusetts who was killed in Afghanistan. Come see Lee Brice this summer! He will be here in New England later this week! You can catch him at Indian Ranch in Webster, MA on July 22nd. If you’re a bit farther north, you can see Brice at The Maine State Pier in Portland, ME on August 8th. He’s ending his summer dates in New England at The South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, MA on August 9th.

Favorite Lyrics: Or you could lay one on me right now. We could really give them something to talk about.

You can purchase ‘Lee Brice’ which includes ‘Rumor’ on iTunes here.