Keep Your Eyes on the Restless Road

The rising trio, Restless Road is hitting the road this summer as they embark on their Bar Friends Tour. NECM caught up with the group, made up of Garrett Nichols, Colton Pack, and Zack Beeke, ahead of their Boston, MA stop on May 16th.

It has been quite the journey for the band so far. Zach recalled the group’s creation, dating back about nine years when Colton and Zack appeared on the TV show, The X Factor. “We auditioned individually and about halfway through the show we decided to join forces.” A fun fact is that Kane Brown also appeared on that season of The X Factor and was originally slated to be the third member of the group. Brown decided the group wasn’t for him and went in his own direction, but their stories would cross paths down the road. 

Restless Road ultimately landed in fourth place on the show. “About a year or so after the show was over we were looking for a brand new member. We kind of took to the internet looking at people on YouTube and the app called Vine. We found some great videos that Garrett had posted and we hit him up in the DM and asked him to join Restless Road. The band just wouldn’t be the same without him and it’s been kicking ever since.”

Fast forward to 2019 when Kane Brown reached out to Colton after seeing a cover Pack posted of ‘Good as You’. “Kane texted me and told me about him starting a label, and we started talking and we wanted to get the band back together,” Pack shared. Not only did Kane want the trio on his new label, he wanted them on his tour, too. “It was within six months of when we had gotten back together that we were playing at the Staples Center – pretty insane!” 

Things were going seemingly well for the trio, but after five or six shows, they hit a roadblock – the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to touring just as Restless Road was getting fired up. The band used the time off to post tons of content to social media, Garrett explained. “We got a lot of fans over that time and connected with new people and now it’s really starting to show when we’re back on the road.”

Last summer, the group got to finish up the tour with Kane. “It really helped us get our name out there and a lot of people got to see us and we got to kind of show what we’re all about. It really has helped us carry over into this next season that we’re in right now. We’re going on our first ever headlining tour and we have a lot of people coming back to our show who were there for Kane’s show. It’s great because we have over twice as much music at our show than during Kane’s and we just got to learn so much from Kane being on tour,” Zack said.

The guys started the tour in April and already have a handful of shows under their belt, including a sold-out show in Nashville. Garrett said the group has been blown away by the support thus far. “We couldn’t ask for anything better! We had so many people supporting us online these past few years and we’re really starting to meet everyone.” He added, “It was kind of a great moment to see all the work that we put in come together, and yeah, it was incredible!”

As mentioned earlier, Restless Road will be playing an all-ages show in Boston on May 16th at the Sinclair. The group can’t wait to get back up to New England. Colton shares the sentiment that many of us New Englanders have, “The people there were absolutely incredible, for one. We’re really excited! This has honestly been one of the best selling shows, I mean, from as soon as we started putting tickets on sale, this one has gone really really fast. I think we’re really excited because that just shows us that fans are really eager to come out to the show.” But that’s not all, “My gosh, you CANNOT forget the food! I’m ready to come back to Boston and get a lobster roll,” he laughed. 

It’s obvious that the future is bright for this band. And even though they’ve already checked off so many things on their bucket list – from their Opry debut to playing on The Bachelor – they have so much to look forward to. The road might be restless, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, but as they like to say, “It’s all about just hanging on and enjoying the ride… No matter what life brings you, just keep your eyes on the road and keep going.”

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