Hudson Moore, A Young Fresh Face in Country Music

Named by the Country Music Association to the Who’s New To Watch list for 2013, Hudson Moore was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas. This handsome (sorry ladies, he is happily married) musician from the University of Texas, has had a love for music starting at just eleven years old. New England County Music had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Moore, who shared with us how supportive his family has been in his budding career, his dedication and respect for all genres of music, the musical influences that have entailed that, and his newly released EP.

Moore, the middle child of three boys, started playing guitar at age eleven. With just a little help from his father finding the G on the guitar, Hudson is self- taught. And for Hudson, the music always came before the lyrics. He had all kinds of ideas running around in his head, so he just started to write them down, and that is how at age sixteen, Hudson started to write his own music. “As a young kid I never inquired about music. It was always something that just came from my soul.”

Both of his parents are lovers of the arts. Moore’s mother is a dancer and he credits his dad for pushing him and keeping him interested in music and playing guitar. Hudson wanted to quit guitar, at one point, but his father kept encouraging him to continue. “I think he really enjoys seeing me do what I love. It was his dream to see me doing what I love and it’s great to have parents who are 100% behind that.”

Moore also credits his two brothers as being a big influence in his music career. Hudson often sends them music he has written and they let him know what they think. He trusts their judgment and their opinions of the songs. Hudson calls his brothers his ‘magnets,’ because if his songs are too far off base, or he is doing something that is not him, or isn’t doing something that he loves, his brothers bring him back to where he needs to be. Hudson’s younger brother, Preston, plays piano and his older brother, Tucker, is a fantastic lyricist. Tucker even helped Moore by contributing as a co-writer to his song, ‘Under Your Spell,’ one of the songs on Moore’s current EP. “Both of my brothers”, Hudson says, “have a lot to do with my music.”  

Moore’s taste in music varies and he has a  passion for a wide variety of genres. Growing up in the 90’s listening to a lot of pop music and riding around in the car with his mother, Moore would hear artists such as Marvin Gaye and James Brown. With his father he would hear artists such as George Strait and Tim McGraw. He heard soul music and soul singers like Bill Withers as well.  These artists remind him of his childhood. When Moore got into high school and started to play guitar and write music, he was listening to Pat Green and Randy Rogers. “Those guys were my heroes.” When Hudson was in college he started to listen to rock and roll and blues. Artists such as BB King, the Allman Brothers, John Mayer, and Keith Urban. As a guitar player and a songwriter, he also admires artists who play music and play guitar as they are multi-faceted; artists like Ryan Adams. All of these artists and genres of music influenced Moore’s song writing and sound of today.

First topping the Texas chart in December of 2012 with his debut single, ‘Fireworks,’ the song rocketed all the way to number one on the Texas Music Country Charts, and stayed there for two weeks. Last October, Moore released a five song EP titled, ‘Goin Out Tonight.’ The EP was originally going to be only four songs, but while recording it, Hudson was in the middle of writing another song. ‘Gotta Know Ya,’ which turned out to be one of his favorite songs on the EP. The song was written, recorded and added to the EP demo in just two days. “I think it turned out really well. It’s kind of different from the other songs on there.” ‘Gotta Know Ya,’ actually became the first single from the EP, getting some national exposure on XM radio. Moore is very proud of the EP as fans are even singing the words to his songs, when he is playing live. He is amazed as it is something he had never experienced before. “It’s one of the things I’ve gotten to check off the bucket list for sure. We are just getting started and I would love to have a couple more singles off the EP.”

You can purchase ‘Gotta Know Ya,’ on iTunes here.

So what are Hudson musical goals going forward? Well to continue touring of course, and to put out a new EP. Moore would also like to get some radio exposure and have a song that resonates with people who listen to FM radio because to Hudson, that is testament to success.

“I would love to have a song that resonates with people on FM radio because that’s to me still the biggest. We have XM we have Spotify, but radio is still so important. So I would love to have a song on the radio. I would love to have a hit.”

With Hudson’s musical talent and drive, I’m sure his songs will be heard on FM radio very soon. New England Country Music would like to thank Hudson Moore for taking the time to talk with us about his love of all genres of music, his family’s amazing influence and support for his music, and his EP full of the musical influences from the artists of his childhood to those artists he admires today.

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Interview conducted by Lorraine Frigoletto, contributing writer for New England Country Music. You can follow me on Twitter.

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