Garth Brooks’ Dive Bar Is Coming To…

Back in 2018, Garth Brooks announced a few stadium shows that he planned to play on the future and insinuated he would be playing at Gillette Stadium, saying, “So this is gonna give one of the cities away for sure, but I want to thank the Kraft Family up in New England, with the Patriots. They were the ones who kind of flew us out to the stadium to see and really encouraged us to think about stadium shows.” And ever since, fans have been craving a Garth Brooks show in Foxborough.

Well, on Monday night, Garth announced that he would be coming to Massachusetts- but not to Gillette Stadium. He will be coming to the Bay State on his extremely intimate and exclusive Dive Bar Tour.

And we now know where the Dive Bar Tour will be coming and when.

The venue? Six String Grill and Stage

The date? December 2nd

Now before you get ahead of yourself, please keep in mind that it will be extremely difficult to get into this show. You cannot buy tickets to the show. The only way to get in is to win through local radio.

So while Garth is coming to Massachusetts, we will still be waiting for the show at Gillette. But hey, we got a show that we can at least cross our fingers to get into.