Check out this New Englander’s Gift to Cole Swindell

Artists are constantly being given gifts on the road. Whether that’s in the Meet and Greet or from fans in the front row, artists are always taking home different gifts and souvenirs from the shows they play. What the artists do with these things is a mystery. But the gift that one New England fan gave Cole Swindell this past weekend, is something he will probably hold onto for the rest of his life. It’s something that could easily make his way to a wall on his home or something Cole keeps on his bus…

In case you didn’t know, Cole lost his father, William, in 2013. And Cole has obviously had so much success in the past few years- success he definitely would have wanted to share with his dad. This led him to writing a certain song called ‘You Should Be Here’ – a song that he wrote in the parking lot behind Gillette Stadium when he was in town in 2014 playing with Luke Bryan.

Well, let’s fast forward to this past weekend. Abigail Blair, knowing the connection to Gillette Stadium with his song, decided she wanted to do something for one of her favorite artists. She did a little research and found the date of that show and then worked with someone off of Etsy to create a frame that featured the exact sky from that night along with Cole’s father’s name with ‘Never Forgotten’.

Are you kidding me!? To even think this up is one thing. To then pay your own money to get this made up and then use whatever resources you have to contact Cole’s management and get the opportunity to present this to him is a whole other thing. Wow. What an absolutely thoughtful gift!

From what we were told by Abigail, Cole got a bit teary eyed. I mean, who wouldn’t? Like I said earlier, this is a gift that Cole will never forget and keep in a special place for him. Abigail told us how it meant a lot to him, and how it was a beautiful way that day and how much the song means to everyone.

Just another reason why country fans in New England are the best! Give this young lady an award for Fan of the Year!