Bobby Bones Kicks Off His Dancing Adventure With Long Odds

Dancing With The Stars‘ is one of the most popular competition shows on television with celebrities teaming up with dancing pros to compete for the coveted mirror ball trophy. On September 12th, it was announced that country music radio DJ Bobby Bones was one of the ‘stars’ who would be competing for the title. Other celebs include former NFL defensive player Demarcus Ware, Tinashe, Evanna Lynch and more. Bobby recently posted on his Instagram the odds for each celeb to win the competition and he is the long shot in the field at 20 to 1- well he has the same odds as John Schneider. But still, it appears the expectations for Bobby is low. Oddsmakers are expecting him to be out of the competition quickly.

But not so fast, we think they may have it wrong here. First of all, I didn’t even know you could really gamble on these shows? I mean, who would actually put their hard earned money down on a bet on a dancing television show? And also, I am pretty sure I don’t live under a rock but I’ve never really hard of any of these other celebs outside of Demarcus Ware… But anyways, let’s get back to why we think the oddsmakers got it wrong with Bobby.

His radio show, the Bobby Bones Show, is a show played on nearly 160 radio stations across the country from 5-9AM (CST)- including across New England on stations like 101.7 The Bull, KIX 100.9, and Froggy 100.9. Bobby reaches over 9,000,000 every month on his radio show (look at the coverage map below) in addition to another 5,000,000 monthly downloads of his podcast. Seriously, this guy is a staple in 9,000,000+ peoples’ lives as they wake up, drive into work, etc. Again, I don’t really know the other contestants much but I don’t think that any of them are a part of 9,000,000+ people’s lives every month. And at the end of the day, this is a popularity contest with fans dialing into to specific phone lines to vote for their favorites… If Bobby even gets half of his radio listeners to dial in and vote for him, he’s going to be in good shape.

A couple more points…. Bobby has his own squad called the B-Team which are devout followers who appreciate Bobby as much as he appreciates them. He sells out venues across the country on his comedy tour and plays for capacity crowds for Raging Idiots shows. And if you think that the dozens of artists that Bobby has helped kickstart their careers by playing their music early on aren’t going to ask their followers to help Bobby, you’re dead wrong. I know it’s going to happen because that’s what the country community does for each other. Let’s also not forget about his 2 New York Times Bestselling books- to have that accomplishment, a lot of people have to buy your book.

I don’t know how far Bobby will go in ‘Dancing With The Stars,‘ but I got a feeling that he’s going to go a lot farther than what the oddsmakers are being putting him at. Knowing Bobby, he’s going to ‘Fight, Grind, Repeat,’ each week to prove everyone wrong and to make his mark on this show. If you find a place taking bets on DWTS with these odds, throw $20 on Bobby- you may end up making some money. Good luck Bobby!