We’re ‘Thankful For’ Adam Sanders Releasing New Music!

It is as if the stars aligned when Adam Sanders released his single ‘Thankful For’ in early November. The single was not planned to coincide with the holiday season but it did and according to Sanders, “it was meant to be.” Adam wanted to release a song that was really “cool but simple.” He came up with the idea one morning, but thought that “the message was so simple that maybe it wouldn’t give a wow factor for certain writers.” Fast forward a couple of months later and he’s in a writing room talking about being grateful and thankful. ‘Thankful For’ has all of the elements of Adam Sanders. “Without a doubt this is the first song I’ve ever released that feels 150% me,” Adam admits.  A lot in his life is changing and he is so grateful for his success and the opportunities he has had. Most of all, he is excited for his fans to hear this positive message and see this side of him. After all, Adam is not a newcomer to country music.

When Adam first came to town he was playing what he calls the “Nashville game.”  He recorded what people in town expected and what they needed to hear to get him a record deal. He had some great success as a songwriter pretty early on.  Adam says he “always wants to try to write the best song I can… if it applies for me great, if it doesn’t there’s plenty of other people it can apply for.” Adam’s success happened early, before he was able to create an image, message or brand which are key elements to have when transitioning from a songwriter to an artist. As time went by he felt less and less engaged with the songs he was writing. Adam decided to “tear everything back down to the foundation” in order to figure out who he is and how he wanted to say it.   The last few years have been spent trying to figure out what his message can be. Adam says, “I always thought that the guy on stage needed to be different from my everyday life and I found that guy needs to be the exact same person… Faith, family, fitness, the outdoors and music is 100% me and that’s what I want to sing about moving forward.” This message can be heard in his new music.

Adam Sanders has been testing out his new music with his fans on the road and is excited to release them in a much anticipated debut project next year. The songs he has selected show “more of who I truly am.”  Adam has grown together with Red Light Management and as his career rises, their relationship gets stronger. He has a powerful team with his management and publishers, and “with this all star group the next few years will be pretty bright.”

After a short break this fall, Adam will head back out on the road starting the first of the year and is excited to tour with a product to sell. Make sure to download, ‘Thankful For’ on iTunes here. You can also follow Sanders on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.