Walker Hayes: ‘Craig’ Single Review

The second single off Walker Hayes’ debut album ‘Boom’ is called ‘Craig.’ This song has a unique tone and does not sound like anything else currently playing on country radio. It showcases a different side of Hayes following the sassy upbeat hit, ‘You Broke Up with Me.’  ‘Craig’ is a meaningful spoken word ballad about a very special man in Walker Hayes’ life.

The song introduces the man Craig whom Hayes met at church.  Hayes tells how he didn’t quite fit in and Craig befriended him.  Craig became part of Hayes’ life in-and-out of the church. After losing a record deal, Hayes was required to return a car that his family relied upon.  Craig, seeing his need, showed up with a set of keys and a used car that would fit Hayes’ entire family.  All Hayes had to do was accept it. Hayes did not want to admit his need, but his family’s came first.  Hayes sings, my pride was way too ashamed to be adequately grateful at the moment. Fans are able to connect with artists through their lyrics and Walkers ability to be open and share his authentic story allows for his listeners to get to know him better.

Walker Hayes voice is smooth and the spoken word grabs your attention.  Even though the song has a nice steady beat, listeners will find themselves listening to the story while they are tapping their toes.  Everyone feels like they do not fit in at some point and through these meaningful lyrics, Hayes’ vulnerability is exposed and shared through his talented song writing. His happiness and sadness is accentuated through the piano stringing the chorus and the continuing story. His life hasn’t always been perfect but thanks to people in his life like Craig, he has found a path to success. This is just the beginning of Walker Hayes’ story and it will be exciting to hear what he does next!

Favorite Lyrics: Yeah, I know, he sounds cool, right? Not your typical kid from Sunday School, right? I still ain’t figured out church yet but, Craig, I get.