Tyler Farr: ‘Love By The Moon’ Single Review

Tyler Farr’s latest release ‘Love By The Moon’ presents a change of pace from his previous hits ‘Redneck Crazy’ and ‘A Guy Walks Into A Bar.’ While Farr’s distinct textured voice is still front and center in this single, a fun and carefree attitude is presented. The song is an ode to the working class, love, and country living. The motto, Live by the sun, love by the moon, is repeated in what can only become a fun loving summer jam.

Summer imagery is consistently present in ‘Love By The Moon.’ ‘Round here it’s a summer time dip in the creek, ‘Round here we get high on the air we breathe, Raise ’em up if you know what I mean, is sang with a high energy that is certain to pump up a summer concert crowd. The expertly planned late April release could not have been timed better as we are getting the first tastes of warmer weather here in New England. With hard hitting drums and notable guitar riffs, this is a track we can turn up while cruising with the windows down on our way home from work or on our way to a night out. Farr opens the new single with, Round here we got our hands in the dirt all week, and with the addition of lyrics including, Pick up your girl when the workin’s through, it is clear that this is a song about enjoying the time you have with the people you love after a day of hard work.

‘Love By The Moon’ was written by James McNair, Ross Ellis, and Christopher Stevens, but Farr has expressed that he feels the single is about him and his wife. Tyler explained to radio, “Me and my wife Hannah have been married for a year and a half now, and this song is for her. We live in the country and enjoy our lives together on the farm. We laugh, work and play hard. This song is us!” Even as an artist, Farr relates to the song’s theme, “I’m away from home a lot. So, when I do get time at home, I make those days count and don’t take one for granted. We live by the sun and love by the moon. Yeah, That’s right!

Farr told The Boot his recent marriage could be credited for a shift is his music while discussing his previous single, ‘I Should Go To Church Sometime.’ Farr explained, “Most of my songs, obviously, have been about walking into a bar, whiskey in my water, redneck crazy. So this is a little different, and I wanted to change it up. I got married last fall … it slows things down, and this song is a little different and kinda hits on a different note than I have before.” This shift is even more prominent in ‘Love by The Moon;’ while passion is displayed in Farr’s voice, we don’t even have a hint of his characteristic themes of regret or heartbreak. Since ‘Love By The Moon’ will be included on Tyler’s upcoming album along with ‘I Should Go To Church Sometime,’ we wonder if this adjustment will continue to be present.

Favorite Lyrics: Out here we count the stars ’til we can’t keep track, Ain’t got a doubt in good like that.

You can purchase ‘Love By The Moon’ on iTunes and connect with Tyler Farr through his Website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.