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Brother’s Osborne Closes Out the Country Season at The South Shore Music Circus

Opening the show for Brother’s Osborne at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, MA, Kendell Marvel treated the encompassing crowd to a ten song set that showed off his talents as a performing artist and as an accomplished songwriter. Before beginning with ‘Untangle My Mind,’ a song on Marvel’s 2017 album ‘Lowdown & Lonesome‘ he proudly declared that he would be playing some COUNTRY music tonight. Kendell certainly delivered on that promise with a more traditional country sound paired with some rock-influenced guitar playing. He followed up with 4 more original songs before, “Jumping into songwriter mode,” to play Gary Allen’s ‘Right Where I Need To Be.’ He told the audience, “I moved to Nashville from a small town in Illinois in 1998 and wrote this song the day I got into town.” He explained that Gary Allen changed his life when he recorded the song that went to number 5 on the country songs chart. Next, Marvel treated us to another song he wrote, ‘That Lonesome Song’ recorded by Jamey Johnson.

With the mention of Chris Stapleton before Kendell performed the next song, ‘Either Way, the energy of the crowd was then taken up a notch.’ Marvel described Stapleton as a good friend and revealed that he has penned about 60 songs with him. After, Marvel played the first release off of his upcoming album, “Solid Gold Sounds,” which will was just fully released on Oct 11th. Playing his worn guitar that displays his years in the business, Marvel completed his set with two songs from his first album, ‘Gypsy Woman’ and ‘Lowdown and Lonesome.’

After a quick intermission Brother’s Osborne entered the tent to a sold out crowd. They quickly jumped into a high energy version of ‘Drank Like Hank’ followed by ‘Shoot Me Straight.’ As always, the brothers delivered with talent and enthusiasm.

Slowing things down just a tad, the crowd swayed for a version of ‘Remember Me’ as T.J. Osborne welcomed the crowd to sing along with his arms open. Next a roaring crowd for ‘Weed, Willy, and Whiskey,’ prompted T.J. to deliver a toast before following up with ‘Greener Pastures.’ Beaming, T.J. asked the Crowd “How we feeling?” Only to be answered with even more applause and enthusiasm. He went on to tell us, “I can tell already this is going to be an awesome night” and gave accolades to Marvel for opening the show. “It’s a beautiful town; Cohasset is a very beautiful place; not sure I can afford it though,” T.J. joked. He went on to display his accent declaring that Cohasset was easier to say than Hyannis, where the duo had played just the night before.

Transitioning back into the music T.J. asked, “How many die-hard’s are here tonight? We are going to find out now.” The pair put the crowd to the test playing ‘Rum,’ but the audience certainly proved themselves; with their hands in the air, it seemed that everyone was singing the last verse. Feeding off that energy the lights turned red and a fast clap from the fans ensued as Brothers Osborne began to play their latest hit, ‘Burning Man.’ After telling the audience that they were loud out there, T.J remarked on how the little towns out here in MA remind him of the little quiet water town that they recorded ‘Port Saint Joe‘ in. He admitted that it was,”Trippy as hell being on a stage going around,” before getting everyone to sway and keeping them going for the entirety of ‘Tequila Again.’

Again, T.J. complemented on how lively the crowd was before delivering a broken down version of ’21 Summer’ under a spotlight. At the end of the song the band came back on stage to lead into a cover of Steve Earle’s ‘Copperhead Road.’ The band’s energy led perfectly into ‘Stay A Little Longer’ featuring John’s signature guitar solo. T.J. then took the vocal break as an opportunity to head into the crowd to take a photo with a young fan. After, a rendition of ‘A’int My Fault’ brought back the red lights and T.J. once again asked the crowd if they were ready to kick it up one more notch. A long instrumental with T.J. playing shakers and the tambourine gave the band time to shine as they showed off their talent. Throughout the engaged crowd had their hands up clapping.

T.J. took another moment to acknowledge how awesome the crowd was and joked that it was odd to know that there were people watching his backside for the entire show. He also reflected, “Typically one other weird thing about how this is right now, we would walk off stage and sit somewhere and try to egg on the crowd. You guys have been awesome and it would have been very awkward to walk off in plain sight where you guys can see us.” T.J. admitted that they do not always do encores, but halfway through the set he knew that this crowd was ready. At that time the band truly took a moment right on stage to discuss what they were going to play next.

The Brothers began to close out the show with ‘Pawn Shop’ followed by ‘Pushing Up Daisies.’ T.J. joked about not seeing any pawn shops up here while exploring the area and commended the crew for their work to make the unusual set with the spinning stage a success. The final song was a cover of ‘Hard Workin’ Man’ by Brooks and Dunn. The cover featured a unique moment with John’s lead vocals, rather than T.J.’s.

The South Shore Music Circus is now closed for the season, but you can keep tabs on upcoming shows for next season on their website. You can learn more about Kendall Marvell and his recently released album, ‘Solid Gold Sounds‘ on his website, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Brother’s Osborne currently does not currently have any New England shows scheduled, but you can keep up with them on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You Don’t Want To Miss Out On Lewis Brice This Weekend!

Whether you are headed to a concert this weekend or not, Lewis Brice is an up and coming country star worth your attention. Garnering recognition as one of Rolling Stone Country’s New Country Artists You Need to Know and as one of Billboard’s Country Artists to Watch in 2018, Brice’s momentum is only expected to speed up as he releases new music. We were more than happy to get the chance to talk to him this week in anticipation of his local performances this weekend.

Lewis only expressed excitement as he discussed his upcoming stretch of shows is New England. Performing for four nights this weekend, Lewis will open for his older brother, Lee Brice on Thursday, July 18 at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, NH; Friday, July 19 at the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis, MA; Saturday, July 20 at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, MA; and Sunday, July 21 at Bold Point Park in East Providence, R.I. During his free time here he looks forward to getting some clam chowder and spending time with his brother. He revealed to us that he sees Lee more on the road than at home due to their touring schedules and definitely hinted that we could expect the pair to appear on stage together, as we have seen in years past.

Lewis Brice performing with Lee Brice at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in 2017

Lewis had nothing but positive things to say about our New England venues and crowds. Speaking of the spinning stages at the Melody Tent and Music Circus, Lewis told us, “You can lose your orientation a little bit, but its always a good experience and the crowd there, in the past, has just been real energetic, packed out, and very lively. It’s so much fun; you get to see the different faces as you’re going around.” Lewis also mentioned the Casino Ballroom as one of his favorite venues telling us, “That place, man, every time its electric, so I really look forward to it.

Anyone who has seen Lewis perform at these venues over the past few years knows he was telling the truth when he described his performance style as “a little rowdy” while explaining that he likes to run around the stage and be animated. He told us that he likes to let his voice be his instrument rather than focusing on his guitar and gave credit to his home state of South Carolina for the “soul swampy feel” in his voice. Lewis pegged his music as a country southern rock style, but still admitted to his pop and R&B influences.

‘Summertime Vibes’ is the Lewis’ latest single with a video set to release on Monday. The song embodies what summer feels like, bringing Lewis’s trademark soulful sound. Co-written during the winter in Texas, with Nick Norman and Ben Simmonetti, Lewis said he got the idea for the song from “When I was a kid and was always told ‘When it’s cold, think warm thoughts.'” We asked what warm thoughts personally meant to him and Lewis mentioned memories of riding the lake with cousins at home and hanging out on the beach in Mexico with a little shot of tequila. This explained to us why some of his favorite lyrics from the song include the mention of Nashville Craig flipping over waves and Shootin’ Mezcal down in Mexico, Jumping jet skis up and down the coast.

Lewis talked a lot about how much fun filming the upcoming video for the song was. It seems to us that it will fit perfectly with the feel you get while listening because they truly spent time relaxing and having a good time on the lake. Lewis told us how one of his friends featured in the video is the 4th ranked wake boarder in the world and what a treat it was to watch the professional wake boarders do what they do best. Make sure to check out the video when it is released on Monday and for now you can listen to Lewis’s single ‘Summertime Vibes’ on all platforms here and keep up with all things Lewis Brice on his Facebook, Instagram, Website , and Twitter.