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Jordan Davis Is Killing It and We’re So Happy To See It

We often find an artist, recognize the talent and/or stage charisma, and latch on to them. We did it before with a little group you may have heard of before named Old Dominion. We interviewed them before they even had a FM radio single and were probably one of the few people who knew who they were when they played at House of Blues Boston opening for Chase Rice. Jordan Davis is the another artist that falls into the category. He is one of the hottest names in the impressive group of up-and-coming country artists- and he’s absolutely killing it and us here at NECM are so happy to see it.

We first got introduced to Jordan Davis when he opened for Chase Rice and The Cadillac Three in Lowell, MA in 2015. Being the opening act is not the easiest of tasks as you’re generally playing for a fairly empty room as many fans have not made it into the building yet or are still getting their first round of beers and snacks. But that didn’t stop Davis from taking the stage with a beard you couldn’t forget and a set that shouldn’t be missed. He played as if it was a full room and he was the headliner.

Last year, he took over NECM’s Instagram during his day at the 2017 Tortugafest. He had one of the early slots in the day and again faced the challenge of seeing more sand on the Fort Lauderdale beach than fans’ faces- a challenge of an early slot on the first day of a 3-day festival. But again, he rocked it.

First, let’s fast forward to June of 2017. Jordan released his debut single to country radio, called ‘Singles You Up.’ Now let’s fast forward to today. ‘Singles You Up’ is one of the biggest songs on country radio, currently sitting at Number Two on the charts- with a strong chance it goes to Number One… And let’s put into context that it’s Luke Bryan sitting in front of Jordan on the charts… LUKE BRYAN!

And a couple weeks ago, Jordan released his debut album, titled ‘Home State,‘ which we guarantee you will be on our year-end list of our favorite albums of the year. You can check out our album review here.

And lastly, Jordan has been selling shows like CRAZY including several sell outs as a headliner. This past weekend was probably a full-circle moment as Jordan returned to Tortuga and he experienced a whole different environment than he did last year. The crowd was absolutely PACKED for Jordan’s set- as far as the eye can see. And when Jordan played ‘Singles You Up’ for the Tortuga crowd, well, check it out for yourself…

Unbelievable. Crazy what a year can do… #singlesyouup #tortuga

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That’s a hair-raising badass moment that we’re sure Jordan will never forget. In a year’s time, Jordan released his debut single, his debut album, sold out shows, and had a massive crowd sing back the words of his song, currently sitting at Number Two on the charts, back to him. And we’re totally stoked to see it as we were big believers in Jordan going back to 2015.

Keep it up, JD. We’re proud to see how far you’ve come, you absolutely deserve it, and how much further you’ll go in the next few years.