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Jordan Davis: ‘Detours’ Single Review

Jordan Davis – one of the many talented artists to bless the country music scene. On Friday March 27th, Davis released a personal and reflective single ‘Detours.’ A single that he called “… one of my favorite songs I have ever written…”

Let’s flashback to 2017, first. We had the honor of covering an Eli Young Band concert at the House Of Blues in Boston. The opener for EYB was Louisiana native, Jacob Davis (yes, you read that correctly). Jacob Davis is none other than Jordan Davis’ twin brother. As Jacob’s set unfolded, he introduced a new, not yet recorded single called ‘Detours.’ As soon as the first chord hit, the crowd was mesmerized. People swayed back and forth, recording the single with their phones so that they could listen to it before it was officially released. When the song ended, Jacob confided in the crowd by saying “that song is my life. I love it so much, man. We’re in the studio with it right now and it should be out soon!” 

Fast forward to 2020 and we finally have this amazing single, with Jordan being the one to cut it! Jacob performed this song before Jordan came to fame from his debut album, ‘Home State.‘ However, what makes ‘Detours’ so special is the story behind it – for each of the brothers, and listeners will be able to resonate with the message within the lyrics, too. 

‘Detours’ is a song that celebrates all the wrong paths life takes you down on the way to finding where you’re supposed to be. The song was co-penned by Jordan, Jacob Davis and Dave Turnbull. With his daughter and wife in mind, Jordan wrote the song from the perspective of being thankful for all the different directions life took him in. What seemed like obstacles at the time, were actually changes that made him the man he is today. 

Soft guitars open the song with Davis’ voice sneaking through – blissful and content. He begins to explain how his life was growing up and where his choices took him, which ultimately led him to his wife, Kristen. Davis sings that she “was an everything but the wings angel outta nowhere” and that “she’s the dotted lines and every sign that led me straight to Jesus.” After learning from his past mistakes, he states that he’s finally on the right road now.

Melodic and sweet, ‘Detours’ fits in perfectly with Davis’ sound. He delivers the story behind the music soulfully and convinces the listeners of how grateful he is for all of the detours that led him to where he is today. It’s been a long three years waiting for this single to be released, but we’re ecstatic that it’s finally out. 

Favorite Lyrics: “And I’d love ’em and I’d leave ’em and it was what it was. And it is what it is and I wouldn’t change it if I could…”

Listen to ‘Detours’ now: Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.