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Sam Hunt: ‘Sinning With You’ Single Review

Fresh into 2020 and Sam Hunt is back in the country music spotlight. Hunt unveiled his latest single ‘Sinning With You’ at midnight on January 3rd. The release comes just three months after his 2019 single ‘Kinfolks.’ 

The subdued single confesses Hunt’s desire to stay connected to his faith while passionately indulging himself in a lover. Both come to him effortlessly and both are highlighted with innocence and forgiveness. With sultry tones and haunting guitar strings, ‘Sinning With You’ instantly gives goosebumps. Although much different than his usual sound, this ballad fits into Sam’s repertoire perfectly. 

The single is a reflection into Hunt’s own mental and emotional processes – which makes the single that much more relatable.The lyrics show a sense of urgency for whatever it is he is speaking on. With lines like “My past was checkered, your spotless record was probably in jeopardy. Your place or my place, His grace and your grace, felt like the same thing to me” and “...I felt forgiveness in my heart with you, saw the light in the dark with you, felt like I could fly,” Sam’s approach to being raw shines bright. 

The chorus displays an inner battle between his morals, and challenges the teachings of his faith against his desires. The lyrics will resonate with many: “I never felt like I was sinning with you. Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning. I knew that I would end up with you. Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning. If it’s so wrong, why did it feel so right? If it’s so wrong, why’d it never feel like sinning with you? Sinning with you.”

‘Sinning With You’ takes on different forms: oppressive to some due to its introspective approach, or like a breath of fresh air with its truthfulness and purity. Either way, Sam Hunt took his artistry to another level. The single has powerhouse writers Emily Weisband, Josh Osborne, Paul DiGiovanni, and Hunt himself behind it. If this is what to expect out of Sam in 2020, we are excited and ready to see what he has in store for us!

Favorite Lyrics: “But I never felt shame, never felt sorry, never felt guilty touching your body. As long as you’re for me, as long as I’m for you; who could be against us, baby?”

Listen to ‘Sinning With You’ now: Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Love and Theft: ‘Gimme Tonight’ Single Review

Love and Theft returns to the scene with the sultry and mysterious sounding single, ‘Gimme Tonight.’ In typical fashion, Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson’s voices take ahold of the track, and the basis of this song fits perfectly into their repertoire.

The single is about finding a person at the bar, dancing the night away, and seeing a potential forever while hitting those boots to the floor. There is no tomorrow in sight, just the moment they are in right now. The single is a sexier version of the common story told. The guitar riffs paint the picture of an overwrought melody that entices the listener to continue into the drama this song illustrates. ‘Gimme Tonight’ is a fun and flirty song that wraps you up with its instrumentals.

As of late, country artists have been dipping their toes into other genres and sampling them throughout their singles. Love and Theft have some alternative and hip/hop inspired characteristics shining through their newest single. ‘Gimme Tonight’ is the duo’s first single since their 2015 ballad ‘Whiskey On My Breath,’ which was tough to follow as that single was very personal to both artists. Nonetheless, the men of Love and Theft delivered with this jammin’ new song. The two singles differ from one another, but perfectly display the diversity that Love and Theft have. With summer right around the corner, this song is perfect to play at sun-down with the windows open.

If this single is any indication of future music from Love and Theft, then fans will be pleasantly surprised. ‘Gimme Tonight’ displays the group that we all know and love, with a vamped up sound. You can get the single here.

Favorite Lyrics:Aw keep on keep on killing me with your last call, that don’t mean nothing. We’ll head to the house with a bottle of something, holding onto the moon while I’m holding onto you.

Sam Hunt: ‘Downtown’s Dead’ Single Review

Sam Hunt had taken a self-imposed break from music after producing his smash hit ‘Body Like A Back Road’ over a year ago. The single was the first taste of Sam’s sophomore year in his artistry after his well-loved debut album ‘Montevallo. The song did not disappoint fans, as it spent 34 weeks at the top of the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart – marking an all-time record. Now, fifteen months later, Hunt steps back onto the scene with his new single ‘Downtown’s Dead’ – a much anticipated wait.

Hunt had set the tone for his new single with a series of Instagram posts. After wiping clean his entire account, the singer/songwriter solely focused on marketing his new song with pictures of what appears to be a Spanish inspired town. Warm tones, desert vibes, and desolation are prominent throughout, leaving fans up for interpretation.

To open the single, an eerie Latin sounding guitar cuts through the noise with hints of hip-hop background vocals. As part of Sam’s repertoire, his vibrant and upbeat vocals capture the listener and takes them on a distinct – and catchy – journey. With country/pop crossover styled music, ‘Downtown’s Dead’ depicts the story of a girl leaving, presumably the “life of the party,” and now nothing seems alive without her. Despite being in the midst of clubs with strobe lights and house music, the feeling of emptiness is depicted with the lines everywhere I go looks like the place to be I see people that I know and I feel like there’s no one here but me.”

‘Downtown’s Dead’ is written by Hunt, Shane McAnally, Zach Crowell, and Josh Osborne – the same team that co-wrote his Grammy-nominated ‘Body Like A Back Road’ and much of his album ‘Montevallo.’ It’s safe to say this band of writers work well with Hunt and continue to produce chart-toppers. And we can predict this new single will follow suit. Sam Hunt released this new single just in time for summer – which will be an automatic download and playlist appearance after just once listen. The chorus is hauntingly catchy and the flow of the music will make you want to put it on repeat, without even realizing.

You can see Sam Hunt perform this new song live at his two stops in New England this summer: June 29th at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, CT and on July 6th at Fenway Park in Boston, MA.

Favorite Lyrics: Then Friday night it might as well be just another Tuesday night without you as long as you’re still in my head…

Kenny Chesney: ‘Get Along’ Single Review

Kenny Chesney is back y’all… ‘No Shoes Nation’ are you ready?! And with less than 75 days until summer officially arrives, it’s the perfect way to start setting the mood for the sunshine. Let’s be honest, when we think of summer, we immediately think of Mr. Chesney himself.

In Kenny’s first release of 2018, fans are brought the typical beachy tones and guitar riffs that encompass ‘No Shoes Nation.’ Over the course of his 15 year career, Chesney has established his place in the country music industry. He has created his own genre of country that has hints of a little Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown Band, David Lee Murphy, and of course, lots of Kenny Chesney! Along with setting the vibe of his music, Chesney also likes to add underlying lessons of morality, humility, love, respect, and carefree living. His new single ‘Get Along’ is nothing shy of what fans would expect from the summertime king.

The single follows suit of Kenny’s song library with strong guitars cutting through the noise and a positive beat you can tap to. However, the whole song is set up as a call and response with a tribal, campfire feeling to it. Some can even say it resembles a little bit of John Mellencamp and older rock songs of that nature – I mean, Jack and Diane are a staple in country music history and apart of Kenny’s repertoire.

‘Get Along’ was written by Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman and Josh Osborne – writers that Chesney loves to mesh with. With household names on this track, it’s sure to be a hit on radio and definitely in a live performance – yes we’re talking about you Gillette Stadium. The single brings humbleness to humankind in saying, at the end of the day, life is too short to not do all the things that we deem as tedious or not necessary like “paint a wall, learn to dance, call your mom, buy a boat…” The main questions being addressed is “why can’t we all just get along and keep moving on with our lives?”

In a world that is rampant with cruelty, massacres, and lack of attention and love, Chesney is contributing his music for people as a way to express themselves and escape from the harshness of whatever they’re facing. ‘Get Along’ was not intended to be a “message” song based on the state of the world, but as a way to find peace amongst it all. However, subconsciously, the writers ended up gravitating towards something of that manner because it was a topic that was in their hearts. In this single, Chesney provides a lighthearted depiction of remembering to remain modest, and to always be kind. At the end of the day, we are all human and we will all end up in the same place once everything is all said and done. Be kind! Have a beer! Give a smile! Lend a hand! Love everyday!

The best part about this single is the fact that it is the first song off of Chesney’s new album! Yes you read that correctly, his new album! With no set release date and no details other than that it is said to be his most personal album to date, fans will have to hang on, for now.

New England is preparing for Kenny’s visit in August on his 2018 Trip Around the Sun Tour, which, of course, is ending in typical fashion at the famous Gillette Stadium. We can’t wait to see you Kenny, and thank you for the new single to hold us over until then!

Favorite Lyrics: A man wearin’ a t-shirt, says “Virginia is for lovers” had a Bible in his left hand and a bottle in the other. He says ‘All you’re really given is the sunshine and your name.’ We both started laughin’ when the sky started to rain.

Scotty McCreery: ‘This Is It’ Single Review

2017 was a successful year for Scotty McCreery: his smash hit ‘Five More Minutes’ was released and reached No. 1, news about his new album had been announced, he had a memorable Opry debut, and he proposed to his long-time girlfriend Gabi Dugal. However, 2018 seems to shaping up to be just as successful for the 24-year-old. McCreery is back this year early with the release of his newest single ‘This Is It,’ from his newly recent album, ‘Seasons Change.’

The single is a classic Scotty song all the way from the sound with his southern draw to the song writing. The single was written by McCreery, Frank Rogers and Aaron Eshuis and is featured on his new album ‘Seasons Change,’ which was released March 16th. ‘This Is It’ is a song that paints the journey McCreery and his girlfriend went on during his proposal to her. It tells the story from his perspective and serves as a reflection of that moment.

The song starts with the image of being up 4,000 miles high in the Carolina mountains, and how he was surprising his girlfriend with this hike up the mountain. The end location was when she could open her eyes and take it all in and think “this is it.” As the single continues, the second verse says how he knows his girlfriend has been waiting for this moment, and talking to her friends about when it will happen and why it hasn’t yet. But, what she doesn’t know is that he has been waiting too, holding on to the ring for the right moment paired with the right words to say.

The lyrics are so painfully cute and depict their love for each other so perfectly. The chorus is all about how this is the moment they’ve been talking about and wanting for forever. In the midst of the chorus, McCreery shows his fans the rawness of his proposal with the lyrics “take my hand, take it in. This is the moment we won’t forget, on top of the world, here together.”

For a little background, Scotty proposed to Gabi in September 2017 on the top of a beautiful mountain top in North Carolina. When she thought her “this is it” moment was going to be the view, she was wrong. It was Scotty finally proposing to her!

The last verse of the song is a future prediction of what’s to come. Scotty sings about his future wife walking down the aisle on their wedding day and how he can’t help but think “this is it.”

If you love-bird country music fans haven’t heard this song yet, you need to listen to it immediately. It will make your heart ache with love in the best way possible. For those of you who aren’t so in to the lovey-dovey stuff, then you should still give it a listen as this is still great artistry on McCreery’s behalf. If this is a sneak peek into his new album, then we’re pretty excited for what else he has in store.

Favorite Lyrics: Now you’re walking down the aisle, and I can’t help but smile. This is it, this is now, it’s what I’ve been talking ‘bout. Looking out, I can see forever…