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Sam Hunt: ‘Sinning With You’ Single Review

Fresh into 2020 and Sam Hunt is back in the country music spotlight. Hunt unveiled his latest single ‘Sinning With You’ at midnight on January 3rd. The release comes just three months after his 2019 single ‘Kinfolks.’ 

The subdued single confesses Hunt’s desire to stay connected to his faith while passionately indulging himself in a lover. Both come to him effortlessly and both are highlighted with innocence and forgiveness. With sultry tones and haunting guitar strings, ‘Sinning With You’ instantly gives goosebumps. Although much different than his usual sound, this ballad fits into Sam’s repertoire perfectly. 

The single is a reflection into Hunt’s own mental and emotional processes – which makes the single that much more relatable.The lyrics show a sense of urgency for whatever it is he is speaking on. With lines like “My past was checkered, your spotless record was probably in jeopardy. Your place or my place, His grace and your grace, felt like the same thing to me” and “...I felt forgiveness in my heart with you, saw the light in the dark with you, felt like I could fly,” Sam’s approach to being raw shines bright. 

The chorus displays an inner battle between his morals, and challenges the teachings of his faith against his desires. The lyrics will resonate with many: “I never felt like I was sinning with you. Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning. I knew that I would end up with you. Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning. If it’s so wrong, why did it feel so right? If it’s so wrong, why’d it never feel like sinning with you? Sinning with you.”

‘Sinning With You’ takes on different forms: oppressive to some due to its introspective approach, or like a breath of fresh air with its truthfulness and purity. Either way, Sam Hunt took his artistry to another level. The single has powerhouse writers Emily Weisband, Josh Osborne, Paul DiGiovanni, and Hunt himself behind it. If this is what to expect out of Sam in 2020, we are excited and ready to see what he has in store for us!

Favorite Lyrics: “But I never felt shame, never felt sorry, never felt guilty touching your body. As long as you’re for me, as long as I’m for you; who could be against us, baby?”

Listen to ‘Sinning With You’ now: Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Layin’ It All Out With Brandon Lay

Brandon Lay has had a promising jumpstart to his career: he toured with big name Kenny Chesney on his Trip Around The Sun tour, had a couple singles hit country radio, and debuted at the Opry. To add a cherry on top, Lay and his wife welcomed their son Ryder, as well. We had a chance to chat with Brandon on his monumental 2018 and what’s to come in a hopeful 2019.

Brandon was named VEVO DSCVR ‘Artists To Watch,’ the only country artist nominated. He said that “it’s always cool to get those accolades and getting my music out there and use this platform to our advantage. With being the only country artist it was awesome to represent the genre in that capacity.” Lay accredits VEVO to shedding light on some of his songs that would have never saw the light if it weren’t for them.

Another huge platform for Brandon is SiriusXM satellite radio. He told us that many people discovered him through The Highway satellite station. Much like VEVO DSCVR, Lay has much appreciation for this radio streaming – “[The Highway] has a demographic of active country listeners… and they seem to be more likely to pay $10 to see me at a club in their hometown. So it’s really helped my career out.”

Aside from playing clubs in hometowns, Lay had the amazing opportunity to perform with mastermind Kenny Chesney on the 2018 Trip Around The Sun tour. When asked what that was like; Brandon said “it was definitely a learning experience and nobody is better at that forum than Kenny Chesney, not only on stage but off stage too. As a new artist, I wanted to get exposure and Kenny believed in me. It was a surreal summer and I hated that it had to come to an end.” Over the course of the five-month touring span, Brandon was able to take away something big; “when you’re a new artist people have never heard of, there is a lot pressure in trying to get them [the audience] to have a good time. I learned from Kenny how intimate his relationship is with his fans each and every night. And from that, I learned to be in the moment and give my best to the fans.”

Brandon also was welcomed into the legendary circle at the Opry in 2018 – a moment that every artist dreams of accomplishing. Lay was overwhelmed with emotions during his performance, for more reasons than one. He decided to top that important part of his career with the birth of his son, Ryder, just a few days before. “It was a lot! I’m all or nothing!” Lay laughed, “but it was really cool. I’m a believer and God has blessed me with a life way better than I deserve – and that was one of those moments where I felt that.” Congratulations, again, to Lay on both of these milestone accomplishments!

Brandon is working on a debut album, and fans can expect to hear a lot of story songs and live energy. “I got a bunch of songs that have been burnin’ a hole in my pocket that I’ve been waiting to release to the world,” and most of them will play off of honesty, who Brandon Lay is, and his attitude towards life. The process for writing a debut album vs. writing a debut single lies within the freedom that’s given. Lay is with Universal Music Group and he says that they have given him the artistic freedom to create however he wants to. He emphasized the fact that they haven’t tried to change anything, which for him is the best part. “You try to please everybody, but you don’t please everybody” is a statement that Lay reminds himself of as he’s creating new music. He acknowledges the adaptations needed to fit the bill, all while standing out.

He also has a European tour coming up this year, as well as playing at fairs and festivals starting around May. He says that this year of touring will much different than last year’s regimented, but exhilarating schedule with Kenny.

The main thing Lay wants out of 2019 is to gain more fans – one club at a time, one fair at a time. Brandon also wants everyone to join his email list because he’s sending out old demos, featuring a cut from one of Cole Swindell’s album. To stay up to date on all things Brandon Lay, follow him on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Brett Young: ‘Ticket To L.A.’ Album Review

Brett Young’s sophomore album is finally here! In what felt like a long, anticipated wait, Young makes his way back to the charts with ‘Ticket To L.A.’ In as many years as he has albums, Young takes control of his artistry in year two and took the time to define himself with his second album. The thirteen track record has all but three songs not co-written by Brett. With many repeat writers throughout, it’s safe to say Young has found his groove in his sound and style. Young also features the popular and well-known pop/soul singer Gavin DeGraw on a track. So let’s buckle up and get ready for this journey – we’ve got a front row seat with our ticket to L.A.!

1) ‘Ticket To L.A.’ Written by Brett Young, Zach Crowell, and Jon Nite

Impression: In this sweet sounding melody, Brett opens up his sophomore album subtle and pleasant. ‘Ticket To L.A.’ depicts Brett running into a beautiful girl waiting for her plane in JFK airport. He missed his plane to talk with her all night during her delay. He was saying everything to try and get her to stay, but in the end was unsuccessful. On a hopeful note, he does end up getting her number during the midst of this song’s killer instrumentals.

Favorite Lyrics: It was midnight in the middle of JFK. Trying to take her mind off the fallin’ rain, I was saying anything to make her laugh. Never wanted anything so bad…

2) ‘Here Tonight’ Written by Brett Young, Ben Caver, Justin Ebach, and Charles Kelley

Impression: In Young’s first release off the album, he hits the charts running with this delicious hit. Hints of sex-appeal underline this single, partnered with classic Brett Young tones. ‘Here Tonight’ defines the feeling of never wanting to leave your person, and wondering what would happen if you disappeared together.

Favorite Lyrics: We can just stay here in this minute, lose all track of time. Let the world spin on without us for a while…

3) ‘Catch’ Written by Brett Young, Ross Copperman, and Ashley Gorley

Impression: ‘Catch’ is bound to be one of Brett’s greatest songs in his repertoire. The theme of “catching” is present throughout the entire track when he encounters someone who unexpectedly caught his attention. What was expected to be a lowkey night with the boys, turned into his entire plans getting changed because of someone new. Young’s voice is ridiculously charming, but strong in this tune. The instrumentals sound Gavin DeGraw-esque with a twist of country.

Favorite Lyrics: I thought that I’d catch a buzz, catch a game, catch up with the boys, the same old thing. Catch a cab back to my place, then I saw your face…

4) ‘1,2,3 – Mississippi’ Written by Brett Young, Justin Ebach, and Jon Nite

Impression: ‘1,2,3 – Mississippi’ is classic country with the writers bringing to you sweet verses. In order to stop himself from falling hard for a girl, Young says he needs a “mississippi” timeout – meaning he needs time to breathe and take it in before jumping head first.

Favorite Lyrics: I’ma need a 1-2-3, Mississippi time-out right now ’cause I’m fallin’ too fast for you listenin’ to your life story on the hood of a ’64 Cadillac.

5) ‘Let It Be Mine’ Written by Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally, and Jon Nite

Impression: Song five is one to instantly capture the ears of many. The chorus encapsulates the listeners, with Young’s tender vocals taking us on a trip. With calming guitars riffs and soft drums, the listeners will want to turn to Young themselves after hearing these lyrics.  

Favorite Lyrics: If you need someone to call tonight, a place to crash and let your body fall tonight. If you’re lookin’ for a kiss to make it all alright…

6) ‘Where You Want Me’ Written by Brett Young, Jessie Jo Dillon, and Shane McAnally

Impression: Young taps into his versatility with this track when his R&B tendencies take hold. To go hand in hand with the melody, sensuality fills Young’s tone of voice. As a play on words, ‘Where You Want Me’ tells the story of a guy being exactly where the girl wants him to be – in the palm of her hand, however, she still does not want him.

Favorite Lyrics: You live and die by the chase and I can tell by that look there on your face, you look at love like a race and once you’ve won, you’re done.

7) ‘Used To Missin’ You’ Written by Brett Young, Jon Nite, and Jimmy Robbins

Impression: Young takes his listeners down the road of missing someone with this track. Reminiscing is the forefront theme, partnered with light and happy riffs – ironic right?  

Favorite Lyrics: No matter what I do, it just ain’t no use. I just can’t get used to missin’ you.

8) ‘Change Your Name’ Written by Ross Copperman, Matt Jenkins, and Jon Nite

Impression: Young does it again with a multi-genre song by bringing in little hints of John Mayer. It wouldn’t be a Brett Young album without his ballads – and this is going to be one of his best! We’re gonna let the title of this track speak for itself. Give it a listen, y’all.

Favorite Lyrics: I don’t wanna change who you are. I don’t wanna mess with your dreams or get in the way of who you wanna be. No, I, I won’t stop your runaway heart. I just wanna be why you stay…

9) ‘Chapters’ ft. Gavin DeGraw You Written by Brett Young, Ross Copperman, and Gavin DeGraw

Impression: Gavin DeGraw is someone that Young idolizes – so he jumped at the opportunity to work with him on his second album. From the beginning, the listener can tell that this is a piece of work that has DeGraw in it, from the lyrics all the way to the melody. However, Young places him stamp on it with his country twist when the two collaborated on this track. Their voices mesh together perfectly and we hope to see more of this combination in the future. ‘Chapters’ is reflective of Brett’s life and pays homage to where he comes from.

Favorite Lyrics: Truth is that we all got stories, gotta fail on your way to glory. Takes time tryna get it right, but every future has a past…

10) ‘The Ship And The Bottle’ Written by Nicolle Galyon, Chase McGill, and Jon Nite

Impression: ‘The Ship and The Bottle’ can be described as a sultry ballad that is similar to one that we would hear from Kenny Chesney. Young takes a beachier approach to this song, which is different than his usual Cali vibes. This track compares the metaphor of a ship being stuck in a bottle to a girl being held down by the guy she is with. The bottle (the guy) wants the ship (the girl), but all the bottle does is keep the ship from going the places it’s destined to go. In this genius songwriting, Young urges the girl “you just might have to break me” – meaning his heart, but metaphorically speaking he is talking about the glass of the bottle.

Favorite Lyrics: You just might have to break me to do what you’re meant to do. You’re the ship, I’m the bottle, and I can’t do that to you.

11) ‘Reason To Stay’ Written by Brett Young, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins, and Emily Warren

Impression: Pop and soulful sounds with a picture of happiness and warmth are brought to you in ‘Reason To Stay.’ Waking up in the morning next to the one you love makes leaving bed very difficult. Young highlights all the best parts of staying in bed together instead of doing the other things they have to do.

Favorite Lyrics: I really like the way your head fits on my shoulder. I hate the way the morning’s always trying to mess this up…

12) ‘Runnin’ Away From Home’ Written by Brett Young, Zach Crowell, and Hillary Lindsey

Impression: ‘Runnin’ Away From Home’ fits in perfectly with this album with its tender instrumentals. On the pursuit to try and find better, Young found himself running away from the one thing that felt like home – and he finds that he was crazy to ever turn away from it. This song can be seen as a reflective counterpart to his previous hit ‘You Ain’t Here To Kiss Me’ – which tells the true story of Young leaving his hometown, after not seeing or telling his girlfriend at the time that he had come home for the holidays.

Favorite Lyrics: I must’ve been crazy, trying to let you go. You were the only one thing my heart has ever known. You were the place I wanna lay my head, instead I’m layin’ down alone…

13) ‘Don’t Wanna Write This Song’ Written by Brett Young, Zach Crowell, and Sean McConnell

Impression: To close out his second album, Young chose to go with another slow ballad (‘Mercy’ closed his debut album). Delivered on this heartfelt track is Young’s voice cutting through the darkness with a solo piano – this is where Brett is at his absolute best as an artist. The pain is evident throughout the lyrics and its meaning behind it cuts deep. A small twist to what appears to be a song about a relationship that just faded to black, is actually about losing a partner or spouse. A small line towards the end of the song is the pivotal moment that solidifies this thought – see if you can find it!

Favorite Lyrics: A heart half full or half empty is half gone either way, with you gone. What went wrong?

We can count on Brett Young to play with our emotions and take them on a wild ride. He delivered an amazing sophomore album, and in the two years that he has been on the radar, he presents to us work compared to those who have been doing it for years. We’re excited for his future in country music. Keep the records coming, Brett. You’re killing it.

Kenny Chesney: ‘Song For The Saints’ Album Review

We know that Kenny Chesney has a love for New England, the birthplace of No Shoes Nation, like no other, despite being a Tennessee native. However, we also know that he has a love for the Virgin Islands, specifically Saint John, that runs deeper than most. It’s a place where he spends most of his off-season, and a place that he calls his second home. When Hurricane Irma hit the islands in 2017 and nearly destroyed everything, Kenny felt the brokenness that engulfed the ‘Saints.’ He decided to write about it to try and heal the wounds that were left upon the islands, the amazing souls who live there, and even the ones within himself. In an interview with Billboard, Chesney stated “I’ve spent the majority of my adult life walking those beaches and hanging out in those bars and writing songs. All of a sudden, it was a place that was… very broken.” ‘Songs For The Saints’ is Chesney’s 17th studio album, but probably his most heartfelt and reflective. In this 11 song album, he pays tribute to the lives lost and the beautiful spirit that lives within those islands.

If you believe music heals and rebuilds the human spirit, this has the potential to be one of the most important albums I’ve made.

1.) ‘Songs for the Saints’ – Written by Kenny Chesney, Tom Douglas, and Scooter Carusoe.
Impression: To open the charity album, Kenny goes with a gospel sounding intro. It features an acoustic guitar, paired with Kenny’s strong, yet somber voice. The chant-ridden single motivates the devastated people and it draws all the attention to the fact that this album will be based around the “saints” – standing for both the islands and the people that inhabit them.
Favorite Lyrics: We say we can when they say we can’t. See what it is when they see what it ain’t…

2.) ‘Every Heart’ – Written by Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.
Impression: Bringing his beachy vibes back, ‘Every Heart’ encompasses the steel guitars and drums that scream the sun and the sand. Chesney describes that every heart is an island – it will lead you back home, every time. He points out that most things in this life are based off of material things, except for the islands. They were created for us to admire and enjoy, much like resembling the heart of a person.
Favorite Lyrics: Tryin’ to find our way home and every tear is an ocean. We’re all brothers in a storm and we’re tryin’ to survive it…

3.) ‘Get Along’ – Written by Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne and Ross Copperman.
Impression: This song quickly became one of Kenny’s many No. 1 Billboard chart toppers. The single follows suit of Chesney’s song library with strong guitars cutting through the noise and a positive beat you can tap to. However, the whole song is set up as a call and response with a tribal, campfire feeling to it. Some can even say it resembles a little bit of John Mellencamp and older rock songs of that nature. It was the first single released off the album.
Favorite Lyrics: Met a man wearin’ a t-shirt, that says “Virginia is for lovers.” Had a Bible in his left hand and a bottle in the other. He says ‘All you’re really given is the sunshine and your name.’ We both started laughin’ when the sky started to rain.

4.) ‘Pirate Song’ – Written by Kenny Chesney and Jon Randall.
Impression: A strong guitar-filled intro takes hold of track four. ‘Pirate Song’ can be considered a song that embodies what Kenny feels while he is on his beloved island of Saint John. It describes the island life and what he yearns for year after year. Everything is much simpler there, and everything is at peace. Chesney says he wishes he was a pirate living under his own flag, out there on the ocean.
Favorite Lyrics: …Runnin’ for no reason and no reason to turn back. Salt and rum on my tongue, sails tattered and torn. Laughin’ in the devil’s face, ridin’ out a storm…

5.) ‘Love for Love City’ – Written by Kenny Chesney and Scooter Carusoe.
Impression: ‘Love for Love City’ was named after the foundation Chesney started in order to support to U.S. Virgin Islands during their time of turmoil after the hurricane. Ziggy Marley is featured on the song which adds the perfect island rhythm. The single expresses that all the love that the islands have given to others needs to be given back to the islands during this time. They are a home, a healer, and a heaven to most. Fans can expect a complete island vibe to this track.
Favorite Lyrics: My healer, my heaven, my home. The day that I found you, my burdens were gone…

6.) ‘Ends of the Earth’ – Written by Ben Schneider.
Impression: ‘Ends of the Earth’ is composed in a way that is resemblant of his smash hit ‘Somewhere With You’. It cuts deep into the listeners soul, and the strong instrumentals capture your attention. This song urges someone to travel out to the unknown and explore all the beauties that this Earth has to offer. Staying stagnant in one place is not what this life was meant to be – adventure to the islands and get lost in their danger and serenity.
Favorite Lyrics: I was a-ready to die for you, baby, doesn’t mean I’m ready to stay. What good is livin’ a life you’ve been given if all you do is stand in one place…

7.) ‘Gulf Moon’ – Written by John Baumann.
Impression: This song is reminiscent of the dive bars that line the island, the special stops that mark the piers, and all the people that filter in and out of the island’s best spots. All of these places are highlighted by the gulf moon that illuminates the sky. You can always count on it to be there, watching from above.
Favorite Lyrics: With a glass half-full of Jameson, well, I was born to croon. I might as well, ‘neath the gulf moon…

8.) ‘Island Rain’ – Written by Kenny Chesney and Mac McAnally.
Impression: Track 8 brings a much more upbeat tempo to the serious, reflective album. It has soft rocker tendencies with hints of Tom Petty underlying. This song is about the healing powers the island rains have on a soul.
Favorite Lyrics: Maybe what you have ain’t what you wanted, where you are ain’t where you wanna be. Maybe you feel tied down, maybe somethin’s gonna come around, to set you free…

9.) ‘Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season’ – Written by Jimmy Buffett.
Impression: Two of country music’s most iconic beach singers collaborate on this track that is the embodiment of island time. This song was originally written and cut by the great Jimmy Buffett, but Chesney later covered it for this album with Buffett as a feature. The name is absolutely fitting for this occasion, and these two island men coming together to stand behind some of the most beautiful islands is extremely respective.
Favorite Lyrics: Somethin’ about a Sunday, it’s the most peculiar gray. Strollin’ down the avenue…

10.) ‘We’re All Here’ – Written by Kenny Chesney, Casey Beathard, and David Lee Murphy.
Impression: Another happy tune adds life to this album. This song explains that everyone on the islands are all there because maybe they all “aren’t there.” They all have a few screws loose, came on a whim or a prayer, and all have scars that make them who they are. These are the island people, and they’re all here.
Favorite Lyrics: We ain’t closin’ down anytime soon. If you wanna come howl at the moon, we can always make a little more room.

11.) ‘Better Boat’ – Written by Travis Meadows, and Liz Rose.
Impression: The last song of the album is a very relaxing one at that. It features the lovely Mindy Smith and her angelic back up vocals enhance the track’s calmness. The final song signifies the rebuilding of the islands and their people. What they have been through only makes them stronger, even if they can’t see it right away.
Favorite Lyrics: What ain’t workin’, what’s still hurtin’, all the things I feel like cussin’ out. Now and then I let it go, I ride the waves I can’t control…

Kenny Chesney’s ‘Song For the Saints’ is out everywhere now! If you’d like to donate to his charity “Love for Love City” you can do so here: https://loveforlovecity.org.

Luke Combs: ‘This One’s For You Too’ Review

Luke Combs has taken the country music industry by storm – perhaps by hurricane? The singer/songwriter continues to produce Number One hits, release-after-release. Maybe you’ve heard his No. 1’s- ‘Hurricane,’ ‘When It Rains It Pours,’ and his latest ‘One Number Away.’ Combs teases his fans over social media with acoustic videos of the countless songs that he writes or covers, leaving them completely enticed and wanting more. Well, he takes his fans’ wants/demands very seriously. He delivered a deluxe version of his first studio album ‘This One’s For You’ with five new songs titled ‘This One’s For You Too.’ Fans have been going crazy – perhaps beautifully crazy – over these new songs and we COMPLETELY understand why.

1.) ‘Houston, We Got A Problem’ – Written by Luke Combs, Randy Montana, and Jonathan Singleton.
Impression: This is for sure going to be another No.1 single from Combs, hands down. The fluidity of Luke’s voice paired with the hard rock guitars is so powerful you can’t help but get absorbed by the sound. The chorus is pure gold that embodies the new modern country concept, while still maintaining the twang and burl in his voice that represents the bluegrass side. Y’all need to listen to this immediately.
Favorite Lyrics: But I still feel like I landed on the moon, ’cause it ain’t got you. Houston, we got a problem

2.) ‘Must’ve Never Met You’ – Written by Luke Combs, Robert Williford, and Jonathan Singleton.
Impression: This is the perfect song about losing your soulmate and not being able to find that love again. In typical Luke fashion, the rock guitars and slamming verses keep the mood of the song rather rebellious instead of sad. He incorporates the cliche sayings such as “the grass is greener on the other side,” “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and “time heals everything” to show his frustration in the things he is feeling.
Favorite Lyrics: And whoever said that “time heals everything and everything will be alright,” whoever said “it ain’t the end of the world and you’ll find somebody new” must’ve never met you…

3.) ‘Beautiful Crazy’ – Written by Luke Combs, Robert Williford, and Wyatt B. Durrette.
Impression: In the new Luke Combs sensation hit, the burly singer/songwriter slows it down a few notches and takes to a more acoustic guitar approach for this amazing ballad. Girls are swooning over this song because it takes on a whole new form of adoring your girl. The single highlights his voice in the best way possible and displays how versatile he can be. This single is on its way to becoming another No. 1 for him, as it sits at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.
Favorite Lyrics: When she gets that “come get me” look in her eye, well it kinda scares me the way that she drives me wild…

4.) ‘A Long Way’ – Written by Luke Combs, Larry McCoy, and Sam Grayson.
Impression: ‘A Long Way’ is reminiscent of the “good ole days.” Things seemed to last much longer and off of very little effort back in the day. It didn’t take much to have a good time and make the memories last. Combs does it again with another strong country-rock song that will make you want to jam out to it.
Favorite Lyrics: Back when things seemed just a little bit stronger. Back when the weekend lasted a little longer. I can’t tell you why they did, things seemed to never end back then…

5.) ‘She Got the Best of Me’ – Written by Luke Combs, Rob Snyder, and Channing Wilson.
Impression: In a different version than the acoustic one he released in 2016 off of the ‘Can I Get An Outlaw’ EP, Combs revisits this popular hit on his deluxe album. Luke writes about a heartbreak and how he deals with the pain through his music. His guitar takes the abuse and his fans listen to him pour his heart out about it. It has a much faster tempo, filled with rocker tendencies.
Favorite Lyrics: So you jump right in, ain’t afraid to fall and you give it all. She got the best of me, she broke my heart

If you don’t take the time to listen to Luke Combs’ five new songs off of his deluxe album, then Houston, we got a problem. Ok, seriously with all Luke Combs’ puns aside, this artist is definitely on his way to absolute stardom. We predict he will be selling out headlining shows, this time next year. Until then, keep your eye on him and the charts to watch his music to continue to climb.

Sam Hunt: ‘Downtown’s Dead’ Single Review

Sam Hunt had taken a self-imposed break from music after producing his smash hit ‘Body Like A Back Road’ over a year ago. The single was the first taste of Sam’s sophomore year in his artistry after his well-loved debut album ‘Montevallo. The song did not disappoint fans, as it spent 34 weeks at the top of the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart – marking an all-time record. Now, fifteen months later, Hunt steps back onto the scene with his new single ‘Downtown’s Dead’ – a much anticipated wait.

Hunt had set the tone for his new single with a series of Instagram posts. After wiping clean his entire account, the singer/songwriter solely focused on marketing his new song with pictures of what appears to be a Spanish inspired town. Warm tones, desert vibes, and desolation are prominent throughout, leaving fans up for interpretation.

To open the single, an eerie Latin sounding guitar cuts through the noise with hints of hip-hop background vocals. As part of Sam’s repertoire, his vibrant and upbeat vocals capture the listener and takes them on a distinct – and catchy – journey. With country/pop crossover styled music, ‘Downtown’s Dead’ depicts the story of a girl leaving, presumably the “life of the party,” and now nothing seems alive without her. Despite being in the midst of clubs with strobe lights and house music, the feeling of emptiness is depicted with the lines everywhere I go looks like the place to be I see people that I know and I feel like there’s no one here but me.”

‘Downtown’s Dead’ is written by Hunt, Shane McAnally, Zach Crowell, and Josh Osborne – the same team that co-wrote his Grammy-nominated ‘Body Like A Back Road’ and much of his album ‘Montevallo.’ It’s safe to say this band of writers work well with Hunt and continue to produce chart-toppers. And we can predict this new single will follow suit. Sam Hunt released this new single just in time for summer – which will be an automatic download and playlist appearance after just once listen. The chorus is hauntingly catchy and the flow of the music will make you want to put it on repeat, without even realizing.

You can see Sam Hunt perform this new song live at his two stops in New England this summer: June 29th at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, CT and on July 6th at Fenway Park in Boston, MA.

Favorite Lyrics: Then Friday night it might as well be just another Tuesday night without you as long as you’re still in my head…

Scotty McCreery: ‘Seasons Change’ Album Review

The wait is over! Scotty McCreery has finally released his album ‘Seasons Change’ (on March 16th) – his first album in nearly five years. McCreery is a co-writer on the entire album, which is something he was very excited about. When we spoke to him last May, he shed some insight on what was to become ‘Seasons Change.’ “I think it makes it more personal and makes it sound like what I like my music to sound like. There’s something different about writing a song yourself,” he said, “It’s about what you were thinking that day and you write it the way you want it to be written.” With many of the same co-writers, there is much fluidity throughout Scotty’s stories. The entire album tells the narrative of his life, piece by piece.

1.) ‘Seasons Change’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, James McNair, and Tommy Cecil
Impression: The album opens with the sound of rain and thunder, with a muffled radio playing Scotty’s voice in the background – what a way to grab the attention of your audience with the first track! The title track is a definite summer song with happy vibes and riffs. The song defines getting over the obstacles in life just as quickly as the seasons change. Even when you think you can’t get make it through, just remember seasons change, and so do hard times. This song is a testament to all the big changes Scotty has endured over the course of his career, and he is embracing every one of them, just like he does when the seasons change.
Favorite Lyrics: Wintertime, springtime, summertime, fall. Good times, bad times, been through them all…

2.) ‘Wherever You Are’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, and Dan Isbell
Impression: McCreery shows off some of his higher notes in ‘Wherever You Are.’ Yearning to be with the one you love and doing whatever it takes to do so is the main theme of this song. Another lighthearted melody with the usual catchy Scotty lyrics.
Favorite Lyrics: Enough of this damn being apart. I’ll fill up a tank or buy me a ticket, whatever it takes you know I’m with it.

3.) ‘Boys From Back Home’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, Dan Isbell, and Jason Gantt
Impression: ‘Boys From Back Home’ pays homage to McCreery’s friends and hometown activities. With many similarities to Kenny Chesney’s ‘I Go Back,’ the writers of this song hit home with reminiscing on the good times you had with your friends. This song is a classic McCreery song and gets you hooked within the first 30 seconds of listening.
Favorite Lyrics: And I go back in time to those October nights. And when I hear that song it don’t feel too long since things changed and life moved on…

4.) ‘Five More Minutes’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, Monty Criswell and Frank Rogers
Impression: The recent Number One plays out scenarios where people wish time would stop and allow them to get just “five more minutes” in that moment. In an interview with NECM last May, Scotty said, “you know, I didn’t really know what to expect. But it’s definitely the best response I’ve ever got from a song I’ve put out there. I knew it was a special song the day I wrote it. It’s my favorite song I’ve ever written.” McCreery actually debuted the song in 2016 at his memorable performance at the Grand Ole Opry. Scotty informed us,“I wrote it for my granddaddy. But then it took on the meaning of more than just life in general and just granddaddy. It’s talking about those moments in your life when you’re young and don’t have a care in the world.”
Favorite Lyrics: At eighty-six my grandpa said there’s angels in the room. With all the family gathered ’round, we knew that time was coming soon. With so much left to say I prayed ‘Lord I ain’t finished, just give us five more minutes.’

5.) ‘In Between’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, Jessi Alexander, and Jonathan Singleton
Impression: ‘In Between’ could possibly be Scotty’s way of describing himself. He’s “a little bit of ball cap, little bit of pearl snap button down shirt” or between a “Friday night wild and quiet Sunday morning, between done after one and keep on pouring.” Rocking guitars take hold of this song, with a small intermission that you can drum to.
Favorite Lyrics: I can see your pretty eyes reading me like a map, wondering who I am and where I’m at.

6.) ‘This Is It’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers and Aaron Eshuis
Impression: ‘This Is It’ is one of the cutest songs by Scotty. This song paints the journey McCreery and his girlfriend, Gabi Dugal, went on during his proposal to her. It tells the story from his perspective and serves as a reflection of that moment and all the ones leading up to it. This is the classic Scotty that girls swoon over him for.
Favorite Lyrics: Now you’re walking down the aisle, and I can’t help but smile. This is it, this is now, it’s what I’ve been talking ‘bout. Looking out, I can see forever…

7.) ‘Wrong Again’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, and Phillip White
Impression: ‘Wrong Again’ is quite possibly the best song of the album. Assuming it is telling the story of how McCreery and his long-time girlfriend met – he thought it would never turn into anything serious, but here she is still sitting there with her hand in his. With short and simple verses and long catchy choruses, this song is undeniably catchy and, as a disclaimer, listeners should be warned that it will get stuck in their head after the first listen!
Favorite Lyrics: I just knew there was nothing to it, just me and you until we just burned out. Wrong again…

8.) ‘Move It On Out’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, Dan Isbell, and Aaron Eshuis
Impression: ‘Move It On Out’ resembles much of Scotty’s earlier days and his single ‘Feelin’ It.’ With the same kind of tempo, rhythm, and syntax of the lyrics, you get the same chillin’ it vibe. This single is about feeling the bliss of starting a new chapter of your life.
Favorite Lyrics: Summertime’s a wastin. Girl, grab your things and let’s fire up the truck. You got me dying to see what’s hiding underneath that damned old cover-up.

9.) ‘Barefootin’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, and David Lee Murphy
Impression: Twangy, old, country guitars accompanied with brass horns introduce Scotty through the noise with his low baritone on what appears to be a 90s styled track. ‘Barefootin’ brings you to a moonlit and fire light beach scene in your mind of two people dancing barefoot to this song. It’s very light, carefree, simple and easy. Another great song of this album.
Favorite Lyrics: Let’s do some barefootin’, come on good looking, kick off them shoes, let’s make tonight a good one…

10.) ‘Still’ – Written by Scotty McCreery and Aaron Eshuis
Impression: Track 10 is about treasuring the moment of finding your soulmate. Fans are used to slow Scotty love songs, however, this one will most definitely catch the heart and ears of many with its twist sonically. With a much more swaying tone and beat, McCreery’s lyrics will be hook-line-and-sinker for its listeners. ‘Still’ has a way of cutting deep into the souls of the listeners and will for sure be wedding song in the near future.
Favorite Lyrics: Every day changes but it doesn’t change the way you make me smile when you say my name. And when you laugh, it makes me laugh. And when you cry, it makes me cry. Yeah like it did back then, when we were just beginning, and girl it always will. I want you, I need you, still.

11.) ‘Home In My Mind’ – Written by Scotty McCreery, James McNair, and Tommy Cecil
Impression: The final track of the album dives into the bittersweet feeling of being homesick while on this crazy journey called life. For Scotty, it is being out on the road pursuing his dream. However, he may be 1,000 miles away from where he wants to be, the images in his mind help him cope with whatever he’s feeling and provides him relief.
Favorite Lyrics: When I’m fighting off the lonely just needing you to hold me, hung up in a hotel, there ain’t no telling girl where I’m at. But baby I’m coming back…

For all you McCreerians that have been waiting for this release, it’s finally here! Y’all need to check out the new and improved, and matured sound of Scotty McCreery on his album that retraces his steps through life and the big changes he has undergone. It has multiple tracks that can be potential future releases. If you’re big into storytelling albums, then this one is for you. Welcome back, Scotty. We missed you!

You can purchase Seasons Change’  on iTunes here.