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Muscadine Bloodline: ‘Can’t Tell You No’ Single Review

Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton together make Muscadine Bloodline.  A name that stems from their Southern roots and their love of music. Although they both grew up in Mobile, Alabama and pursued their passion of music, they didn’t become a duo until 2016.  In 2017, they debuted their first self titled EP and have been writing songs that you can relate to ever since. ‘Can’t Tell You No,’ released in early March, is the most recent single off their soon to be released second EP.  The guys shared that ‘Can’t Tell You No’ is their take on ‘a swanky, sexy, love song.’

While ‘Can’t Tell You No’ has a different vibe than most, it still tells a story. Stanton and Muncaster tell us how much they’d do for love.  Whether it’s cancelling plans with friends, watching The Bachelor, even though it’s The Bachelor, or dancing, although they have two left feet, it’s no problem.  Love will cause them to do whatever she wants to do, listen to whatever she wants to listen to and go wherever she wants to go because they just can’t say no.

There new EP,’Movin’ On,’ is set to be released on April 27th however, if you are headed to Tortuga Fest this weekend, keep an eye out for this duo. They will be taking the stage on Sunday and fingers crossed, they will play ‘Can’t Tell You No’ for you! If you are aren’t part of the lucky few who will be on the beach this weekend, give it a listen here!

Their songwriting is inspiring but their R. Kelly and Adele covers are pretty entertaining as well, check them out now!

Favorite Lyric: I can tell you, who’s left standing on the bachelor, oh I can tell you that there’ll be laughter from my buddies making fun of me.

Kelsea Ballerini: ‘I Hate Love Songs’ Single Review

Kelsea Ballerini has lit up the charts before with her chart-topping songs. They ‘were golden, they were fire, they were magic’ – catch the connection there? *Insert ‘Legends’ playing in the background.* Well she’s about to do it again with her recently released single ‘I Hate Love Songs’ from her sophomore album ‘Unapologetically.”

Ballerini’s new single has a lullaby feel to it with calming guitars and riffs that take your mind to another place. It takes a twist on the traditional love song. This ballad that she wrote with Shane McAnally and Old Dominion’s Trevor Rosen, is as groovy as it is sweet. Despite the title, the song is covered in odes to being in love. It’s a tribute to meeting someone unexpectedly, or unapologetically, and you like that it’s gonna happen but hate it at the same time.

‘I Hate Love Songs’ touches upon all the old cliches of being in love and Valentine’s Day – Shakespeare, Ryan Gosling, catching bouquets, letterman jackets, kissing in the rain and roses (‘that die in a week.’) The list goes on and on throughout the 3:11 song. However, Ballerini adds in the emotional factor in the chorus by adding ‘I hate love songs. Yeah I really do. I hate love songs, but I love you.’ She also defines her love (for now husband Morgan Evans) in this one line of the song – the only lovey-dovey line: ‘And I’ll always love you but I don’t have to sing it. ‘For worse or for better’ don’t rhyme. They say I got the right one so now I should write one, but I’d rather just show you tonight.’

Throughout the whole song the tempo is upbeat and the chorus will for sure get stuck in your head as it’s catchiness is contagious. It is an undeniable attest to being in love and has a sweetness behind it’s truth. I mean honestly, glittery cards, cupid, and heart shaped tattoos are totally corny. However, this song is the best counteraction to them all! Kelsea’s voice is displayed in the best way possible, especially on the last verse of the song when her voice cuts through the noise. Her sound is matured and carries a different tone than her other songs.

If you haven’t heard this new song, I highly recommend checking it out as soon as possible- we have no doubt this will be on the top of the country charts in no time! And while you’re at it, check out Kelsea’s album that features singles ‘Legends’ and the title-track, ‘Unapologetically.’

Favorite Lyrics: We were drunk when we met so we don’t know our anniversary, whoops. Oh, and I’m far too vain to kiss in the rain. The clouds, they aren’t numbered to nine…