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NECM’s WCW Spotlight: Kelsea Ballerini

We, at New England Country Music, are continuing our series spotlighting women in country music. While the acronym WCW, standing for ‘Women Crush Wednesday,’ is often used for physical attraction, that is not the case here. This series will feature talented women who are crushing it in country music.

This week we’re featuring Kelsea Ballerini, a twenty-five-year-old country/pop singer and songwriter from Knoxville, TN. Growing up as an only child, Ballerini spent her younger days dancing at a local dance studio and singing in the church choir. When she was a little girl, she was influenced by pop sensations like Britney Spears and NSYNC. It wasn’t until later that she discovered country music and gained an appreciation for artists like Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, and Alison Krauss. Kelsea Ballerini wrote her first song when she was only twelve years old. A few years later, she moved the two and a half hours away from home, to Nashville.

When she was nineteen, Ballerini signed with Black River Entertainment. Her music career kicked off with the release of her EP, ‘Kelsea Ballerini.’ Six months later, she dropped her first full length album, ‘The First Time.’ Her debut single released from this album, ‘Love Me Like You Mean It,’ made it to Number One on the Billboard Country Airplay Chart. Having a debut single reach Number One was quite an accomplishment, as Carrie Underwood is the only other solo, female country artist to do so. The album’s second single, ‘Dibs,’ also reached Number One on the Country Airplay Chart. The third single to be released was ‘Peter Pan,’ and it too, reached Number One. Having three singles reach Number One was quite remarkable. In fact, Ballerini was the first female, solo country artist to do this since Wynonna Judd in 1992. And to top this off, she wrote all three of these Number One hits. That’s something not even Judd can say. In November of 2017, Ballerini released her second album, ‘Unapologetically.’ This album went on to get a GRAMMY nomination for Best Country Album at the 61st annual GRAMMY Awards.

Just this month, Ballerini was asked to join the Grande Ole Opry. She was singing a duet with Little Big Town, when the group cleverly changed the lyrics to ‘Girl Crush’ and surprised Ballerini, mid-song, by singing “Kelsea Ballerini – Want to join the Opry?” She’ll be formally inducted in April, making her the youngest current member of the long-time running show. She told the Associated Press: “The Grand Ole Opry, playing it was the first step. And then joining has been the next step. That’s been on the goal list ever since I played it the first time. And I guess I get to check that off now.” Here’s a little glimpse from that memorable night:

The sky is the limit for Kelsea Ballerini. Not only has she has been asked to join the Opry, she has also been chosen as one of CMT’s Next Women of Country. And she has been talked about quite a bit over the years. She was named the “The Country Sweetheart” by People Magazine, “Country’s Next Queen” by Billboard Magazine, and “The Nashville It Girl” by Rolling Stone Magazine.

This “Nashville It Girl” is married to Morgan Evans, a country singer from ‘down under.’ Life on the road leads to crazy schedules and that means they are not able to kick back and relax together as often as they would like. When Kelsea Ballerini does have some free time and is home in Nashville, you might catch her at some of her favorite spots: hanging out at songwriter’s nights at The Bluebird and The Listening Room, eating sushi at Virago, shopping at the trendy boutique Posh, or grabbing a drink at Patterson House.

Kelsea Ballerini will be on the Miss Me More Tour starting in April 2019. We’re sad to say that there are currently no New England dates on the schedule.

Be sure to download ‘I Hate Love Songs’ from her album ‘Unapologetically’ on iTunes here.

You can stay connected with Kelsea Ballerini by following her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Stay tuned for our next installment of WCW in country music. It is set to hit our page on Wednesday, April 10th.

Kelsea Ballerini: ‘I Hate Love Songs’ Single Review

Kelsea Ballerini has lit up the charts before with her chart-topping songs. They ‘were golden, they were fire, they were magic’ – catch the connection there? *Insert ‘Legends’ playing in the background.* Well she’s about to do it again with her recently released single ‘I Hate Love Songs’ from her sophomore album ‘Unapologetically.”

Ballerini’s new single has a lullaby feel to it with calming guitars and riffs that take your mind to another place. It takes a twist on the traditional love song. This ballad that she wrote with Shane McAnally and Old Dominion’s Trevor Rosen, is as groovy as it is sweet. Despite the title, the song is covered in odes to being in love. It’s a tribute to meeting someone unexpectedly, or unapologetically, and you like that it’s gonna happen but hate it at the same time.

‘I Hate Love Songs’ touches upon all the old cliches of being in love and Valentine’s Day – Shakespeare, Ryan Gosling, catching bouquets, letterman jackets, kissing in the rain and roses (‘that die in a week.’) The list goes on and on throughout the 3:11 song. However, Ballerini adds in the emotional factor in the chorus by adding ‘I hate love songs. Yeah I really do. I hate love songs, but I love you.’ She also defines her love (for now husband Morgan Evans) in this one line of the song – the only lovey-dovey line: ‘And I’ll always love you but I don’t have to sing it. ‘For worse or for better’ don’t rhyme. They say I got the right one so now I should write one, but I’d rather just show you tonight.’

Throughout the whole song the tempo is upbeat and the chorus will for sure get stuck in your head as it’s catchiness is contagious. It is an undeniable attest to being in love and has a sweetness behind it’s truth. I mean honestly, glittery cards, cupid, and heart shaped tattoos are totally corny. However, this song is the best counteraction to them all! Kelsea’s voice is displayed in the best way possible, especially on the last verse of the song when her voice cuts through the noise. Her sound is matured and carries a different tone than her other songs.

If you haven’t heard this new song, I highly recommend checking it out as soon as possible- we have no doubt this will be on the top of the country charts in no time! And while you’re at it, check out Kelsea’s album that features singles ‘Legends’ and the title-track, ‘Unapologetically.’

Favorite Lyrics: We were drunk when we met so we don’t know our anniversary, whoops. Oh, and I’m far too vain to kiss in the rain. The clouds, they aren’t numbered to nine…