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Granger Smith: ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads’ Review

In his new single, ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads,’ Granger Smith takes us on an emotional journey of self-discovery and healing. As we ride along through beautifully textured descriptions of a winding country road, we can’t help but reflect on the influence behind the lyrics. This song is Smith’s first release since the tragic death of his three-year-old son, River, five months ago. His message of finding serenity, even while enduring unimaginable heartbreak, is truly inspired.

On October 24th, Granger took to social media to announce the release. His statement was raw and honest. Smith spoke candidly about his loss, about anxiety, and about finding what truly matters. He was sure to stress that music matters to him. He pointed to the fact that it matters so much because it highlights all of the important events and people in life. And while Granger says this single isn’t about River, it certainly pays homage to him. 

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I’ve been sitting here watching the cursor blink trying to figure out how to tell you about this. Earlier this year, I promised one song per month and I gave you one in March, April and May. My life changed forever in June and needless to say, I apathetically derailed any career plans and goals. Things I used to think mattered, just didn’t anymore, and other things mattered more than ever. It was almost like some kind of enlightenment where my life filter disappeared revealing only what mattered in full clarity. I never considered leaving music, (that’s hardwired into me and non-removable) but I did decide to change the way I approached the never-ending anxiety of this business. If you see me on tour, or hear new music, know this: it matters to me. Or makes me smile, or makes me think of my dad, or my little red headed boy. Or my wife, kids, momma, friends, struggles and triumphs. But…wait…isn’t that what country music is supposed to be about? . I have a new song coming out tomorrow, 10/25. It’s not about Riv, although I did weave him into the lyrics in the 2nd verse, but it’s special to me. It’s about finding peace. Finding yourself. Finding God on a road that’s rough around the edges just like us. It’s about that rural sanctuary we all know so well behind a pair of headlights, a steering wheel and your heavy thoughts. It’s called “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads.” . That’s the cover of the song in this picture, and if you zoom in, there’s so much detail, so many hidden gems that you probably won’t even find all the references at first. Even if you don’t understand any of the hidden meanings, it’s just a cool picture of a dirt road following the river up a beautiful mountain. Can’t wait for y’all to hear the song. I hope it brings you the same peace that it has for me.

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Just like Smith’s announcement, ‘That’s Why I love Dirt Roads’ is as uplifting as it is somber. The rapid tempo, paired with poignant lyrics, will stir the soul of every listener. Smith sings of being delivered from the fast-paced highways to the dirt roads that slow down life. Here, he’s given pause to reflect on his memories, on his faith, and on the freedom found in taking the road less travelled. Smith relates that it’s on these dirt roads that he feels a piece of heaven. When he says, ‘out here in the quiet, I know you hear me. The stars are smiling. I feel you near me,” we can imagine he’s in the presence of his late son. While the road is slower, longer, and rougher than the highways, he appreciates the journey of finding his way home again.

‘That’s Why I love Dirt Roads’ is sure to become a fast hit, not only because of its catchy tune, but more so, the message behind it. While Granger Smith may be suffering the most inconceivable pain, he’s proven that we can still travel forth by the means of what we love most. Because of him, we’ve fallen in love with dirt roads too! 

Also, be sure to check out the gorgeous artwork that accompanies this track. It’s rife with hidden gems. Just take a closer look at the mountains! 

Favorite Lyrics: Sometimes they’re beat up and broken, scattered and tossed in the breeze. But no matter their scars, it don’t change what they are. That sounds a little like me.

You can listen to his new single here.