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Ryan Hurd: ‘To a T’ Single Review

If you didn’t know the name before, hopefully you do by now. 2019 will be an exciting year for one of our personal favorite singer songwriters, Ryan Hurd. This Michigan native kicked off 2019 with all of his current tour stops sold out and two new singles on the radio. We are waiting to see where else he will stop on his tour but in the meantime, we can’t stop listening to his most recent single to be released, ‘To a T.’

Hurd’s newly debuted ‘To a T’ was co-written with Laura Veltz and Nathan Spicer as a follow up to ‘Diamonds or Twine’ which was a wedding gift to his talented wife, Maren Morris. You can check out that review here.  Not only is Morris a muse for her husband but she sings the harmonies on his most recent track.

Hurd is pulling at our heart strings yet again with these intimate lyrics. Take off your makeup, nobody’s around it’s you and me, girl, just let your guard down starts off this sexy song. Stripped down to basics, a t-shirt, white sheets and red wine, how much more vulnerable can you get?

Hurd’s talking about how well he’s figured her out, he knows what she needs and how comfortable she must be to let her guard down and close her eyes. He declares his love with I got you down to a T.

We are impatiently waiting for Hurd’s highly anticipated debut album coming out this year. Stay tuned as you won’t want to miss this one.

Favorite Lyrics: Stay here ’til sunrise, I wanna know you like it’s the last time I’ll ever hold you