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Brett Eldredge Brings the Beat of the Music to the Melody Tent

Deafening. Wild. Fun. Hot.

Those are just a few words to sum up the show Brett Eldredge put on at the Cape Cod Melody Tent last Friday. This venue is always such a treat to see concerts at, and seeing one of country music’s heartthrobs do his thing there was unbelievable. 

The night started out electric – with a sold out capacity crowd waiting for Brett to take the rotating stage. He entered the tent to his 2015 #1 song on Billboard charts ‘Lose My Mind.’ The tent was filled with loudening cheers. “Oh man, back to the Melody Tent y’all! And it feels so good!” Brett kept the pace rolling with his 2017 song ‘Something I’m Good At’ and 2012 #1 hit ‘Don’t Ya.’ He took the time to thank the crowd for their attendance: “thank you for selling this place out tonight, this place feels alive!”

To slow things down just a hair, Brett and company played ‘Love Someone.’ Eldredge had to take another pause to embrace his audience because of their intensity: “we played here about a year ago and y’all showed up and now y’all damn showed up AGAIN. This is crazy!” The fans that filled the Melody Tent were so happy Brett was there. The applause and cheers were nothing shy of loud, and every word to Eldredge’s music was sung along with him. ‘The Reason’ with a transition into ‘I Got Sunshine’ was a great way to break the energy. At this time, his band exited the stage, and Brett and his pianist were the only ones left.

By this time, Brett is dripping sweat from his performance and the humidity that was under the tent. For being on a rotating stage, he knew how to work every side of it – visiting the fans that his back was to. Brett took the time to get personal with the crowd and sing his song ‘Raymond’ which is about his grandmother who had Alzheimer’s Disease. He explained that this song helped him cope with her illness. 

After intently listening to this song that pulled the heart-strings, an acoustic version of ‘The Long Way’ came around to lighten the mood. The band re-entered the stage and Brett’s cover of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ filled the air. ‘Heartbreaker,’ ‘Drunk On Your Love,’ and ‘Time Well Spent’ played into one another right after. 

‘Mean To Me’ accompanied by phone lights, or “fireflies” as Brett calls them gripped the audience. Eldredge’s upbeat rocker song ‘Fire’ picked the pace right back up, followed by his 2016 single ‘Wanna Be That Song.’ At this time of night, Brett and his band left the stage, leaving the fans desperately wanting more. The cheers were deafening, pleading for Brett to come back. 

He fulfilled their wishes and hopped back on stage. Brett took a few minutes to sit there and take in the insane cheering, while continuously mouthing “Man! Wow!” in awe of their noise. He and his pianist played ‘One Mississippi’ and then welcomed the rest of the band. ‘Beat of the Music’ – his number one single closed out the show. Brett had to do one last thing for his fans, so he jumped off the stage and ran through the aisles, finishing his set out there.

Brett Eldredge put on an amazing show from start to finish. He knows how to work the crowd and he is truly appreciative of the energy his fans bring to every show. Brett never stopped during the two hour performance. If you haven’t seen him yet, we highly recommend seeing him soon!

Brett Eldredge Experiences Full Circle Moment in Connecticut

Mohegan Sun is one of our favorite places to visit in New England- sure the gaming is fun (but that gets expensive) and the dining is out of this world but one of the best things about Mohegan Sun are the concerts. With two popular venues inside the resort, it’s a popular place for concert fans to come to. There’s the Wolf Den which is in the middle of the casino floor which offers free shows for fans 21+ with all different levels of talent and of course the 10,000 seat arena where you can see superstars like Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean and more.

Many artists who come up this way in the early years of their career play the Wolf Den. If you’ve ever gotten the chance to walk downstairs to the artist dressing rooms, the walls are littered with signatures of everyone who has played there- and we can attest that there are some big names on those walls.

And with these two venues, comes the opportunity for a full circle moment. Something that country star Brett Eldredge got to experience this past weekend when he stopped at Mohegan to headline the arena.

He posted the below photo to his social media platforms, writing, “5 years ago we played a 300 person venue outside of this arena called the The Wolf Den…after the show on the little stage, I snuck in the arena to check it out…it was huge…I thought to myself how crazy it would be to get to play here one day! Last night, you all SOLD OUT the entire arena! As you can see, the excitement had me LEVITATING! God I love ya! Thank you

What a cool moment for country music fans in New England to be part of! And Brett isn’t the first country artist to recently experience this either! Cole Swindell played to a capacity crowd in the Wolf Den in November of 2015 and returned earlier this year to headline the arena as well!

Were you there this weekend to see Brett in the arena? Were you at his Wolf Den show 5 years ago? Were you there for both!? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter posts!