Scotty McCreery Talks Idol, ‘Southern Belle,’ Patriots and More!

During the 10th season of American Idol, the world was introduced to a 17 year-old singer from North Carolina. This young man would soon take the world by storm, ultimately winning the competition. That artist was Scotty McCreery. Since then, Scotty has accomplished a number of things including three albums and several awards including two American Country Awards, an Academy of Country Music Award, and even a CMT Music Award. It’s safe to say that Idol was the biggest spark in igniting Scotty McCreery’s journey to country music stardom.

Outside of Carrie Underwood, Scotty is arguably the most successful country artist to come from American Idol. And as an American Idol champion, it is definitely tough for Scotty to see the show in its farewell season. But he is very appreciative for what the show did for him. He says, “The show definitely changed my life for the better. Music has always been my passion and it gave me the platform to do music for a career. And I think that’s the case for everyone that has been on the show, even those who didn’t win. It’s sad to see it go. Idol has had a huge impact on pop culture as a whole for the last 15 years. But it leaves behind quite the legacy and I am glad to be a small part of that legacy.

Scotty is currently working on his next studio album and he released the lead single, titled ‘Southern Belle,’ last summer. Fans of Scotty loved the song from the first day it was released, as it was a new but exciting sound that fans had not really yet heard from McCreery. When Scotty began recording the new album, four of the first five songs Scotty cut were ones that he co-wrote. ‘Southern Belle’ was the lone song that he had not had his part in co-writing. It was just that good of a song that he could not pass it up. “I am excited about this song still. It’s been out there for a little while but it’s one of those songs that sonically we were trying for a little bit of a different thing. Just trying to expand. I think the song is awesome. The first time I heard it, I fell in love with it,” he explains. In making the music video, Scotty recruited some real southern belles via Nashville colleges like Belmont University, Vanderbilt, and Lipscomb University. He says, “I thought it would be fun to get the colleges in Nashville involved and showcase some southern belles right there in time. All the students did a great job, the cheerleaders, the band. It was definitely fun to have them there.

2014 was great for Scotty McCreery, as he scored his third Platinum-certified single with ‘See You Tonight.’ But 2015 was also a special year for Scotty as he was awarded with his first BMI Award for co-writing ‘See You Tonight,’ an award that Scotty says is ‘quite the honor.’ He continues by saying, “That is kind of the award that a lot of artists will say mean the most to them. It speaks to you as more of being an artist than being just a fan favorite. For me, the focus is on creating music. And that’s what I really enjoy doing and sharing that music. So to get an award for being a creator of a song, being an artist, is great. I’ve won a couple of awards in the last five years but that’s right up there at the top of my list.” Another award that Scotty received in 2015? How about Country Music’s Sexiest Man 2015, as awarded by the readers of NASH Country Weekly Magazine! Scotty’s response? “Oh boy, I got that one too,” and jokes, “That one is right next to the BMI Award.” But in all seriousness, Scotty says that it was very flattering and also admits that he tried to keep it a secret from some of his friends at home to minimize any jokes from his crew.

Later this year, on May 3rd, McCreery will release his first book, titled ‘Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream.’ It was actually two years ago when Scotty was first approached about writing a book but at the time Scotty did not feel like he had done enough to write an entire book. Since then, he has acquired some cool stories and experiences to where he is now able to do so. But don’t think of this book as an autobiography; Scotty describes it as a “travel log with hints at an autobiography. I got a lot of life to live, so I hope I can write about that down the road. Just the experiences and stories and the life perspective from a 22 year old who had to grow up really quick in an adult world at 16, 17 years old. It’s been interesting writing this book and I think I’ve learned a little bit about myself in doing it.”

One cool experience that Scotty has this upcoming weekend is that he will be singing the National Anthem at Gillette Stadium prior to the Patriots playoff game versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Scotty is a diehard Patriots fan as his father grew up in New England. This will be Scotty’s second time at Gillette Stadium- the first being last year at the Patriots AFC Championship Game victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Scotty and his father then went to Phoenix for the Super Bowl, during which he sang at the Patriots’ Super Bowl Welcome Party. Yes, that means the Patriots are 2-0 when Scotty McCreery and his father are in attendance. Let’s hope for that streak to continue this weekend! “I’m excited to be back and I hope I can bring that same mojo I brought to Gillette last year,” Scotty exclaims.

2016 is already looking bright for Scotty McCreery. Singing the National Anthem for his beloved New England Patriots, his first project as an author, and his third studio album in the works. But most of all, he hopes that this year is the year that he can re-introduce himself to the world and to country music fans. “That is always the goal when you’re making a new album- to show how you’ve grown in the past year or two. That’s my focus right now to show folks this is what I’m up to, what I’m about. And hopefully they like it; that would be nice. We’ve been hard at work at that and the book. It’s going to be a busy 2016. But busy is good. And that means I can see the fans, and get on the road. I can’t wait.

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