Payton Smith: Self-Titled EP Review

Country music continuously grows with new talent. Payton Smith, a 19-year-old who recently signed to Big Machine Label Group, is now part of this ever growing brilliance. He’s equal parts George Strait and John Mayer while incorporating his own flare to his music. On October 4th, the former CMA Fest performer released his first EP – ‘Payton Smith’ under his new label.

1) ‘‘92’ Written by Payton Smith, Marla Cannon-Goodman, and Larry McCoy

Impression: To open the EP, Smith sings about throwin’ it back to the year 1992. Smith’s voice is strong and mature despite his age. He proudly displays what he is capable of right off the bat. The instrumentals are rocker-esque and old school country mixed into one. 

Favorite Lyrics: “Now hold on, while we throw it back to ‘92…”

2) ‘Can’t Go Wrong With That’ Written by Payton Smith, Thomas Archer, and Jim McCormick

Impression: ‘Can’t Go Wrong With That’ brings nostalgia to the listener. With happy riffs and a kicked up beat, Smith takes the audience on a journey of some of his favorite things. Whether it’s cold beer, Willie on vinyl, or football on Friday nights, you’ll be able to resonate with this song and with Smith. 

Favorite Lyrics: “Football is better under Friday night lights. Hard to lose the girl if you treat the girl right. Don’t matter where you’re from, don’t matter where you’re at, no you can’t go wrong with that.”

3) ‘Like I Knew You Would’ Written by Payton Smith, Ronnie Bowman, and Dan Fernandez

Impression: Slow and sensual tones fill this single from the very first note, followed by accompanying guitars to pick up the pace. Smith sings about how a girl stole his heart from the first moment he saw her – like he knew she would. This take on a love song will be a hit with listeners anywhere.

Favorite Lyrics: “You’re my angel. As a matter of fact you took me to Heaven and all the way back, like I knew you would. And I knew you would.”

4) ‘What It Meant To Lose You’ Written by Payton Smith and Jim McCormick

Impression: The last song of the EP has a funky beat, which displays Smith’s versatility in incorporating the country/pop crossover. As for the meaning behind this single, the title speaks for itself. In a tale so often told, you never know what you have until it’s gone, and Smith sings his heart out on this track to depict that feeling. 

Favorite Lyrics: “I can see that you’re the only one I really need. I can feel the fire comin’ from the spark. I can feel the love runnin’ through my heart. I can admit that I’d die if you ever really leave.”

In just four short songs, Smith has created a name for himself under his new label. With an impressive variety presented in this EP, the country music genre just gained another future star. You can stream Payton Smith’s self-titled EP on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube! Give Payton a follow on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.