Niko Moon: ‘PARADISE TO ME’ Review

Niko Moon released ‘PARADISE TO ME’ as his first song of 2020.  The song sticks true to Moon’s modern style of crossing over between Country and Pop. This sound, combined with his smooth vocals, give Niko his own unique sound. Written by Niko Moon, Anna Moon, and Joshua Murty, the song describes the different views of what paradise could be. Moon uses catchy lyrics to convey the message that everyone has a different idea or dream of what paradise is. It could be on the beach or somewhere down the road from home. ‘PARADISE TO ME’ is a feel-good tune about some of the adventures of summertime that we can all relate to.

The single is carried from start to finish by a soft beat that sets a relaxing, but upbeat, tone for the song. Moon provides a song that is extremely easy to singalong to. The simplicity of the beat and catchy lyrics make it easy to put this song on repeat. Using more than traditional instruments helps Niko’s sound stand out. A perfect way to describe ‘PARADISE TO ME’ is that the song sounds like Summer.

Niko is currently out on tour with Ryan Hurd. They come to New England on March 6th at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. More updates for Moon can be found on his website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Favorite Lyric: “We a’int gotta take it too far from home. Little bit of heavens just down the road.”