Much Respect for Chris Janson’s ‘Drunk Girl.’

Some of the top themes in country music today include pick-up trucks, love, break-ups, and drinking. These are the songs that we all know and love. However, the subjects of these songs may subtly influence our decisions on the simple things like what brand of beer we should drink or whether we buy the F-150 or the Silverado. The theme of all songs in not so simple. ‘Drunk Girl’ tackles one of those more difficult subjects and it has the potential to impact how we start treating each other. As more people listen to ‘Drunk Girl,’ it is conceivable that we’ll see Chris Janson’s message in this song become the new normal.

Chris Janson debuted his powerful song ‘Drunk Girl’ on January 5th 2018. Despite the song title, which could leave one to believe otherwise, this piece was written about the respect that men should have for women. The lyrics leave a strong message: Take a drunk girl home. Let her sleep all alone. Leave her keys on the counter your number by her phone. Pick up her life she threw on the floor. Leave the hall lights on walk out and lock the door. That’s how she knows the difference between a boy and man. Take a drunk girl home. This could be one example of a more modern way of showing respect and caring for one another. Janson told PEOPLE that his new song is written “From a guy’s perspective, I think it’s a good message for any age man to treat women with respect.” The message isn’t lost among us females either. There are always ways that we can treat one another with respect and kindness.” Respecting one another is mutual. This is a song than not only men should listen to, but women should listen to as well. Women should expect a man to treat them this way.

‘Drunk Girl’ conveys a message of morality. Janson went on to tell PEOPLE “Do the right thing. Doing the right thing always ends up with a perfect outcome, and I would say that goes for guys and girls alike…You do the right thing; the right outcome always comes from it. You can always bet on that.” Such good advice and a good reminder to all of us. We should think before long and hard before we act. And even if the outcome doesn’t turn out as we planned, at least we know that the decision was the right one.

This song is a good reminder of how difficult it can be to make the right choices in life. Janson reported to Billboard Magazine that the song is “drawing tears from people’s eyes, and pulling stories from men and women alike who might not have had a voice or a platform to talk about it. It’s amazing. It’s cool to see songs bring emotions out in people.” It’s refreshing to see us open up and start to talk about our life situations because of this song. Kudos to Janson for taking a leap and broaching such a sensitive topic with this song.

Janson, Tom Douglas, and Scooter Carusoe penned ‘Drunk Girl.’ All three are fathers of daughters. As parents, we want to raise well-mannered, respectful, kind children. We can all strive to be more compassionate, better listeners, and better helpers. Let’s continue to do our best as parents to make the next generation polite and respectful people.

Chris Janson will be joining Cole Swindell and Lauren Alaina on the Reason to Drink tour.

You can purchase ‘Drunk Girl’ on iTunes here.