Morgan Wallen: ‘Cover Me Up’ Review

Morgan Wallen is known for his rough around the edges and redneck styled country music. With his previous successes like ‘Whiskey Glasses,’ ‘The Way I Talk,’ and ‘Up Down,’ one can’t really picture him doing a soft ballad. However, Wallen absolutely crushes his newly released rendition of Jason Isbell’s stripped down track ‘Cover Me Up.’  

Wallen’s raspy, yet powerful voice encapsulates the listener and sends chills down your spine while he sings this tender and sweet ballad. The way he carries the melody and emphasizes notes is a listener’s delight. ‘Cover Me Up’ will make you smile aimlessly if you carefully listen to the lyrics. The lone guitar, soft drum beat, and an acoustic sounding room allows Morgan’s voice to take over and echo throughout.

This song tells the story of a man who was a little too reckless and hard to tie down in his earlier years. He never found someone who fit him quite like he expected, and definitely never found someone who made him want to become a better person. In ‘Cover Me Up,’ he explains how he found solace in his somebody and that he “made it through, cause somebody knew I was meant for someone.” This person gave him a purpose in life and all he wants is for them to cover him up until the end of time.

The five minute song is nothing shy of heartfelt. Jason Isbell’s version is more acoustic than Wallen’s, and was originally written for his wife, Amanda Shires, before she became his wife. Isbell wrote this song as part of his “sober” album that was created after his stay in rehab. This song is a personal testament of his life and is extremely vulnerable. Morgan Wallen does this song amazing justice as he performs his own take on it.

You can find Wallen’s version of this song here.

Favorite Lyrics:

I put your faith to the test when I tore off your dress in Richmond on high, but I sobered up and I swore off that stuff forever, this time. And the old lovers sing “I thought it’d be me who helped him get home.” But home was a dream, one I’d never seen till you came along…