More Moore is Finally Here! Hudson Moore, That Is.

Hudson Moore released his long awaited follow up album, ‘Getaway,’ on Friday, June 17th. It has been six years since Moore has put out a full album but he is now finally back under the spotlight with his new music. Hudson was excited to talk to NECM and give the fans some insight about the new release and a few other topics.

Hudson’s biggest inspiration behind this album was life experiences. He said there was “no shortages of inspiration. There is something everywhere you look.” Every song is personal to him in their own way; and what’s even better is that Hudson wrote or co-wrote every song on the album and played almost every instrument you hear on the tracks. For example, “‘Sand In The Bed,’ of course, being a married guy and being on a honeymoon, that one is super personal. ‘21 Or Was It 17’ recalls my youth and all those fun summers.” The goal Hudson has in mind is to always have a piece of himself in his work, whether it be writing lyrics, playing an instrument, or singing. “I always want to give the fans more of me,” and he is able to accomplish that by expressing himself not only on vocals, but on instrumentals as well.

A big thing that drives Hudson’s musical creativity is the yearning to be a part of the soundtracks to people’s lives. “We all have these songs that come on… and they’re so pivotal in our lives, and if I can have a few songs that will impact people, that’s my goal.” Moore wants to have songs that touch every cornerstone of people’s lives whether it be “reminding people of falling in love, or getting through that break up or that great time in their life or that hard time in their life, I want to be that music that people turn to for those big life moments.

The title, ‘Getaway,’ was not decided upon until a few weeks ago. Hudson crowned the name because “there are several songs on there that sort of take you to that place in your mind to get away like ‘Sand In The Bed.’” The process of creating the album felt like a “musical getaway,” according to Hudson because “it didn’t feel like we were on the clock making a record, we were really just down there [in Texas] having fun and it really felt like we were on a vacation and hopefully you can hear how much fun we had on the songs.

Aside from creating fresh, new music, Hudson focuses very intently on creating a strong fanbase. One way he plans to do this is by taking to social media. “I’m huge on using social media. I really enjoy getting to talk directly to fans and doing little acoustic clips of songs and getting people’s feedback in real time. I like to joke around on SnapChat. That’s what really connects people with you and they can see ‘okay, this guy is a fairly normal person.’”

Hudson is beyond excited for his fans to hear the new music that he has to offer and with a body of work that is so large (14 songs) there are plenty to chose from to appeal to your mood. “If you’re wanting to roll the windows down going to the beach, there’s a song for you. If it’s midnight and you got your headphones in and you’re wanting to chill out, there’s a song for you.” Fans should expect a “continuation from the first album [‘Fireworks’] and some similarities, but also an evolution and some new vibes.” Outside of the record, Moore is in the process of putting his touring schedule together in support of the new album and will be opening up for artists this summer such as Chris Young, Brothers Osborne, and some other select dates in the fall with an unannounced artist.

Hudson Moore’s new album ‘Getaway’ is out now and available on iTunes. Grab a copy of the album that is sure to be a soundtrack of the summer and let yourself be taken to another place while listening to his new fresh style of music. Also, feel free to connect with Hudson on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat!

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