Maddie and Tae: ‘Friend’s Don’t’ Single Review

With well-loved hits like ‘Girl in a Country Song’ from 2014 and ‘Fly’ from 2015, fans have been patiently waiting for some new music from Sugar Land, Texas native Maddie Marlow and Ada, Oklahoma native Taylor Dye. It’s been a couple of years since the country duo Maddie & Tae released anything, but they recently released their newest single, titled ‘Friend’s Don’t.’ Without a doubt, it was worth waiting for!

‘Friend’s Don’t’ is an emotional, modern, pop-sounding country song that has cleverly written lyrics. It describes the differences that occur between two people in a relationship and two people that are just friends. Friends don’t call you in the middle of the night. Couldn’t even tell you why. They just felt like saying “hi.” Friends don’t stand around, playing with their keys. Finding reasons not to leave. Trying to hide the chemistry. Many of us have been in that relationship that starts out as a friendship, but slowly progresses into something more. The multi-talented singers/songwriters/guitarists continue to tell about both the tenseness and excitement that comes as the relationship evolves. Musically, ‘Friend’s Don’t’ is trendy and current. It is saturated with electric guitar riffs and foot-tapping percussion.

‘Friend’s Don’t’ gives us a little glimpse into Maddie & Tae’s sophomore studio album. It was reported in PopCulture that Marlow said: “I hope our fans love this song as much as we do. Anything we ever do we have them in mind and want to always create music they can connect with. We have a big story to tell on this album, and ‘Friends Don’t’ is the beginning of it all.” The pair wrote ‘Friend’s Don’t’ along with Justin Ebach and Jon Nite under their new record label Mercury Nashville. Be sure to download and take a listen now because ‘Friend’s Don’t’ is set to hit radio stations on May 14th.

Maddie and Tae will be performing at CMA Fest in Nashville this summer, but they do not currently have any New England tour dates scheduled. You can keep up to date with them on social media by following their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

You can purchase ‘Friend’s Don’t’ on iTunes here.

Favorite Lyrics: You can lie to me and say you don’t. But I know you do, and I love you too.