Luke Combs: ‘Six Feet Apart’ Single Review

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on just about everything. The positive to look forward to is all the new music we can be expecting with artists stuck at home. With that said, Luke Combs has done it again. ‘Six Feet Apart’ is not only a single describing what the world is experiencing now but also highlights how “there will be light after dark” to signify slowly going back to normal life. Luke does a fantastic job using the lyrics and melody to create an optimistic yet somber tone.

Co-written by Luke, Rob Snyder and Brent Cobb, ‘Six Feet Apart’ opens with soft guitar and a light drum beat that stays steady for the entire song. It was written to focus on the lyrics and message behind it. The song is an expression of all the parts of life that Luke is missing most but also creates a sense of appreciation for normal times when we do not have to be ‘Six Feet Apart.’ He lists a few of the things we are all looking forward again, from a drink with friends to a simple handshake. From top to bottom, this song is nothing short of the stellar music we expect from Luke.

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