Love and Theft: ‘Gimme Tonight’ Single Review

Love and Theft returns to the scene with the sultry and mysterious sounding single, ‘Gimme Tonight.’ In typical fashion, Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson’s voices take ahold of the track, and the basis of this song fits perfectly into their repertoire.

The single is about finding a person at the bar, dancing the night away, and seeing a potential forever while hitting those boots to the floor. There is no tomorrow in sight, just the moment they are in right now. The single is a sexier version of the common story told. The guitar riffs paint the picture of an overwrought melody that entices the listener to continue into the drama this song illustrates. ‘Gimme Tonight’ is a fun and flirty song that wraps you up with its instrumentals.

As of late, country artists have been dipping their toes into other genres and sampling them throughout their singles. Love and Theft have some alternative and hip/hop inspired characteristics shining through their newest single. ‘Gimme Tonight’ is the duo’s first single since their 2015 ballad ‘Whiskey On My Breath,’ which was tough to follow as that single was very personal to both artists. Nonetheless, the men of Love and Theft delivered with this jammin’ new song. The two singles differ from one another, but perfectly display the diversity that Love and Theft have. With summer right around the corner, this song is perfect to play at sun-down with the windows open.

If this single is any indication of future music from Love and Theft, then fans will be pleasantly surprised. ‘Gimme Tonight’ displays the group that we all know and love, with a vamped up sound. You can get the single here.

Favorite Lyrics:Aw keep on keep on killing me with your last call, that don’t mean nothing. We’ll head to the house with a bottle of something, holding onto the moon while I’m holding onto you.