Lindsay Ell: ‘Worth The Wait’ EP Review

Lindsay Ell’s debut EP, titled ‘Worth The Wait,’ came out on March 24th. Ell co-penned half of the songs on the EP, while the other half was written by noteworthy songwriters. ‘Worth The Wait’ brings a string of tracks where Ell’s voice cuts you like a knife in the best ways possible. Her voice is pure and strong and is delivered to her listeners tenfold. Each song tells a story and can be related back to real life scenarios.

1) ‘Waiting On You’ – Written by Lindsay Ell, Adam Hambrick and Andrew DeRoberts.
Impression: The opening song of this EP brings forth raw vocals that make its lyrics more impactful. Ell’s voice cuts through the instrumentals to take control. The melody is beyond catchy and is must add to your “driving around” playlist. ‘Waiting On You’ is about the early beginnings of a relationship and waiting for things to finally become official with the one. However, this is not to be mistaken with having the girl wait forever on a boy who just wants to have fun and not settle down.
Favorite Lyrics: Where this is going baby, I can’t say. Every time you leave me, I just want you to stay…

2) ‘Criminal’ – Written by Lindsay Ell, Chris Stevens and Fred Wilhelm.
Impression: ‘Criminal’ is a song that talks about the early stages of a relationship. Everything this boy does and the way he makes her feel, feels like it should be illegal – or in this case, “criminal.” In song that definitely needs to be played as loud as you can, the second song of this EP is a jam!
Favorite Lyrics: You’re the rush, you’re the habit I can never get enough of…

3) ‘Space’ – Written by Caitlyn Smith, Heather Morgan and Maggie Chapman.
Impression: In an eerie sounding intro with subtle guitars, Ell’s voice once again cuts through the noise and captivates your attention. ‘Space’ illustrates pain and longing for the one you love to come back. Ell’s voice is displayed in the most beautiful way in this alternative, soulful sounding song. With the help of powerful piano chords, you can feel the pain in her voice, which makes the song much more emotional.
Favorite Lyrics: Floating in the in-between of what we are and what we used to be. Trying not to call you, even though I want to…

4) ‘Standing Here’ – Written by Melissa Peirce, Ryan Hurd and Chase McGill.
Impression: The fourth song depicts a relationship ending scenario where one person walks away while the other is still hanging on. No one knows how to let someone down easy and deciding when it’s the right time to walk away. This causes the relationship to be in limbo and no one wants to make the first move – hence the title.
Favorite Lyrics: It’s never the right time to tell me it’s over, it’s already over, you don’t love me anymore, you already know…

5) ‘Worth The Wait’ – Written by Lindsay Ell and Travis Meadows.
Impression: The title track to Ell’s EP details vulnerability and desperation. The song features soft guitars and vocals to deliver to its listeners a hypnotizing lullaby sound. The song tells the story of wanting to love to someone, despite how hard they make it or push you away. It will be “worth the wait” once they come to their senses and let you love them.
Favorite Lyrics: You keep saying you ain’t ready, so I keep hangin’ on…

6) ‘Stop This Train’ – Written by John Mayer and Pino Palladion.
Impression: To close out her EP, Lindsay chose her rendition of John Mayer’s ‘Stop This Train.’ Her version of the song is more stripped down and has a slower tempo than Mayer’s version. However, the song still contains the same message of wanting life to slow down. This cover was a good finishing touch to the EP to show off her versatility and creativity as an artist.
Favorite Lyrics: So scared of getting older, I’m only good at being young.

Check out Lindsay Ell’s strong new EP ‘Worth The Wait’ – and it certainly as. You can purchase the EP on iTunes here.