Kip Moore: ‘Wild World’ Review

Kip Moore brought some excitement to his fans with the release of his newest single ‘Wild World’ on Friday along with announcing that May 29th is the release date for an upcoming album of the same name. This song’s earnest message came at an extremely relevant time with many people social distancing by staying home and other essential employees persevering at work each day. Many lyrics hit just a bit different in the context of the epidemic, but contain universal advice.

‘Wild World’ opens with the lyric, Mama said wild man, won’t you listen And come take a seat right here in the kitchen, and the song continues to present Mama’s advice. Kip tells of Mama’s counsel on all things life from finding love, trusting god, and having character, but she maintains the humility to admit, “baby, it’s a wild world.”

The single, written by Josh Miller and Kip Moore, features Kip’s signature slightly raspy vocal style. ‘Wild World’s slow melody allows time for the listener to let the lyrics sink in and Kip delivers the message impeccably. ‘Wild World’ will have you humming along with Kip’s Oohs after just a few verses and thinking on its relevant message long after the music ends.

Favorite Lyrics: Life is short, some days are long, You’re gonna need a rock you can lean on.

Kip is still scheduled to head out on tour this summer with Sam Hunt for shows in Bangor ME on July 10, Gilford NH on July 11, Mansfield MA on July 18, and Hartford CT on July 19. Keep up with all things Kip Moore on his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Website.