Kip Moore: ‘Wild Ones’ Album Review

It’s been over three years since Kip Moore released his debut album, titled ‘Up All Night.’ And with hits like ‘Somethin’ Bout A Truck,’ ‘Beer Money,’ and the always popular, ‘Hey Pretty Girl,’ fans have been counting down until the day that they would hear some new music from the Georgia-native. Between his headlining spot on last year’s Up in Smoke: CMT on Tour, shows on this year’s Sounds of Summer tour, and miscellaneous shows in between, fans have gotten a sneak peak at some of the music that will appear on the highly anticipated ‘Wild Ones,‘ which is set to be released on Friday, August 21st, and fans have fallen more in love with Kip and his incredible musical talent than ever before. New England Country Music got an advanced listen of ‘Wild Ones,’ check out our review of the album below.

1.) ‘Wild Ones’ – Written by Kip Moore, Chris Destefano and Brett James.
Impression: Appropriately enough, Kip kicks off his sophomore album with the title track and from the first chord, we were hooked. Of course this wasn’t the first time we heard ‘Wild Ones,’ so when we say we were hooked from the first chord, we meant months ago, even before the Sounds of Summer tour. The song describes the ‘wild’ guys, ‘the ones your daddy kept you from,’ the guy who would just wait for the weekend to come. The song is relatable as while we are in our youth, we tend to be viewed as the ‘Wild Ones.’ We stay up too late, party, and just have fun. The song can also be viewed as a nod to Kip’s experience on the road. We’re glad that Kip made this the title track of the album, and looking forward for this to be released as a single.
Favorite Lyric: Cause we don’t need no sleep tonight. Everybody’s bumpin’ to the beat just right. Worry ’bout tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Tonight we’re just worried about having fun…

2.) ‘Come and Get It’ – Written by Kip Moore, Manny Medina and Brett James.
Impression: ‘Come and Get It’ has this strong build-up to the chorus, and you’ll find yourself tapping your foot (as we are doing right now) and clapping along to the entire song. The beat and whole instrumental side of the song is fantastic and that smooth, but raspy voice of Kip Moore matches it perfectly. This is not a song to be skipped!
Favorite Lyric: You got my engine revvin’ high. Girl, I’m beggin’ for a try. Tonight, tonight…

3.) ‘Girl of the Summer’ – Written by Kip Moore, Troy Verges and Blair Daly.
Impression: Imagine living in a beach town, one where people spend their whole summers at. You fall in love with a girl and at the end of the summer, she’s gone. She was his ‘Girl of the Summer,’ and since she is now gone, that town doesn’t feel the same. That’s exactly what this song is all about. Kip does a great job with this song as he builds the power and passion to the point where you believe the story. Heck, it might just be a real story. If you’re a fan of Kip and his sound, you’ll love ‘Girl of the Summer.’
Favorite Lyric: Counting every star, crossing every line. Always thinkin’ that you’d be mine…

4.) ‘Magic’ – Written by Kip Moore, Westin Davis and Luke Dick.
Impression: This song has an almost Irish-folk feel to it, and we love it! ‘Magic’ is one of our favorite songs on the album as the verses have this almost short and punchy tempo and then Kip hits you with this strong but slower chorus. It’s definitely a moving sound sonically and lyrically. The song addresses how love and romance is unrealistically described on the radio, which is why Kip kicks off ‘Magic’ with the lyrics, ‘I never believed in fairytales. Even when I was a kid. It sounded like another trick. To put us all to bed…‘ And in it, Kip gives his side of how he sees love, likening it to ‘Magic.’
Favorite Lyric: Now your hand does something to my skin. Make me want you more and believe again…

5.) ‘That Was Us’ – Written by Kip Moore, Westin Davis and Dan Couch.
Impression: Kip definitely hits the deeper side of things here with ‘That Was Us.’ The song features some reflective lyrics and some things that aren’t talked about very often, like domestic violence. The ballad is a look-in at his life when he was younger. It may not be a song that gets you up and out of your seat, but it’s a song that you will fall in love with, just like we did. And from what we have heard, this is Kip’s favorite song on the album!
Favorite Lyric: Whole damn town said, when we come around we’re mean as a four-letter word…

6.) ‘Lipstick’ – Written by Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Justin Weaver and David Frasier.
Impression: As an artist, you get to see a whole lot of places. States, cities, countries. But there’s only one place that is really ‘home,’ and that’s what ‘Lipstick’ is all about. There’s a lot of miles to get back to her, where he can kiss her lipstick.
Favorite Lyric: Georgia peaches, Florida’s beaches. A million dots on the map, but there’s only one that brings me back…

7.) ‘What Ya Got On Tonight’ – Written by Kip Moore, Troy Verges and Blair Daly.
Impression: If you listen to ‘What Ya Got On Tonight’ carefully, you’ll hear a reference to Kip’s first number one single, his double-Platinum selling ‘Somethin’ Bout A Truck.’ The lyrics say, ‘Southern belle in a red dress…‘ And let’s face it, for a couple year we couldn’t go to a Kip Moore show without a handful of ladies in the crowd in red sundresses! The song is written from the perspective of a musician on stage, noticing the ladies fawning over him, but all he wants to see is what his girl at home is wearing, hence the title of the song. It’s funny and flirty and it has this almost classic rock sound with the electric guitar.
Favorite Lyric: I bet you’re wearing that ball cap. Top Gun, Ray-Ban.Looking like a star from the 1980s. Tell me, honey, how did I become your man…

8.) ‘Heart’s Desire’ – Written by Kip Moore, Dan Couch, Adam Browder, and Erich Wigdahl.
Impression: We first heard ‘Heart’s Desire’ when Kip came through Boston last year on the Up In Smoke: CMT on Tour show at the Orpheum Theatre. We recall from that show that he described how he was songwriting on a cold day and he went outside to have a smoke (part of his trio, that also includes coffee, and Jack Daniels) and he remembers just watching the cloud of white smoke on the cold day.  The song describes love lost and the frustration on the back side of it, dealing with the regret of letting that person go. We absolutely love the ‘Oooo… oooo, Hey…aaaa‘ throughout the song and the metaphor of the line is pure genius.
Favorite Lyric: The thought brings me right up to the brink of rageLike a lion in rusted out circus cageI want to break these bars, make you understand…

9.) ‘Complicated’ – Written by Kip Moore, Chris Destefano and Rodney Clawson.
Impression: ‘Complicated’ just speaks the truth as it’s the one word Kip uses for love. What relationship isn’t complicated at some point or another, right!? Fans will love this song as the song is relatable as it describes love very well. We love Kip’s voice in ‘Complicated,’ as the song really gives Kip an avenue to showcase his gravelly voice.
Favorite Lyric: All I know, sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. What good’s love, if ain’t a little complicated. No, it don’t always go just like you hoped it would. But sometimes complicated is pretty damn good…

10.) ‘I’m To Blame’ – Written by Kip Moore, Westin Davis, and Justin Weaver.
Impression: The first single off the album, ‘I’m To Blame,’ has been all over country radio and we’re glad it is! It’s a hit! While the single is sitting in the 20-range on the charts, we expect the song to continue the climb to the top five as it is just that good of a song! The song describes a guy who can’t be told what to do. He does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants. And if it goes wrong, he’ll be glad to take the blame!
Favorite Lyric: No, they don’t make guys like me, you get exactly what you see… I come from a long line of bloodline that ain’t gonna change…

11. ‘That’s Alright With Me’ – Written by Kip Moore, Dan Couch, Luke Dick.
Impression: The song was inspired by a real life event where a photo of Kip, surfaced on social media of him smoking, and people thought it was a joint, which resulted in several phone calls and messages (most likely from his management). And as Kip recently told Rolling Stone, “I never want to hide who I am,” explaining that it wasn’t a joint, but if it was, he probably would have taken a hit. Simply put, he doesn’t care what people think about him and that what ‘That’s Alright With Me’ is all about.
Favorite Lyric: I like whiskey, and tight denim, on good-hearted women. And for that, I make no apologies…

12.) ‘Running for You’ – Written by Kip Moore, Troy Verges and Blair Daly.
Impression: Wow, we LOVE this song! ‘Running For You’ is just an unselfish song about letting the person they love, go and chase their dreams rather than holding them back to stay with you. But at the same time, letting them know that you’ll be waiting just in case it goes wrong, and they need you.
Favorite Lyric: But if the rain starts fallin’, fallin’ on you. And your heart starts breakin’, breakin’ in two. If the light starts fadin’, baby, don’t move. Just say my name, stay right there. I’ll come running for you, yeah…

13.) ‘Comeback Kid’ – Written by Kip Moore, Erik Dylan, Ross Copperman, and Jeff Hyde.
Impression: No, it’s not a song about the 1980 television film featuring John Ritter. But ‘Comeback Kid’ does have a great sports metaphor (see our Favorite Lyric below) in it, and we know Kip is a big sports fan. The track is full of resiliency and the will to not give up. Kip wrote the song shortly after the death of his father, who had a strong work ethic to provide for a family of six kids. So Kip wrote this song for the blue-collared workers who work so hard to provide for their families. The piano heard throughout the song, gives it a depth that is unmatched. Between the sound of the song in the lyrics, it’s easily one of our personal favorites in the album.
Favorite Lyric: I’m a Hail Mary pass on homecoming night. Six points down with the clock ticking by. Come hell or high water, I still believe I can win. Just call me the comeback kid…

In ‘Wild Ones,’ Kip really shows his fans who he is. He’s a no-holds-barred type of guy, and he wants people to know that. He is someone who does what he wants and will pay the consequences if there are any. Outside of the songs that are nods to his youth and his rebel   like personality such as ‘That Was Us,’ there are also some really touching and moving songs like ‘Running for You,’ and ‘What Ya Got On Tonight,’ that make it difficult to believe that Kip was not writing about a certain woman. From start to finish, ‘Wild Ones‘ is an INCREDIBLE album. Despite the delay of the album, it may have paid off as the album is perfect. There is not one song on the album where you fill find yourself asking, ‘why is this on here?’ Kip’s debut album reached number 3 on the Billboard Country Charts, but we have no doubt that the sophomore ‘Wild Ones‘ will bring Kip to that top spot.

You can pre-order/purchase the deluxe edition of ‘Wild Ones,‘ which includes 3 additional tracks, on iTunes here.

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