Jordan Davis: ‘Home State’ Album Review

Jordan Davis’ recently released debut album, ‘Home State,’ includes twelve songs, all co-written by the Louisiana native. The entire album is musically engaging, but its extremely skillful songwriting takes the lead. The album’s lyrics effortlessly paint pictures while portraying stories that are relatable to anyone who has lost or found love. Davis expertly walks the genre line between country and R&B with a conversational style that fits in perfectly with modern country radio. Each song has something special to offer with clever lyrics delivered in a genuine manner. With a first album so undeniably good, Jordan Davis has set the bar for up-and-coming country artists.

1.) ‘Take It From Me’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, and Jason Gantt.
Impression: Jordan kicks off his debut album with a catchy upbeat track. He confidently pitches the idea of blowing off an after-party to head back to his place. In hopes of convincing his girl to come along, he offers up his favorite T-shirt for her to sleep in. He urges her, ‘Take it from me,’ first referring his shirt, then to a kiss, and later to his heart.
Favorite Lyrics: But you can steal a kiss, I won’t call you a thief, But take it from me. What I got to give you can have for free…

2.) ‘Going ‘Round’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Ben Daniel, and Pavel Dovgalyuk.
Impression: The second song on the album slows things down a little to tell the story of rumors that Jordan has heard about an ex’s recent breakup. It is clear that Jordan wants to get back with this girl and even questions if this would have happened to her without his previous disappointing actions. He grapples with the idea that it may be too soon to make a move, but also asks for a second chance. With every listen to this song you pick up on more details hidden in this uniquely presented story.
Favorite Lyrics: I don’t wanna move in too soon, I know your heartbreak is brand new, If I never would’ve let you down, This probably wouldn’t be going ’round…

3.) ‘More Than I Know’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, and Blair Daly.
Impression: Jordan presents more of a rock -country vibe in this track. He describes a love with someone who might be a little too much for him to handle. Through many comparisons, he conveys that this relationship leaves him feeling like he’s in a dire situation. He uses wild fires, hurricanes, and runaway trains as examples, but he cannot get enough. Davis is willing to take a gamble on this girl, even though knows that he might lose.
Favorite Lyrics: I’m like sand running through your hands, I don’t know how long I got, but I’m gonna take my chance…

4.) ‘Slow Dance In A Parking Lot’ – Written by Jordan Davis and Lonnie Fowler.
Impression: This sweet melody paints a picture of a couple slow dancing in a Walmart parking lot, just to make a few extra minutes to spend together. The song is a reminder for us to make the most of whatever we got, and enjoy the present.
Favorite Lyrics: Spinning you around by the Walmart sign, And moving our feet over the painted white lines…

5.) ‘Singles You Up’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Justin Ebach, and Steven Dale Jones.
Impression: Davis’ debut single is currently Number Two on the country charts and trending upward. Although he is describing a love for someone who is taken by another man, ‘Singles You Up’ comes off as a positive upbeat hit. I’m sure we will continue to hear it often throughout the spring and summer. Jordan tells the girl there is ‘no rush,’ even though it is clear that he longs to be with her and feels that he is a better fit than her current significant other.
Favorite Lyrics: Your favorite song just came on and me and you were singing along, And he don’t even know a single word…

6.) ‘Sundowners’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Josh Jenkins, and Matt Jenkins.
Impression: From its first words, song six creates vivid images in a listeners mind. Davis describes the perfect scenes to complement his desire to keep a romantic night going. His use of rhyming adjectives including, sundowners, edge of towners, and silent sounders, suggest what the couple could be.
Favorite Lyrics: Waves crashing on our feet standing in some rolled-up jeans, Making tracks in the sand, It’s like she’s living in a photograph, Disappearing silhouette…

7.) ‘Tough To Tie Down’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Jeff Middleton, and Seth Ennis.
Impression: Davis reveals some deeper feelings in ‘Tough To Tie Down.’ You hear the passion in his voice as he Damns all of the means of transportation his love takes while traveling away from him. Even though it is easy for her to leave Jordan behind in her travels, he can’t help but love her.
Favorite Lyrics: Yeah, she’s always drifting and always dreaming. She’s good at loving but better at leaving…

8.) ‘Selfish’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Jason Gantt, and Joshua Wade Door.
Impression: Jordan has no trouble putting his foot down in this track while admitting that he is selfish. He sings, don’t give a damn about the plans you made, We’re staying in the bed all day, but he can’t help from wanting more due to his selfish nature.
Favorite Lyrics: I rolled in and rained down, Like a storm cloud or a heat wave, That make you stay undercover where it’s safe…

9.) ‘Made That Way’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, and Scooter Carusoe.
Impression: With this song, the focus is back on Davis’ love interest. He slows things down in his music to match the way she makes him want to slow down and stay. He alternates between verses that describe the way she is made and a chorus that explains how she makes him feel.
Favorite Lyrics: You’re a vodka drink, With two lemons and no lime, You won’t listen to the words, But you’ll sing ’em when they rhyme…

10.) ‘So Do I’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, and Jamie Paulin.
Impression: ‘So Do I’ is another song about a love that has just recently sparked. It’s thoughtful lyrics create fabulous images. Davis presents a few ideas of romantic activities his love might want to do and responds with ‘So do I.’ It is clear that he wants to spend more time with her and is willing to do whatever she wants to do.
Favorite Lyrics: If you see a Santa Fe sunset, a burning red sky, As the backdrop of your lips getting closer to mine, So do I…

11.) ‘Dreamed You Did’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Shane Minor, and Jonathan Singleton.
Impression: Presenting a unique frame to tell a story in, ‘Dreamed You Did’ stands out. While desperately yearning for someone back, Jordan’s dreams convey everything he wishes for with his lost love. He describes what happened in his dream, while acknowledging his love probably does not think about him at all.  
Favorite Lyrics: I tried like hell to fall back asleep, Just to see if maybe we, Could pick back up where we left off…

12.) ‘Leaving New Orleans’ – Written by Jordan Davis, Lonnie Fowler, and David Frasier.
Impression: The last song on ‘Home State’ is relatable for anyone who has tried to stay in the same location after a breakup; every part of the city reminds you of your ex. Davis lists all the things he will miss about New Orleans, but knows he cannot stay. He considers many different places to relocate to, but wherever he ends up it will not be New Orleans. The lyrics showcase true songwriting talent.
Favorite Lyrics: There’s too much of you in this town, Your memory is like moss in the trees, Every corner it’s just hanging around…

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