Jimmie Allen: ‘Best Shot’ Single Review

Jimmie Allen’s debut single ‘Best Shot’ released to country radio on February 20th – and it was the second most added single on country radio that week! Co-written by Jimmie Allen, Josh Landon, and JP Williams, it is just one track off of Jimmie Allen’s self-titled EP. Debuting at number 53 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, it would not be a surprise to see ‘Best Shot’ move up the ranks in the coming weeks.

The song’s opening instrumentals pull you in and have you nodding along before you even hear Allen’s voice. The catchy beat takes the lead throughout the single, but the lyrics have no trouble keeping up. Honesty puts itself front and center as the theme of this track with the powerful opening lyrics I’m just flesh and bone, heart and soul and I’ve earned a couple scars. These words accompanied by the remainder of the first verse are strikingly truthful as they relate to anyone who has experienced hardships in love and is looking to move forward in a new relationship.

‘Best Shot’ continues on a more hopeful note, but the raw honesty is still there. Jimmie Allen continues to admit he has flaws while hoping to be enough. Strong visuals are portrayed with the lyrics When you smile I see the sun sink down on a coast out in California. This might be the perfect line to listen to while we power through the rest of winter, here in New England, hoping for our own warm sunsets complimented by summer love.

Although Jimmie is a newcomer to country radio, he has been working toward his dreams for several years and most certainly has had his fair share of trials and tribulations trying to get discovered as an artist. You can learn more about Allen’s experiences growing up in southern Delaware and moving to Nashville by listening to his 5 part docu-series here. With emotion he tells his story including details about living in his car, struggling financially, and the hard work and dedication he put forth to accomplish his goals. It is clear that Allen is not just giving it his ‘best shot’ in this song, but that he always puts forth everything he has.

Favorite Lyrics: Your good morning eyes, they get me high. Girl you’re always on my mind…

You can buy ‘Best Shot’ on iTunes here.