Jillian Cardarelli: ‘Lipstick’ Single Review

Jillian Cardarelli’s new single ‘Lipstick’ tells the all-too-familiar story about a “player who ain’t good at playin’.” You know how it goes, girl meets boy, they hit it off, and that guy just can’t keep his hands, or in this case his lips, to himself. But this isn’t your typical boy-bashing song – Cardarelli isn’t going to key his car like Carrie, or set his photos ablaze like Taylor. No, she’s just going to show this guy exactly what he’s missing out on. Jillian sings about putting on this guy’s favorite dress accompanied by his favorite shade of Maybelline lipstick and going out where she knows he’ll be staring. With no intention of causing a scene, she’s just looking hot and having fun while assuring this guy that he hasn’t broken her heart. This song is undeniably catchy and full of confidence with just enough sass – It’s the perfect song to add to your girls night out playlist.

Another thing that makes it so fun and unique is how lipstick is depicted in more than one way throughout the song. Lipstick itself is synonymous with maturity and class, which perfectly fits the theme of this song. Cardarelli’s not playing childish games with this guy, he had his chance and he blew it. In the chorus she describes leaving her mark on a glass of wine – it’s stated simply but gives the listener an idea of the type of girl she is. Lipstick appears again at the end of the chorus, but this time as a fun play on words that packs a little punch.  

All in all, ‘Lipstick’ has clever lyrics, a fun melody, and Cardarelli’s sweet voice is the cherry on top. Most importantly, it’s an empowering song for all the ladies out there. Whether you’re going through a breakup or if you’ve ever dealt with this “player” type, even if you haven’t, this song is just fun to sing along to. If you aren’t already a fan of Jillian Cardarelli, give ‘Lipstick’ a listen, we can bet that in about three minutes and nineteen seconds she’ll have you hooked!

Favorite Lyrics: Sweet talk trying to make it right, but it ain’t gonna work this time, since your lips can’t stick to mine…

Purchase Jillian Cardarelli’s ‘Lipstick’ on iTunes here.

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