It’s Finally Time For The ‘Weekend!’

On Friday, April 27th, Radio Romance released their fan favorite song ‘Weekend’ to country radio! ‘Weekend’ has been a song that they’ve enjoyed playing in clubs and bars in and around Nashville for the last few years. It’s a tune that their loyal fans are really digging. If you haven’t heard it yet, get ready, you’ll definitely be hearing it soon!

Radio Romance is a four-member country band that includes the lead vocalist Sam Hayes, Josh Gramling on guitar, Adam Smithwick on bass, and Moises Padilla on drums. They are beginning to gain nationwide popularity after winning the NASHNext Contest and signing onto the Big Machine Label Group. We, at New England Country Music, were fortunate enough to get some time to speak to Radio Romance about ‘Weekend.’

‘Weekend’ was written back in 2014 by the members of Radio Romance in collaboration with Josh Dunne. The guys gained inspiration for their newest release from being “90s kids and the product of 90s music.” Growing up, their musical interests included Garth Brooks and Travis Tritt. They especially liked the rocking country vibe. Lead singer, Sam Hayes described the sound of their music as “like a throwback sound.” With all members of the band coming from blue-collar backgrounds, they find the meaning of ‘Weekend’ very relatable. According to Hayes, “We definitely relate to this song and also it represents who we are. We have been cutting our teeth playing the bar scenes for years so we understand what it’s like to be able to turn it loose.” The guys have been working tirelessly for years trying to make this dream of having a successful country band a reality. And now, they are finally able to listen to their song on country radio! They heard ‘Weekend’ on the air for the very first time just recently as the crew was driving through Iowa on their way to Des Moines to play a Friday night show. What a thrill it was for them! “We were like holy cow someone get the Facebook Live out!” 

If you’re wondering what it’s like to see Radio Romance perform live, Hayes mentioned “our show is definitely as high energy as the single. Even the slow songs are power ballads. We definitely are there for the weekend crowd and just to have everybody let loose and decompress.” The guys love the sound of the steel guitar on the recorded version of ‘Weekend’ and are considering adding it to their full band performances in the future. Speaking of the ‘Weekend,’ when asked how they would enjoy spending a weekend, they unanimously said “at the beach!” They have formed a tight bond with each other, not only from being in the band and travelling on the road, but believe it or not, they all live together in the same house! Hayes said: “when we’re not playing music we’re listening to other people’s albums and sitting around the dinner table just drinking beer and listening to Bluetooth on our iPhone and playing other people’s albums. So, I mean we just love music that much we’re either playing it or listening to it.”

Radio Romance has come a long way in a short amount of time. Big Machine Label Group has helped grow Radio Romance to where they are today. When asked about Big Machine, Hayes said: “I think everybody at the Big Machine Label Group is just right next door. They’re willing to talk to anybody about anything. Being at Big Machine is definitely the label we wanted to be on for so many years and it’s just amazing to actually be here now.” Hayes went on to say: “We’re fortunate to be doing things on our own and be a touring regional act and have a great fan base following.”  Hayes reflected on where they are at the moment: “It’s just really cool because we’re big fans of music in general and country music. To be such big fans and be considered like one speck of sand on the beach that is country music. It’s just very cool to be a part of the community that we’ve loved so much for so many years.” 

This summer, the guys of Radio Romance are stoked to be performing at CMA Fest again this year. They are playing on the ‘Breakout Stage’ and Hayes said: “There’s a lot of little shows around that you can play during CMA Fest, but this is actually like man we’re actually on the bill. And we’re really excited. We get to watch Ashley McBryde play right after us.” Radio Romance is looking forward to opening up for Midland at the Cannery Ballroom for the NASH Country Kickoff Party on June 5th. They were thrilled to tell NECM that they’re planning to start filming a music video for ‘Weekend.’ Perhaps most exciting, they are going to announce a tour schedule soon for dates later this summer and early fall. Hopefully we’ll see a New England stop on that upcoming tour!

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You can purchase ‘Weekend’ on iTunes here.