Hot Country Knights Kick Off 2020 By Paying Homage To 90’s Hits With An Uproarious Debut, ‘Pick Her Up’

Comb your mullet back, slip on that jean vest, and hook your thumbs into those belt loops, because Hot Country Knights are taking us for a boot-scootin’ trip back to the 90’s with their debut single, ‘Pick Her Up.’

 If you’ve never heard of this comedic cover band, maybe you’d recognize their lead singer if he lost the shades… Yep, it’s none other than Dierks Bentley. He’s been fronting the Hot Country Knights for the past 5 years by means of his alter ego, Doug Douglason. The Knight’s mission is to rescue country music from the soft, manicured fingertips of current artists, and place it back into the callused hands of the country-tried crooners of old. And while their sporadic presence has been entertaining over the years, they take it to whole new level with the release of ‘Pick Her Up’ and its sidesplitting music video. 

Their laugh-out-loud parody of 90’s country details the way to win over a backroad beauty. The song follows the band as they issue an old-school lesson in courtship. They spare no effort, even enlisting country legend, Travis Tritt, to assist as wingman. While the main character of the song has secured a date with his love interest, the Knights, along with Tritt, promise the best way to make an impression is to ‘pick her up in a pickup truck, take her out to a honkey tonk, turn an ice cold long neck up, dance around to an old juke box.’

Sure, this song’s release may have been meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it strums a chord of nostalgia that we can’t help but applaud. Dierks sandy vocals paired with a heel-clacking tune gets us all reminiscing about the country songs that stormed the music scene 30 years ago. And Travis Tritt? Who wouldn’t fall Aquanet over suede for that voice?    

If the song itself is a trip, the accompanying music video is epic! Who better to play the part of an old school crush than 90’s heartthrob Kelly Kapow-… er… Tiffany Amber Theisen? The Knights pulled out all the stops in getting the most memorable Bayside babe on board for this one. She plays the love interest for their would-be Casanova, keeping us all rooting for the everyday Joe to get the girl of our 90’s dreams.

Made for the for the glory of neon lights, this rib-tickling anthem has us lined up and ready to shimmy back in the day without taking ourselves too seriously. Who knows what lies in store for this newly-signed faux band, but we’ll be sure to keep them on our radar.