Get to Know the LoCash Cowboys

What do you get when you combine pure passion, talent, persistence and two kick-ass artists? You get Preston Brust and Chris Lucas who collectively make up the LoCash Cowboys!

The duo were officially formed in 2004 and have been going strong ever since. They have recorded some great songs such as Here Comes Summer, C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. and Best Seat In the House (a personal favorite). Preston and Chris also co-wrote You Gonna Fly for Keith Urban and Truck Yeah for Tim McGraw. But they have built up a rabid fanbsase through their high octane, and passionate and engaging concert performances. I recently got the chance to interview the LoCash Cowboys and below is what transpired.

1.) When did you both decide that being a musician was the thing to do?

Preston and Chris: “Just always loved entertaining people! We love the affect music has on life!”

2.) So were did you both grow up?

Preston: Kokomo, IN
Chris: Baltimore, MD

3.) Which song that you’ve recorded and which song of yours that someone else has recorded, are you most proud of?

Preston and Chris: “Very proud of our Urban cut You Gonna Fly and Truck Yeah by McGraw, but we really love Best Seat by us. They are all kinda like kids. We are proud of all of them.”

4.) Were your families supportive of your musical aspirations?

Chris: “My family is amazing! Very supportive.”

5.) How was it to work with Jeffrey Steele and the late George Jones?

Preston and Chris: “Incredible! George Jones is and was a down to Earth person and icon… Jeff is like our brother and the third LoCash member.”

6.) What can fans expect when they buy a ticket for a LoCash Cowboys show?

Preston and Chris: “They can expect energy, fun and entertainment!”

7.) This question is for Chris: How do you handle having to leave the family behind when you go on the road? As the father of three kids myself, I know it’s hard just to leave them for my 9-5 job each day.

Chris: “The hardest things in the business is leaving my wife and kid. It kills me to leave my little boy but I do know I’m building the foundation for him and his family someday.”

8.) What are some odd jobs you’ve had over the years?

Chris: “I worked in a candy store.”

9.) If you could create your own Countryfest type concert…what 3-4 artists would you pick to play the show with you?

Preston and Chris: “(Keith) Urban and Garth tied for 1 and Luke Bryan”

10.) What’s the craziest fan encounter you’ve had so far?

Preston: “Plead the 5th! (with a smile)”

11.) What was it like to be on Man vs Food?

Chris: “Fattening!! LOL”

If you missed their appearance on Man vs.Food Nation, check it out here:

12.) If you were making the ultimate mix CD of 10 songs, what would you put on it?

Chris: “Any Frank Sinatra, Bruno Mars, Motley Crue, Garth, George Jones, Whitesnake, Boys 2 Men.”

13.) Heard that you guys might be taking part in your own TV show…anything new to report on that front?

Preston: “No comment! (with a smile).”

14.) Which song gets the best reaction from the crowd at the live shows?

Preston: “I Love This Life”

15.) Preferred drink on the road?

Preston: “Water”
Chris: “Red wine”

16.) What would you say is the best venue you’ve played so far and why?

Preston: “NYC Times Square on New Years Eve – Need I say more?”

17.) What can we expect from the LoCash Cowboys in the future?

Preston and Chris: “LCC is and will be working hard as normal and turning up the heat.”

Can’t thank the guys enough for taking the time to speak to us here at New England Country Music and a special thank you to Barry LaFoy for making this happen. We know that there is even bigger things to come in the future for LoCash Cowboys and we’re glad to be along for the ride. Make sure to check out the guys on tour this October 4th at the Berlin Fair in Berlin, CT.

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8 thoughts on “Get to Know the LoCash Cowboys

  1. Amber Joye

    We love your music here in cali, but have not seen anything in cali on your schedule 🙁 bummer, you guys pulled my husband and I on stage in Las Vegas on freemont st. For our first dance because we had just got married. We had such a blast! You guys really know how to party! Do you guys remember Bubba and I, lol!.

  2. Sheryl Fisher

    Hello this is Sheryl, formerly of Outback Steakhouse. used to work with Ava at our Partners Conference and saw you many times there; last time in Miami Beach. Miss seeing you and love your music. Always play your music for my friends too to introduce them to your great music. I play your music at my new office here in West Palm Beach; Friday is country music day.

  3. Karla Somogyi

    I just love these two guys. Have the episode of ‘Man vs. Food’ and ‘Kendra On Top’ saved on my recordings. If I can’t get to a show, I pop some popcorn and set in front of the TV and drown my sorrows. I can’t wait to see if you boys are going to have your own show. Good luck and keep Rockin!!!
    Your Biggest Fan….

  4. Suzanne

    LoCash Cowboys are AWESOME!!!!! Their shows are so high energy!! Some of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to (and I go to a lot of shows!! LOL )!!! Worth every penny I’ve ever spent on a show!!

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