Faren Rachels: ‘Uber Driver’ Single Review

In 2018 almost everyone knows what an Uber driver is. However, for the Georgia native Faren Rachels, the delivery car service has a different meaning. The female country singer recently released her debut single titled ‘Uber Driver.’ Rachels has an old school country sound; a cross between June Carter and Miranda Lambert. The song opens with instruments and is full of funny metaphors comparing old flames to Uber drivers. ‘He’s always right where he says he’s going to be and hell if you could do that I’d let you start charging me.’  This makes for relatable and relevant lyrics for dating in 2018 while keeping a sense of humor.

Farens’ southern roots and feisty personality shine through in the song. ’Why can’t you be like my Uber driver? He ain’t got nothing to say about my all nighter.’ Drivers for the car service Uber,  are notoriously generous and compliant because they want to get a good rating which will aide in attracting more fares. Fares implies, boyfriends could take notice of this when making promises in the future.

You may be too distracted by the comedic lyrics to even notice the catchy melody.  The River House recording artist has many influences from 90’s woman in country plus a background in southern rock. This unlikely combination is what creates the unique sound combining the old time rhythm with a new twist that can be heard in her debut single. Faren was on tour with Luke Combs last fall and does not have any New England dates in the future. Hopefully, being named one of Rolling Stones’ Artist to Watch in 2018 will get her some more tour dates in New England!

Favorite Lyrics: He don’t act like he wants to choke me when I sing backseat karaoke…