Eli Young Band: ‘Fingerprints’ Album Review

The Eli Young Band is known for making classic hit songs and chart topping records. They are a household name in country music and their new album is exactly what people have been waiting for since 2014. With taking their fans input into consideration more so than ever, the Eli Young Band’s sixth studio album revitalizes the important things in life like family, their faith and sanity, remembering to let go and be young again, and their significant others. With a handful of personal songs on the record, the group really defines the title ‘Fingerprints.’ The group sounds fresh and rejuvenated in this 11 song album.

1.) ‘Saltwater Gospel’ – Written by Ross Copperman, Nicolle Galyon, and Ashley Gorley.
Impression: The lead single of their sixth studio album is about finding inner peace and sanctity in your own special place. ‘Saltwater Gospel’ reaches deep like the depths of the ocean but carries a light feel to it. Instead of the traditional ways to spend a Sunday, the single talks about spending your Sunday on the beach reflecting on one’s self and beliefs rather than in a chapel.
Favorite Lyrics: I’m in heaven watchin’ all these waves roll in. Amen, when I’m lost I know where to get found again…

2.) ‘Fingerprints’ – Written by Mike Eli, James Young, Ross Copperman, and Josh Osborne.
Impression: The title track to the album is one that travels down the road of a relationship that ends up falling victim to the vicious cycle of going back to something that didn’t work the first time. With a powerful guitar and drum beat, the song comes out of the gate right off the bat. The rocker feel transforms the familiar voices of EYB into something new and enticing. The meaning of the song differs from the title meaning – which is about leaving their mark on the country music industry and having other artists shape them.
Favorite Lyrics: You show back up, I let you in every time. You end up running like you’re running from the scene of a crime…

3.) ‘Never Again’ Written by Ryan Hurd, Jimmy Robbins, and Laura Veltz
Impression: In what feels like the softer side of the song ‘Fingerprints,’ ‘Never Again’ finishes telling the all too familiar tale of returning to something that didn’t work out. Although the people know it isn’t a good idea, they still give in for that ‘one last time’ – even though they know it will be continued. While the song preceding it is a more stern and direct message to the people of the monotonous on-again-off-again relationship, ‘Never Again’ is a softer and almost forgiving side to explain this.
Favorite Lyrics: Falling again, falling again, falling back into my head, into your bed…

4.) ‘Old Songs’ – Written by Mike Eli, Andrew DeRoberts, Adam Hambrick, and Jason Nix.
Impression: With a grassy country roots sound, ‘Old Songs’ is about nostalgia. Songs can stand for the words we can’t say, the memories we want to relive after they’ve passed, be the reminder of a certain place and time, or person, and can take hold of emotions just by the first couple chords. Everyone loves old songs because of how powerful they really are. Put some on, kick back and take a trip down all the different paths.
Favorite Lyrics: Take you back, raise your glass, let your heart beat and pick you up when it’s just what you need and that’s why we love old, old, songs…

5.) ‘Drive’ – Written by Mike Eli, Ross Copperman, Tom Douglas, and Ashley Gorley.
Impression: ‘Drive’ is about bringing out the inner kid in everyone. Your first car is filled with so many first times, last times, and memories. Being 16, we feel like the world is at our fingertips, and with a car we have the freedom to explore it. The first time you ever had that special girl in your car was something to be remembered and reminiscing on that moment takes you back.
Favorite Lyrics: Nothing makes you feel like sweet 16, like hands on the wheel of that time machine…

6.) ‘Skin & Bones’ – Written by Mike Eli, Phil Barton, and Lori McKenna.
Impression: The middle of the album brings the popularly played song on The Highway on Sirius XM satellite radio. ‘Skin & Bones’ is for Mike Eli’s wife. It is a sweet sentiment explaining that without his wife, he would be nothing. She keeps him going and knows him so well, that she is another version of himself.
Favorite Lyrics: Yeah the one goodbye that I can’t even imagine. She’s well thought out plan and I don’t know how it happened…

7.) ‘A Heart Needs a Break’ – Written by Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne.
Impression: ‘A Heart Needs a Break’ is about wanting someone you know isn’t good for you but still pursuing them anyways because your heart wants them. However, you know your heart really needs a break from the emotional warfare that it goes through. It’s the best mistake you make and you continue to look forward to making it. With a play on words, in a physical sense, a heart does not need a break due to the fact that it would stop beating. The song is saying the guy needs the girl just like he needs his heart to take a break, or like an ‘earth needs a quake.’
Favorite Lyrics: You’re the best mistake that I’m falling in. I can never wait to make that same mistake again on your lips, your touch and your world…

8.) ‘Once’ – Written by Mike Eli, James Young, Josh Osborne, and Laura Veltz.
Impression: ‘Once’ dives into the feelings that pick your brain over a big mistake you have made – like letting the girl you were in love with go. This type of mistake should only be made once and it must be learned from, however, it still runs through your mind. With typical EYB drums and guitars taking control of the chorus, this song is sure to be a new favorite.
Favorite Lyrics: I had her in my hands, I’ll never get her back again…

9.) ‘Never Land’ – Written by Mike Eli, James Young, Ross Copperman, and Jon Nite.
Impression: Song nine is the newly added satellite radio single. ‘Never Land’ is a great song about falling head-over-heels for someone. You know you’re falling for them and there is nothing you can do to stop it – which makes it that much sweeter. With undeniably catchy lyrics and a melody you can dance to, this song is definitely going to be stuck in your head all day long!
Favorite Lyrics: Even if we wanna stop, we know we can’t. I’m falling for you, falling like I’ll never land…

10.) ‘God Love the Rain’ – Written by Mike Eli, Erik Dylan, and Jason Nix.
Impression: The sound of rain hitting a window pane is the opening to this soft and sweet song and hints of a female voice can be found in the background to make this song full-bodied. Something about the rain makes you feel alive. It makes time stop for a little, washes away pain, helps you grow, and makes you sane. A woman can make a man feel all these ways, as well – an underlying parallel made in this song.
Favorite Lyrics: That summer rain showed no sign of stopping. We waited out the storm between the sheets…

11.) ‘The Days I Feel Alone’ – Written by Mike Eli, Andrew DeRoberts, Adam Hambrick, and Jason Nix.
Impression: To close out the album, EYB chose ‘The Days I Feel Alone,’ a song about homesickness. After spending almost two decades touring, Eli Young Band is familiar with being away from their families for some time. Although they’re doing what they love, they miss their families and significant others more than anything. It makes what they’re doing out on the road that much more worth it.
Favorite Lyrics: It’s your voice that I hear calling me back home on the days I feel alone….

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Fingerprints’ now and take a trip down the many different paths EYB lays for us in their new album!

You can purchase your copy of ‘Fingerprints on iTunes here.