Dustin Lynch: ‘Current Mood’ Album Review

Dustin Lynch’s third album can be summed up in two words: absolute fire! The new record from the country star takes a sneak peek into his private life and offers a ranging track list that includes R&B and pop influences to rock and modern day country. Each song contains guitar, memorable lyrics, plenty of fun, and touches upon many different emotions. With over half the songs co-penned, Lynch really lays his work out on the table for listeners with ‘Current Mood.’ The overall mood to this album is sexy. Dustin dives deep to bring forth that side of his music to fans, and all we can say is that our current mood is exceptionally pleased with this album.

1.) ‘I’d Be Jealous Too’ – Written by Dustin Lynch, Ross Copperman, and Jon Nite.
Impression: To open his third album, Lynch gravitates towards the pop and R&B side of modern day country music. Catchy hooks and a melody that can’t be beat, background snaps, and bubbly lyrics, the first song is one to get stuck in your head.
Favorite Lyrics: She comes on stronger than a Bourbon street hand-grenade, it’s like you know her ‘fore you even really know her name…

 2.) ‘Seein’ Red’ – Written by Tully Kennedy, Kurt Allison, Steve Bogard, and Jason Sever.
Impression: The lead single off of ‘Current Mood’ and 2016 release has peaked at the No. 1 spot on the U.S. Country Airplay chart and was certified Gold. With its immediate attraction, fans loved this single from Lynch when it was released over a year ago. However, this song’s popularity has not died down – it’s still a definite jammer and sets the mood for any occasion. This song set the bar for the sexiness that this album has to offer.
Favorite Lyrics: Blow that one stop light no lookin’ back, wherever we’re going gotta get there fast.

3.) ‘Small Town Boy’ – Written by Rhett Atkins, Ben Hayslip, and Kyle Fishman.
Impression: Dustin’s second single off the album is his 5th consecutive #1 hit! It was certified Gold by the RIAA on July 21st and has help cement his spot as country music’s newest superstar. With its traditional Dustin Lynch sound and lyrical theme, it’s no surprise fans and listeners alike love this song.
Favorite Lyrics: She’s my cool, she’s my crazy, she’s my laid back in the front seat, she’s my with me til’ the end girl…

4.) ‘Why We Call Each Other’ – Written by Dustin Lynch, Lee Miller, and Ross Copperman.
Impression: In an interview with Rolling Stone Country, Lynch says this song is about “the go-to person you send that ‘are you up’ text at 1AM. A lot of folks can relate.” With a seductive yet sensual flow of music and Dustin’s raw voice, the song is full of fire and passion.
Favorite Lyrics: And you love the way I love the way you kiss, and we never wanna hold it on, it’s just the right shade of wrong…

5.) ‘Here We Come’ – Written by Dustin Lynch, Zach Crowell, and Jon Nite.
Impression: ‘Here We Come’ is the first rock tempoed song on the album. With Lynch’s voice cutting through the noise with a single beat behind it, it’s a powerful song – embodying its name of something coming at you full force. Strong guitars fill the breaks and a sense of invincibility runs throughout.
Favorite Lyrics: When the sun goes down we’re the small town smokin’ gun, gonna ride back roads til ain’t no road to run…

6.) ‘Love Me or Leave Me Alone’ – Written by Dustin Christensen and Chris Gelbuda.
Impression: The middle of the album brings a slow ballad that Dustin absolutely kills. With Chris Stapleton-like guitar riffs and vocal echoes, Lynch’s voice is pure and piercing in this song featuring Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town. It tells the haunting tale of trying harder or letting go.
Favorite Lyrics: If we’re just playing along, then we’re just playin’ ourselves and I don’t want you to roll with somebody else cause’ there’s magic between you and I and I hate this impatience of mine.

7.) ‘Back On It’ – Written by Brent Anderson, Will Weatherly, and Smith Ahnquist.
Impression: Dustin dips into the R&B side of country music and creates an incredibly sexy song. ‘Back On It’ is straight passion, desire, and craving wrapped into one. His voice is sweet and sensual which fits perfectly into the theme of ‘Back On It.’
Favorite Lyrics: Two mimosas on the way, it feels like a special occasion ‘cause you came back; you whisperin’ my name…

8.) ‘I Wish You Were Beer’ – Written by Jon Nite, Josh Osborne, and Justin Ebach.
Impression: To bring the pace back up to speed, ‘I Wish You Were Beer’ features creative writing and plays on words – hence the name. This song describes a breakup and a girl to be like a hangover – it lingers around, it hurts, but it makes you want more once it’s over. Drinking always tends to make people reach out to ex-lovers, as well which is another creative metaphor underlying.
Favorite Lyrics: I wish I could let go and you just disappear. If you gotta be that cold, I wish you were beer.

9.) ‘State Lines’ – Written by Dustin Lynch, Kyle Fishman, and Andy Albert.
Impression: Song number nine brings a mid-tempoed soul barring song, ‘State Lines.’ Long distance relationships can attest to this track. In what could easily be construed as a sad song, Lynch makes it so that it depicts longing and being able to feel the love of your partner even though you are miles apart.
Favorite Lyrics: 600 miles and only two days to go, you know I’ll be there, right by your side if it wasn’t for these state lines.

10.) ‘Party Song’ – Written by Brett Tyler, Craig Wiseman, and Morgan Wallen.
Impression: The name of the song says it all. This is quite simply a party song but in the nontraditional sense. Lynch expresses that a girl, in this scenario, is his party song and makes him want to dance, get a buzz, keep her turned up and turned on, and get to know her more.
Favorite Lyrics: I wanna get you all up in a truck, foggin’ it up, keepin’ that green cab jumpin’…

11.) ‘New Girl’ – Written by Dustin Lynch, Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley.
Impression: Dustin plays the role of a gentleman when he gently tells a girl, his crush assumedly, that she deserves better and to never settle for less. He encourages her to move on and to find what makes her the happiest she can be.
Favorite Lyrics: You deserve somebody good enough for you girl, you need something new girl. If you only knew girl, that you’re one in a million, too good to be true girl…

12.) ‘Why Not Tonight’ – Written by Dustin Lynch, Jimmy Robbins and Jon Nite.
Impression: Rocker guitars take control on this track but the feel is something light and fun. With a play on words, Dustin co-penned “P-A-R-T- Why not tonight” as lyrics to go with the theme of not caring and doing things spontaneously in the moment. It’s definitely a party playlist song that sets the mood for a pool party or campfire.
Favorite Lyrics: Let’s keep on twisting the throttle, until tonight is tomorrow.

13.) ‘Sun Don’t Go Down on That’ – Written by Dustin Lynch, Ross Copperman and Jon Nite.
Impression: In the final song of the album, Lynch teams up with the dynamic duo of Ross Copperman and Jon Nite once again to create a summer reminiscent song. Light airy, beach vibes pulse throughout this album ending song. It wraps up the previous twelve songs in fashion. Many can relate to this song and listeners will jump to this track once they get their first taste of it.
Favorite Lyrics: I told you you were everything I’d ever want. The edge of the blue, the tip of your touch, you never forget the way that it is when you know it’s love.

Lynch punctuated his album release week with a Hurricane Harvey benefit show in Dallas (9/12), donating all the ticket proceeds to the American Red Cross. Download and purchase ‘Current Mood’ on iTunes here!