Drew Baldrige ‘Before You’ Review

Drew Baldrige released a new single ‘Before You’ after proposing to his now-fiancé Katie. The song explains the journey he has been on and how Katie has transformed him. The song opens with a soft guitar melody and smooth lyrics, setting the tone for this heartfelt song. When the chorus comes around for the first time, a light percussion picks up the song. ‘Before You’ was written by Drew with co-writers Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of LOCASH.

Drew describes how his life has changed after meeting Katie. He was happy doing the opposite of how he lives his life now, showing the impact she has made on his life. “Before you I was half the man I am now, baby” is a testament of how Katie has brought Drew to his full potential. A big constant throughout the song is that you can hear the sentiment and feeling in Drew’s voice. The song briefly picks up with the drums and guitar rising with the vocals before quickly calming down, mirroring the beginning of the song. Drew set this song up perfectly to showcase and focus on the lyrics and let the world know how he feels about Katie.

Favorite Lyric: “If I could go back and rewrite pages. I know what I’d do. I would step on the gas, and I’d hurry up through all those wasted nights on love I thought I knew, yeah before you”