Chase Rice Duped On National TV and It’s Not Cool

I don’t watch the Bachelor. It’s just not realistic. Very few single people are out there taking you on private helicopters and to Europe and living in a mansion etc. etc. That’s probably why the majority of couples on the show do not work out. Once they get into the real world and have bills and living in their 3 bedroom 1,800 square foot home, shit get’s real. But obviously my ears perk up when I hear that the show hires a country artist to perform during one of the dates. I mean, how freakin’ awesome would that be- go on a date and there’s a private show from a country superstar!? Yes, please. Even if I don’t get the final rose, at least I got to see a good show. So when I heard that Chase Rice was going to be on this week’s episode, I was definitely interested.

But then I heard about some drama around the appearance and I looked into it and holy hell did the producer of the show do Chase wrong. To sum it up, the girl that the Bachelor took on this one-on-one date USED TO DATE CHASE RICE! Can you say AWKWARD!? You’re with your new boyfriend on a date with your ex-boyfriend singing to you (and him). And there’s no freakin’ way that the producer didn’t know about this ahead of time. No chance this is simply a coincidence. They’re in the business of drama and ratings and all that jazz. But this is simply too far.

Chase tells her after the performance that he had no idea (and neither did she). We got the pleasure of working with Chase a few years ago. And he’s truly one of the nicest, most down to earth artists we’ve ever met or worked with. There is no way he would’ve agreed to this performance if he knew his ex was going to be the woman on the date. I feel bad for the woman. It was pretty apparent that she was not enjoying this date, she was extremely uncomfortable. I feel bad for the dude as he thought he was on this awesome date with this girl, not knowing that she had past experience with Chase. But most of all, I feel bad for Chase. He didn’t sign up for this. He came on to promote his music, not to be thrusted into a love triangle. Shame on every producer and everyone on the production team who orchestrated probably one of the most awkward moments in national TV history.