Back Rhodes: ‘On The Run’ EP Review

If you’re from the New England area and haven’t heard of the band Back Rhodes you should probably stop what you’re doing and check them out- they were just named the New England Country Music Award winner for Local Group/Duo of the Year! Back Rhodes are a local country-rock band from Northwest Rhode Island. Back Rhodes’ debut EP ‘On the Run’ was released on April 7th. It’s a mix of original songs written by members of the band and one cover that showcase the bands many talents.

1.) ‘What You’re Getting From Me’ – Written by Jesse Desorcy.
Impression:  The opening song on this EP begins by showcasing their musical talents. It opens with an instrumental solo until the lyrics begin. It’s a song about being unapologetically who you are and not changing for anyone. Throughout the whole song you can hear the different instruments used as well as a small banjo solo towards the end of the song.
Favorite Lyrics: My friends and family think I’m getting in to deep, but that won’t change who I am…

2.) ‘The Cool Breeze’ – Written by Jesse Desorcy.
Impression: A great thing about country music is the stories that you hear in each song. In ‘The Cool Breeze,’ the lead singers dark and musky voice at the beginning of the song draws you into the story.  This song has a deep meaning about longing for something while still remaining fun with a catchy beat.
Favorite Lyrics: This summer will not die, it will live on in our lives…

3.) ‘Refugee’ – Written by Jesse Desorcy.
Impression: ‘Refugee’ opens with a violin solo, which is an instrument that isn’t used as often as it should be. It is pretty rare to hear a violin in a country/rock song and especially to see it live at a concert. However, in ‘Refugee,’ the violin is very impactful. This song also showcases the vocals of the lead singer in a way that hadn’t been shown thus far on the EP.
Favorite Lyrics: If I don’t leave you I will surely die 

4.) ‘About You’ – Written by Ed Desorcy.
Impression: ‘About You’ is one of the songs about love on the EP. In traditional country ways, it talks about going to a bar and drinking whiskey to get over a heartbreak. However, its not a slow ballad about heartbreak, its an upbeat track that you can’t help but sing along with and relate to.
Favorite Lyrics: Sometimes there aint enough to wash away this feeling…

5.) ‘On My Way Down’- Written by Jesse Desorcy.
Impression: ‘On My Way Down’ is a song that most people can relate to. It’s about heading in the wrong direction and trying to find your way out. During the bridge of this song the harmony catches your attention and draws you into the lyrics.
Favorite Lyrics: Never looking back I’m trying to get off of this train…

6.) ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ – Written by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove
Impression: ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ was such a powerful and popular song for Chris Stapleton over the past couple of years. And its rare to go to a concert or a bar and not hear a cover of this timeless track. However, Back Rhodes added their own flair to this song in a way that almost made it unrecognizable. When ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ starts to play you have a familiar beginning and you know its that song. However, on this EP it takes about 30 seconds until you hear the lyrics to recognize its a cover. This was a bold choice for Back Rhodes to take such a popular song and make their own twist but it was brilliant. They are able to showcase their instrumental and vocal talents while performing such a huge hit.
Favorite Lyrics: But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom and brought me back from being too far gone…

7.) ‘On The Run’ – Written by Ed Desorcy.
Impression: To close out the EP is the title track, ‘On the Run.’ It is definitely a song you could hear on country radio today. The instrumental solo towards the end of the track show just how talented this band really is. While listening you can just imagine hearing it live and having the band play the song.
Favorite Lyrics: We’ve had our chances, countless romances but I still know you’re the one…

You can purchase a copy of ‘On The Run‘ on iTunes here.

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